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Common Frameworks will be imposed on Scotland if no agreement, signals Mundell – Towards Indyref2…

Common Frameworks will be imposed on Scotland if no agreement, signals Mundell

Common Frameworks drawn up by the Westminster government will likely be imposed on Scotland if Nicola Sturgeon’s administration fails to agree with its UK counterpart, David Mundell has signalled.

In a clear indication of intent, the Scottish Sectretary of State refused to give a guarantee that frameworks drawn up by the Tory government would not be imposed north of the border.

The Scottish Conservative MP was appearing in front of the Scottish parliament’s Finance and Constitution Committee to answer questions on Brexit.

Asked by committee chair, Bruce Crawford MSP, to rule out imposing frameworks in the event of no agreement, Mundell replied bizarrely: “I don’t accept the premise of the question because no common frame work has been imposed on Scotland …”

Pressed again by Bruce Crawford to rule out imposing common frameworks, Mundell referred to “other parts of the United Kingdom” and added: “I’m quite clear that the Scottish parliament doesn’t have a veto over what would happen in other parts of the United Kingdom.”

Mr Mundell also refused to rule out supporting a ‘No Deal’ scenario should the EU reject Theresa May’s so-called ‘Chequers Plan’.  EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier yesterday described the UK government’s plan as “dead”.

Pressed on whether he would rule out ‘No Deal’, the Secretary of State refused, saying merely, “I will not promote a no deal scenario”.

Mr Mundell’s refusal to say whether he’d reject a ‘No Deal’ is at odds with comments made by his Scottish leader earlier this year. Speaking in February, Ruth Davidson confirmed she would not support ‘No Deal’.

It is not known if Davidson, who has altered her stance on Brexit related issues several times, still holds this view.

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15 thoughts on “Common Frameworks will be imposed on Scotland if no agreement, signals Mundell

  1. David Henderson

    No surprise there then ! It is obvious to anyone remotely interested in the future of Scotland post brexit that our country is to be subordinate and subjugated .The whims of our english masters will determine our future unless of course we choose the obvious alternative whos appeal must surely by now be influencing all but the most ardent britnats of this counrty . Time to create a new Scotland free from the avarice of westminster . Mundell , Davidson and their ilk are hell bent on damaging Scotland and they will succeed unless we pull together as a nation and consign them to obscurity .

  2. Billy macphee

    Indy soon please and we will need all our collective strength to withstand the maelstrom of fake news and hate during and after *** Scotland be strong

  3. David McGrath

    Mundel is showing utter contempt for the country he is supposed to be representing. I am astonished that ANY Scotsman could behave in the way he is behaving.

    But lets be clear we need to be free BEFORE march 2019

  4. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Of course Westminster Rule is to be imposed post Brexit.

    The Devolved Administrations were a direct result of EU Legislation (not BritNat Labours benevolence)

    It is why Mundell UK Govt in Scotland (as the Scottish Office is now known) has been quietly increasing in staff)

    Holyrood shutdown

    Possibly as part of a National State of Emergency.

    1. Alan Johnson

      We must resist this tooth and nail with all means at our disposal – however unorthodox these may be.
      Nemo me impune lacessit!

      1. Jockanese Wind Talker

        Agent Provocateur?


        a person employed to induce others to break the law so that they can be convicted.

  5. Kangaroo

    It’s OK, I am quietly confident that Nicola has it covered. Mundell is going to be out of a job soon, confined to history as an Eponym for treachery.

  6. Clydebuilt

    Karen Bradley suspends Further Elections for N. I. Devolved Parliament

    The N.I. Secretary of State has banned elections to Stormont, for the forseeable future due to the political instability caused by Brexit.

    This was the main topic on last nights Newsnight. A Google search on this produces no results. However BBC2’s Newsnight have posted it on YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XIJzc0FiVHA

    I didn’t hear any mention of this on GMS.

    Easy to see this being applied to Holyrood.

    1. Alan Johnson

      I agree, Karen, but there would be huge public reaction, and particularly so in Scotland, if such autocratic behaviour were even to be attempted. Rather than close down Holyrood, it is much more likely that they would seek to weaken its powers in stages. But Mundell’s expanded glitzy new offices with his huge staff of civil servants are there for a purpose . . . sinister indeed.

  7. gregor

    Remember Scotland…

    You are ‘subordonate’ to westmonster under the ‘union’ (whether you like it or not).

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