Calls for Scots Tories to withdraw false ‘train dodger’ accusation

carlaw_tweetRuth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives have come under pressure to withdraw an official press release attacking an SNP MSP after it emerged the allegations it contained were false.

A row has erupted after Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw accused Scottish Transport Minister Humza Yousaf of never having set foot on a train.

The press statement, which described Mr Yousaf as a ‘train-dodging transport minister’, said:

“Newly-published MSP expenses have revealed under-fire transport minister Humza Yousaf hasn’t claimed for taking the train since parliament returned in May.”

dodgy-press-statementThe press release contained a statement from Carlaw, who said: “When Humza Yousaf said he wasn’t a transport expert, we didn’t think this meant he’d never set foot on a train.

“It’s all very well posing prettily while hanging off the side of a train to get himself through a news cycle.

“But the public want a transport minister who actually knows what it’s like to use Scotland’s railways.

“Commuters will be furious that the train network is deemed good enough for them, but not seemingly good enough for the man in charge.”

However it has now emerged that the SNP MSP uses the train as his main mode of transport when traveling to the Scottish Parliament.  The Tory blunder is believed to have resulted from the misunderstanding of expenses claims.  Expenses logs for Scottish Government Ministers do not contain claims for train travel.

murdo-deletedThe blunder has witnessed both Mr Carlaw and his party colleague Murdo Fraser both deleting tweets which targeted Mr Yousaf.

Despite calls for the offending press release to be withdrawn it is, at the time of publication of this article, still available on the Scottish Conservative website.

Mr Carlaw is believed to have apologised privately to Mr Yousaf, however there is as yet no sign of any official public apology having been issued on behalf of his party.

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7 thoughts on “Calls for Scots Tories to withdraw false ‘train dodger’ accusation

  1. Alvaro De Melo

    Humza Yousaf is bing harassed by false information form Jackson Carlaw MSP, & Murdo Frazer MSP, both politician’s are placing false information on twitter to undermine Humza Yousaf position as transport minister to the public. This is unacceptable I am placing a complaint to SNP & Conservatives remove them both from the political arena or be disciplined by their leader Ruth Davidson with final written warning.

  2. Westviews

    When the Conservatives in Scotland said they would be a strong opposition in Holyrood I didn’t realise that meant they would lie continually just to score political points.

    It’s now a weekly occurrence at FMQs and an almost daily occurrence on Twitter. They are obviously not serving their constituents and are serving only WM. Their smear tactics are all they have. It’s now glaringly obvious that they have nothing else. The MSM should hang their collective heads in shame for allowing them to get away with it.

  3. manandboy

    I would sooner trust a guy who drinks his Buckfast under a bridge, than Jackson Carlaw or Murdo Fraser. These two really are the dregs.

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