David Dimbleby says Scotland’s Indyref “brutalised politics” and left people “frightened”

Veteran BBC presenter David Dimbleby has controversially claimed the Scottish independence referendum “brutalised politics”.

The Question Time presenter also claimed families were set against each other and people were frightened to put posters in their windows during the campaign.

Speaking on BBC Scotland, Dimbleby said: “Here in Scotland the independence referendum brutalised politics.

“You saw families set against each other, you saw people not putting notices up in their windows because they were frightened.”


The remarks were made on the new BBC Scotland podcast ‘podlitical’ which sees a group of young presenters and reporters discuss current affairs.

The programme, aimed at a younger audience, is headed by BBC Scotland’s Westminster reporter Nick Eardley, seen standing on the right hand side of the image.

However neither Eardley nor any of his BBC Scotland colleagues challenged Dimbleby’s claims.  At least two of the young BBC Scotland team appeared to mutter agreement at the Question Time host’s remarks.

The Scottish independence referendum is widely accepted to have been one of the most peaceful constitutional referendums ever held anywhere in the world.  The campaign witnessed political engagement right scross Scotland with young and old taking part in events, debates and rallies.

The comments from one of the BBC’s most senior presenters will do little to repair the reputational damage suffered by the BBC in Scotland as a result of its coverage both during and after the Indyref.

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34 thoughts on “David Dimbleby says Scotland’s Indyref “brutalised politics” and left people “frightened”

  1. Proud Cybernat

    If opening the eyes of the electorate here in Scotland to the insidious, pernicious, perfidious and downright duplicitous nature of British politics qualifies as “brutalising politics” then I, for one, can quite happily live with that.

  2. vagabondo

    Dimbleby saw nothing, he lives in the South. He is just repeating the message from BBC Scotland and the rest of the no-decisions-can be -made-in-Scotland brigade.

  3. James

    I’d agree with him. As a Yes supporter I did not put posters in my window or stickers on my car due to the frothing at the mouth anger displayed at any challenge to their point of view that came from a very small but very in-your-face group of No supporters. Thankfully none of my No supporting friends were like that but there was at times an atmosphere of keeping your head down.

    1. Ninian Fergus

      A few weeks ago, at a busy bus stop in broad daylight in central Edinburgh, 4 years after the Indy referendum. I had my Yes badges torn off my jacket and backpack by 2 lowlife scum shouting “Better Together”, “F… the SNP” and “God save the queen”. When home I immediately took all my independence signs and flags off my windows. Yes, Dimbleby’s message still rings true.

    2. Sheila M

      I was seriously challenged – repeatedly – in my workplace (a nominally multi-denominational Christian establishment) by bosses who suspected I might be a potential YES voter. My standard response became ‘I do not discuss politics in the workplace’ Those of us planning to vote YES could only quietly share this among ourselves, wary of even voicing it in the coffee room. Our 2 senior ‘managers’ and the Chief Exec were NO supporters. I was Deputy Manager doing most of the work and left later that year – the place failed and closed down a year after that! …Karma?

    3. Douglas Porter

      I’m with you on that James. I felt a bit anxious about displaying a ‘YES’ or a ‘REMAIN’ poster in my home for fear that when I went out someone would smash my window.

  4. grizebard

    There is indeed a constituency that maintains Dimbleby’s opinion, and that is the BritNats. Yes, they were intellectually challenged by the proposition that Scotland should go it alone, and yes, it did divide some of their households (most likely because the younger ones were “yes” and the older ones were “no”). And yes, it did challenge the fond fantasies of the “Proud Scot Buts” in a way that made them deeply uncomfortable. They were suffering from a bad case of cognitive dissonance, and it hurt. Desperately clinging on to a comforting but deluded notion that their serial exploiters are somehow their buddies. Poor them.

    But those are the only people whom Dimbleby hears. Quelle surprise!

    There’s nothing so blind as those who will not see, BBC.

  5. Jason Smoothpiece

    Simply another agent of the state engaged in the Regime’s propaganda against Scotland well paid for his efforts of course.

    Problem is folk are seeing through this rubbish in increasing numbers.

    The British Nationalist state will have to alter tactics which is concerning as the dying beast may become more dangerous as it knows the game is almost over.

  6. manandboy

    What does David Dimbleby know? He learns his scripts, he acts the part he is given to play.

    The Union between Scotland and England is in terminal decline. May, Foster & Corbyn are trying to find a way to stop the inevitable end. But they can’t. There’s no way back. And we haven’t even got to Brexit yet!
    Those who profess the UK is their country are in deep denial but eventually they will catch up.
    English nationalism is on the rise, and will be clamouring for independence soon.

  7. Eileen Fashae

    Well not hard to see which way the pendulum swings for him. No wonder Question Time is so biased against Independence. The audience is always so patently hand picked for those against Indy

  8. Margaret Black

    I was one amongst many who had posters up on my window , in fact they are still there. And will remain till we get our independence . As for debates and banter , it was wonderful , standing at the bus stop, queues while shopping everyone had an opinion to share.there never was a fear in speaking ,if you think that , you don’t know the Scots ,especially the women lol !

  9. John Opara

    Scottish independence is a matter for the people of Scotland ALONE and nobody else should interfere in our internal affairs.

  10. George Herd

    Kamal Ahmed, the newly appointed Editorial Director for BBC News said on NewsWatch yesterday… we don’t offer opinions – we look at the facts. I don’t think he watches the programmes he will be responsible for…

  11. Marilyn Sinclair

    I do not care what anyone from the BBC thinks. That cannot even think for themselves they are all puppets and very poor ones at that.

  12. Robert Cook

    I made it my mission to bring up Indy with every new person I met and, still do.
    I personally found (and, indeed, find) that there where (are) almost no “no” voters to speak off.
    Where this “silent majority” are hidding must be in some parallel universe as, there certainly aren’t a majority in support of the corrupt “union” in Scotland like the BBC would have us believe.

  13. Valerie

    I have remained friendly with all of my friends yes or no supporters. It must be impossible for the small minds at the BBC to take in the fact that on the ground Scottish people can disagree and still speak. What a frightening prospect that must be because the only direction of change I have encountered is from no to yes and that is because we have kept on having the dialog. British Nationalists don’t really get the left leaning internationalist stance of our independence movement. We will be friendly neighbours.

  14. Ra Bleather

    I was highly involved in Indy Ref as a yes activist from 2011, I mean leaflets, street stalls organising meetings., the whole kit and caboodle. I never heard of anyone having to put a notice in their window because of fear. I did not not fall out with any member of my family, including my no voting father (who is now yes) Oh, I was bitten by a dog whilst delivering leaflets. I don’t recognise David Dimbleby’s description and I have cited where my experiences came from. Whilst I appreciate lots of people had lots of different experiences I would like to know on what has Mr Dimbelby based his comments on? He was surely never out on the streets? Did he deliver leaflets, organise a meeting or even put a poster up in his window?

  15. Jack Marshall

    Dimbleby’s remarks are symptomatic of the “Divide and rule” tactic used by the opponents of Scottish Independence. They suggest disharmony where none exists. For instance, it is easy to pick isolated incidents and then to project them as the norm. ( It is a regular tactic used by the Scottish?? Tory press).

    However, my overriding personal recollection of the Scottish referendum was one where people at every level of our society got involved with vigor, enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the longer term future of our nation.

    The debates were healthy, well informed and generally with respectful good humor. I sensed that people enjoyed the rare privilege in being able to have a meaningful say in the future of their Nation and I for one look forward to the next one with unashamed excitement.

  16. Clydebuilt

    Pod litical Political lies told by Young people….. With older guests

    Nick Eardley was on Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan’s “Off The Ball football programme ” to plug pod litical.

    They’ve lost the under 24’s , major push being made to get them back. So that they think the way Westminster wants!

  17. Alan Magnus-Bennett

    Looks to me that Nick Eardley’s audience was selected using the same formula as used for the Dimbleby.

  18. Ian White

    The Red/Blue “No” supporters cold called Scottish Grannies and told them that a “Yes” vote would result in their pensions being unpaid the following week. Come IndyRef2 we will be more prepared to counter such deliberate lies. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  19. Grimly Fiendish

    Just another estabishment sheep waiting for a call to put on a silly robe and claim the arse-lickers prize.

  20. Grimly Fiendish

    Just another estabishment toady waiting for a call to put on a silly robe and claim the arse-lickers prize.

  21. Janice Rankin

    I had to sleep with a no voter. (We’ll have been married 30 years in March!) We live in a democracy. We will get independence, hopefully in my lifetime. We have a whole generation of bright young people who will vote yes. I actually despair of the BBC.

  22. James Morrison

    I have not read all the comments, so if this is a repeat. DD should have had a word with the three Stooges before he ventured up North with stupid statements like that .I would have thought that a privileged schoolboy would know that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.— he may have to think about that.?

  23. Sylvia Keanie

    In 2014 some guy from the council told my husband he couldn’t display an SNP poster on our window or fly a saltire as it was a council house! He told them to f***off! We own our house! But would have done the same in a council house! I hope everyone stands strong for our Scotland independence. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧

  24. Pat Chalmers

    What does David Dimbleby know about the people of Scotland!! Where I live there was YES and NO leaflets in windows and there was NEVER any arguments or threats between neighbours.
    I would love to know where he got his information!!

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