Conservative MSP left red-faced after twitter attack boomerangs

A Rangers supporting Conservative MSP has ended up red-faced after a journalist he implied was condoning intimidation of colleagues, highlighted her own dreadful experiences at the hands of Rangers fans.

Murdo Fraser targeted journalist Angela Haggerty after she refused to join him in condemning protestors who gathered outside BBC Scotland studios during the independence referendum.  Ms Haggerty instead criticised the description of protestors as ‘zoomers’ and also insisted the BBC should give the Yes movement a fair hearing.

The MSP had posted a tweet in which he had described BBC critics as “zoomers”.  He also claimed protestors had been “intimidating” BBC staff.

The tweet had been in response to a headline in The National newspaper which read “New boss of BBC Scotland admits people lost faith during the indyref – and winning them back will take a lot of work”.

However his tweet was criticised by Angela Haggerty who tweeted: “Shouldn’t be a surprise that Murdo doesn’t want the BBC to do a better job on indy. We can’t have Yessers getting a fair hearing now can we.”

Ms Haggerty, who edits the Common Space, added: “Politicians like @murdo_fraser should know better than to describe voters as ‘zoomers’ for holding a different opinion to him. So divisive.”

A defiant Fraser responded by accusing the journalist of not being concerned about intimidation of fellow colleagues.  He said: “Might have imagined that a journalist would be concerned about intimidation of colleagues. Oh well.”

However the Conservative MSP was left red-faced after the target of his ire drew attention to the very real intimidation she herself had endured at the hands of Rangers fans.  Haggerty revealed she had been forced to call in police and the episode had led to at least one fan being sent to prison.

In a series of tweets she said: “The most threatening intimidation journalists here have faced in recent years has been from Rangers fans and I’ve fought it at every turn.”

She added: “The British nationalist Rangers contingent, however, required anti-terror police to deal with it when I was threatened

“A man was jailed for 6 months. I had an anonymous tip off about an extremist element “stalking” me, with detailed information.”

In January 2014 David Limond was convicted of sending a threatening communication aggravated by racial and religious prejudice.  At the trial, the court heard a recording of Mr Limond’s Rangers Chat podcast which was broadcast on September 2012, in which a segment called “Taig of the day” featured Ms Haggerty.

The journalist, who at the time worked for business magazine The Drum, was targeted by Mr Limond after editing a book about the financial collapse of Rangers Football Club.  In the podcast, Mr Limond sang a jingle in which he repeatedly described Ms Haggerty as “Taig of the day” and “scum of the day”.

A short clip from the broadcast.


He then gave listeners Ms Haggerty’s social media details and encouraged them to abuse and harass her on Twitter, prompting a stream of abusive tweets.  “Hit her with everything you’ve got,” Mr Limond said on the programme.  “She’s got to get bang bang bang.”

The case first came to national attention after Ms Haggerty appeared in a Channel 4 News broadcast about the intimidation of journalists and other professionals connected to the story of the financial collapse of Rangers.

Mr Limond was arrested by officers from Scotland’s counter-terrorism unit following the Channel 4 News segment.

In her response to Murdo Fraser, Ms Haggerty tweeted an image of one of Mr Fraser’s own tweets which she claimed showed the connection between Rangers fans and British nationalism.

The MSP had posted the tweet after Rangers had defeated Celtic in a Scottish Cup tie.  He later complained of having received “abuse” from “folk with a Shamrock as their avatar” which he described as “good training for next season”.

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23 thoughts on “Conservative MSP left red-faced after twitter attack boomerangs

    1. Margaret Brogan

      This is why Channel 4 News is worth watching. It has an integrity and quality of journalism lacking in the BBC. Donald take note!

  1. Big Jock

    He also referred to the Irish as Nazi sympathisers! That was in December and nothing has been done about this. Can he just say what he wants and get away with it?

    He is not just some buffoon. He is an Msp. He actually hates the Irish, yes voters and Catholics. This man is a knuckle dragger in a suit. Don’t try reasoning with bigots though, pointless. They twist everything in any debate to avoid introspection.

    1. Paul

      The thing is he is not completely wrong about the WW2 era Irish Government, they did offer the Germans use of Irish ports as a jumping off point for an invasion of the UK.
      But then the English had drawn up an offer of giving the Germans Scotland to save them from invasion.

  2. Kevin

    Nice piece, Mr Ponsonby.

    For every nasty little jibe or irritating and foul lie that unionists manage to greet about, we have a conveyor belt of brilliant, grass roots and independent journos whacking it straight back at them. Honestly, if this is Murdo Fraser’s ‘job’ then it’s little wonder Tories are considered a complete waste of good Scottish air in these parts.

    Meanwhile, a country is being governing efficiently. I like our Government – I think I’ll continue to vote for it.

  3. Bugger le Panda

    I am blocked on Twitter by Murdo and so every chance I get, I post the offending tweet.

    If if ever I needed a reason why the Tories are as popular as the pox, it is you Murdo.


  4. Mary Goodall

    When will these Unionists wake up to the reality. They are bringing up there children to Hate. If they would rather another Country takes there wages and gives them back a tenth. Then they shout we are the people. You are not .you are the puppets on the Westminster string. Doing there job for them. Stealing Scotland’s Wealth. While playing your Drum. Get real and start supporting the Country you where born into. Not ancient Hatred all for a Hanoverian Royal Family.

  5. Dr Jim

    The Ruth Davidson no surrender party hasn’t been nicknamed that for no reason, it would seem all the Tories have left to argue with has gone, only to be replaced by dragging up and deliberately using the Sectarian divide to assist their non existent case

    And that’s the dirty shabby divisive politics we’ve come to expect from the party that dare not speak it’s name but uses others to salute it with raised arms in the time honoured fashion we’ve all seen and even the Tories used to condemn once upon a time

    1. Sam

      Aye Dr. Jim. The Sectarian Divide fuelled by the Old Firm

      We’re being divided and its England that’s doing the conquering.
      Last night both sides of the Old Firm were playing.
      On Hogmany they are playing each other.
      The SPFL and the BBC feed the country Old Firm relentlessly. For Murdo it’s Rangers, for John Reid and Brian Wilson it’s Celtic.

      1. Ian

        There is NO OLD FIRM any more except in the eyes of the media and Rangers fans. The Rangers half of the historical old firm died in 2012 thus ending it. However the obsession with some fans on sectarianism is still as strong. This UNELECTED MSP is meant to set an example and although UNELECTED should be upholding principles of.any decent human being . But then again he is a Tory. He is meant to be there to represent Scottish issues. It is irrelevant that he mentions 2 FORMER MP’S that represented West Minster Parliamentary Seats. Not too bright is he ?

  6. Proud Cybernat

    “Murdo Fraser targeted journalist Angela Haggerty after she refused to join him in condemning protestors who gathered outside BBC Scotland studios during the independence referendum.”

    Aye. It was truly terrifying – all that rioting and intimidation outside BBC HQ in Glasgow during IndyRef#1:

  7. Andy McKirdy

    As mentioned previously by others, people like Fraser and Davidson should always be referred to as British Nationalists and not Unionists.
    They love to use the label Nationalist in derogatory terms and feel a righteous comfort in the label Of Unionist as if it gives them some sort of moral high ground, we should stop giving them this comfort, they are dyed in the wool, red, white and blue British Nationalists who along with tens of thousands of others base their social and economic decisions on the football team they support, those of us who eventually reach maturity base our beliefs and principles on things out with the sporting arena.
    Call them what they are even if the MSM won’t!!!!

  8. Graham Patterson

    Murdo for all his obvious faults at least is an honest britnat hater ! Most pretend to be reasonable.

  9. Dan Huil

    Fraser is just another britnat. He’s a hypocrit. Angela Heggarty certainly put him in his place. I’m sure the bbc still loves the likes of Fraser though. GAP is right to bring this latest britnat bullying to our attention.

  10. Big Jock

    Ruth agrees with Murdo. Her flag is the union jack. She was on a tank with one. She is the type of person that would buy Scottish Shortbread with a picture of London on it

    In other words to her Scotland doesn’t actually exist.

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