Corbyn’s indyref2 comments mean an ignominious end awaits Dugdale

How utterly humiliating.  As England was taking Scotland apart at Twickenham, Jeremy Corbyn was ensuring his Scottish subordinate suffered a similar fate.

Asked by a reporter if Labour would block a second referendum on Scottish independence, Corbyn replied: “If a referendum is held then it is absolutely fine, it should be held. I don’t think it’s the job of Westminster or the Labour Party to prevent people holding referenda.”

Make no mistake, the comments from the UK leader fatally undermines the authority of Kezia Dugdale.  Speaking at last month’s Scottish conference, the Scottish Labour leader re-affirmed her intention to oppose a second referendum.

She said: “Conference, I do not want another referendum on breaking up the UK.

“Our country still bears the scars of the last one, and no one wants to go through that again anytime soon.

“That’s why Labour will never support one in the Scottish Parliament.”

Corbyn’s intervention is a massive blow for Dugdale as she prepares to lead Scottish Labour into the local council elections.  The MSP has based her campaign on her constitutional stance in the hope of attracting the fundamental Unionist vote from Ruth Davidson.  Corbyn’s implicit backing for a second referendum has undermined that strategy, perhaps fatally.

Dugdale, if she wasn’t already, has been rendered a lame duck leader of a branch office.  Johann Lamont resigned when the UK leadership elbowed her out of the way in a row over a party aide.  If anything, Dugdale hasn’t even been elbowed; she’s been trampled on, with Corbyn wiping his feet on the prostrate MSP as he walks on.

Corbyn has exacted revenge after Dugdale publicly backed the failed coup attempt last year.  How ironic now her claim that Corbyn would find it difficult to remain leader of the party.

If she had any self-respect she’d resign.  But she won’t.

The reality of her situation won’t occur to a leader who refused to step down despite steering her party to its worst ever Holyrood election result.  Dugdale doesn’t do reality.

Scottish Labour politicians have reacted to Corbyn’s comments with fury.  MP Ian Murray tweeted: “Often asked why I resigned from Shadow Cabinet. Ladies & Gentlemen I give u Jeremy Corbyn. He’s destroying the party that soo many need.”

His anger was echoed by others with Labour MSP Jackie Baillie issuing a statement in which she said “Jeremy Corbyn does not speak for me on this …”

Kezia Dugdale now faces the prospect of arguing a second independence referendum should be blocked despite knowing her party leader doesn’t support her.  Ruth Davidson will seize on Scottish Labour’s weakened Union credentials.  The local elections were already going to be a bloodbath for what remains of the Labour party in Scotland.  This won’t help.

The irony is that all that Jeremy Corbyn has done is to accept the right of the Scottish Parliament to carry out the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland.  The UK Labour leader has confirmed he would respect the result of a Holyrood vote.  He has shown our Parliament the deserved respect his own party MSPs deny the institution.

It’s this stance that Kezia Dugdale has set herself against.  She has no respect for the parliament within which she serves.  Her humiliation is deserved.  Her end, when it comes, will be ignominious.

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10 thoughts on “Corbyn’s indyref2 comments mean an ignominious end awaits Dugdale

  1. David MacGille-Mhuire

    Seems like Davidson, Murray, Baillie and company should be considering their futures and party affiliations.

    Why not simply cross the floors at Holyrood and Westminster and join the Tories.

    Surely, they know it makes sense?

      1. Alasdair Macdonald

        Ruth Davidson is, and always has been, and was elected as … er …. ‘Ruth Davidson’, with the Tories not mentioned on much Election literature.

        1. David MacGille-Mhuire

          Oops, “Davidson”. Should have read “Dugdale”. Steam clouding my reading glasses and causing me to trip over my fingers.


          And you are right, Alasdair. The only party Ms Davidson really subscribes to his her own cultic one (unless she finds a nice, safe English berth and jumps ship to join the English Tories, proper en route to her stoat fur gownie in the Anglo-Brit Hoose o’ Lairds).

      2. David MacGille-Mhuire

        Indeed they are: Simply wolves in sheep’s clothing.

        But, surely, honour, decency, and principle would require them to cast off there sheepskin jaikets and come clean about their infiltrationism of their so-called different home parties?

        Oh, wait…darn, these parties are only uber Unionist, Tory lite variations on the Muvva Party.

        Hell’s teeth, how could I have missed that?

        Perhaps I have let the prism of “old-fashioned” belief in integrity and principle cloud my judgement?


  2. Robert Graham

    Oh anus will come to the rescue , is there one person in the Labour party in Scotland who is actually able to tell the truth about something, anything , i am struggling to find the point of Labour , What are they for ? , When your enemy is a party that tries to hold on to the aims of a Labour party , A party that appears to have jumped ship and abandoned its supporters and all its previously held principals and are activly working for the most right wing government in living memory , why not as a previous comment , why not just join the tories , or is this part of the pretence , we hate the tories but when push comes to shove we vote with them , Aye i’m sure there is a name for folk like that , my preference would be B*****ds , i am sure there are many other descriptions that would apply .

  3. Lochside

    I heard this self seeking sociopath giggling at the crescendo of outrage from the SNP during her pathetic attack on the SNP during FM’s questions regarding Oil’s ‘decline’ in price . The inappropriateness of her response pointed to the total lack of understanding or even shame that Dugdale experiences. She doesn’t have even the brain to change the narrative from her better together bosom buddy Harrison’s neverending referendum refrain.

  4. Puzzled Puss

    I can never understand Scottish Labour’s intransigence in support of the Union. I would have thought that a revived version of the Labour party might have the potential to do pretty well in an independent Scotland. Their future in Westminster, on the other hand, looks extremely bleak.

    Even now, it’s not too late for a change of heart. Come on Kezia, you know you want to!

  5. awkwardboy

    It might be better for BLiSS to hold on to Kez untill their downward momentum has bottomed out, it’s seldom a good idea to attempt to catch a falling knife.
    Changing leader at every failure has given no obvious benifit, with that in mind it might be best to let Kez take all the flack so the replacement can begin with some stability.
    Perhaps after the next indy ref.

  6. Craig

    Scottish Labour are in one aspect doing the Independence movement a favour. Politics in Scotland is now Independence versus Unionism. Scottish Labour are now focusing on Unionist votes. Whilst they will never outdo the Tories on this they could however split Unionist voters in the forthcoming council elections. Whilst their gains may in reality be small it will certainly take votes away from the Tories.
    Scottish Labour know they have burned their bridges with Indepence supporting voters. For this reason they see the way of getting votes back quickly is to target Unionists. Suffice to say Scottish Labour will do or say anything for short term gains for the sake of their party only (not country) and shows why they should never be trusted.

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