British bluster!

Every time you look at this Brexit fiasco it seems to have become even more of a mess. And Theresa May shows no sign of actually being aware of the totally impossible situation in which she finds herself. Her coping mechanism appears to be a stubborn faith that all the parties involved are going to submit to the will of the British government regardless of their own interests. She seems to have convinced herself that, simply by waving the union flag with enough British nationalist vigour, she can make all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fit together to produce exactly the picture she wants.

She genuinely seems to believe that she can take the UK out of the EU while demanding terms that are more to the liking of intractable Europhobes even than the semi-detached status that the UK already enjoys. She thinks she can cherry-pick the advantages of EU membership, such as access to the single market, whilst cocking a haughty snook at the duties and responsibilities which, for all others, are not optional.

May shows every indication of being so completely persuaded of British exceptionalism as to casually assume that the rest of the world will consider it a privilege to grant endless concessions at whatever cost. The sense of entitlement is massive enough to have its own gravitational field.

There is no indication whatever Theresa May is even aware that others have positions which are incompatible with her own. Or that these positions might be adhered to in the face of her hectoring and cajoling and pompous admonitions. It is simply taken for granted that the political and economic interests of the EU and Scotland and Northern Ireland and Gibraltar will be quietly sidelined to help the British establishment out of the mess it’s got itself into.

The British state refuses to accept that Nicola Sturgeon has a mandate from the Scottish electorate which requires her to serve their interests and implement their democratic will. This counts for nothing in the eyes of British nationalists. The only interests that are of any consequence are those of the ruling elites. All else is subsidiary to that. And that same elite gets mighty offended if anybody presumes to suggest that political expediency and economic imperatives might be outweighed by the dictates of democracy or something so simple as a social conscience.

There is no arrogance quite like the towering arrogance of the British nationalist. But Nicola Sturgeon has the wits and the strength of character to stand against the prideful posturing of Theresa May. More importantly, she has the people of Scotland at her back.

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11 thoughts on “British bluster!

  1. Lawrence

    I think the biggest danger to our independence is to assume or scoff that these people don’t know what they are doing they cleverly and successfully conned and fooled the Scottish people in 2014 and I would urge everyone to remember just how clever and sneaky and shrewd these people can be, don’t let them fool you and don’t let them con the Scottish people twice xxx

    1. Peter A Bell Post author

      I would never underestimate the unprincipled cunning of the British political elite. It is, nonetheless, clear that with Brexit they’ve got themselves into a situation that they simply can’t handle.

      1. wakeup

        I wonder.
        May: What a mess this Brexit is going to be. We need to keep Scotland. We’ll need to screw them for their natural resources more than ever now.
        MI6: Well best thing is to push them into an early indyref2, while things are still close up there. That way, we can still swing it for you. If they wait 5 years, with the demographics against us and the mess of Brexit unable to be hidden anymore, it’s going to be too difficult to fix an anti-indy vote. If we go soon, it’ll be much, much easier.
        May: I can’t be seen to favour an early indyref2, but I can easily push them into it. Just blank them on everything over Brexit. Let’s do it.

  2. Iain MacLaren

    What you say about 1) “ruling elites” and only their interests being of any consequence, and 2) offence being taken if political expediency and economic imperatives are outweighed by the dictates of democracy, is rather undermined by a (very) sizeable pro-Remain majority existing amongst all Westminster MPs (ITV News 20/02/16) and May having come out as pro-Remain prior to the Brexit referendum (The Times 07/06/16).

    If things worked as you imply there, then we wouldn’t be having Brexit at all.

    With appropriate allowances for polemical writing, what weight should we give, then, to the caricature of “towering arrogance” and “prideful posturing”? Are you under the impression that May wants Brexit?

    1. Peter A Bell Post author

      It was towering arrogance that brought about the EU referendum. The arrogance of supposing that the issue could be used to play out the internal power struggles of the Tory party. It was political expediency that impelled Cameron to promise a referendum. It certainly wasn’t concern for democracy.

      My impression is that May is in denial about the implications of Brexit. It could be that she saw the issue as offering a chance to further her personal career. Or it could be plain opportunism as she reacted to events. Either way, she took on the task with little or no appreciation of how fraught with difficulties it was going to be. And now she finds herself with no discernible possibility of a political win. The best she can hope for is to minimise personal damage by getting the media to spin the outcome as a “great victory”; and by blaming others for the stuff that can’t be passed off in that way.

      The SNP will, of course, be in line for some of that blame. Hence the line about Sturgeon “undermining” the non-existent UK negotiating position. And the EU will also be blamed. The public are already being prepared for a version of events in which Johnny Foreigner is forcing poor beleaguered, well-meaning Britain out of the single market from sheer spite. Expect large numbers of people to be fooled into believing that they didn’t vote to quit the single market when they voted Leave.

      1. Iain MacLaren

        I’m not sure I agree about arrogance and denial playing any part in all this. It’s sometimes too easy to ascribe malevolent intentions to one’s opponents, and it’s usually wide of the mark if one does so. My reading of the EU referendum was that the objective was to sideline UKIP one way or the other – put up or shut up. It looks like it was (at least) successful in that objective, but at a massive cost.

        I think what (the pro-Remain) May is doing now is arguably trying to navigate towards the best-possible outcome, whatever that could be, while being guided by the results of the two recent referendums – i.e. 1) Scotland in whole UK; 2) whole UK out of EU. I don’t see what other guidelines she can legitimately follow in that respect, regardless of the fact that I don’t like one of the results (and, without being too presumptuous, you don’t like both).

        I feel that at present May and Sturgeon have a kind of symbiotic relationship, where each can use the other’s position to attempt to justify delays in delivering what their own consituency appears to want, and wants, respectively.

        (I don’t expect you to agree with that last bit, but that’s what I think Sturgeon is sensibly doing).

        1. Sandy

          Its the height of arrogance and denial to take that view of the referendum results. It ignores that Scotland voted to Remain by 62% and it ignores that this expression of democratic will means something. Scotland is a separate country with a constitution that places sovereignty in the people of Scotland. Ignoring the vote and removing Scots’ EU citizenship is an explicit admission that you are prepared to treat Scotland as a colony. If that’s that case, we are entitled to have a referendum on how we fell about that status.

          1. Iain MacLaren

            I don’t think it’s helpful to look at things that way, because the logical consequence is that it would therefore equally be the height of arrogance and denial to disregard the result of the 2014 referendum. It doesn’t get us anywhere.

  3. Dan Huil

    In their desperation the bbc and britnat media are telling/imploring us that there is no desire for IndyRe2 in Scotland. Thus, they imply, Sturgeon is bluffing. This can only be very good news for the independence movement in Scotland. Britnat arrogance and ignorance is a useful weapon in the fight for Scotland’s independence.

  4. Andy McKirdy

    It’s clearer than ever that, surely even to NO voters, in the eyes of the establishment the leaders of the devolved governments are nothing more than the equivalent of London’s Lord Mayor and should at all times defer to the English government, the U.K. Is after all England and England is the UK and always has been in their way of thinking.
    Their giant headache of course is Scotland which they know is a country in its own right, one of only two partners in the “UK”( The United Kingdom’s of England and Scotland, Ireland and Wales being parts of the kingdom of England).
    If Scotland was a region and not a country we would have no choice but to fall in line with “our” government. BUT our government is the Scottish government and its playing a blinder!!
    England have and always will treat “inferior” peoples with utter contempt and expect them not to see it as contempt but as “what’s good for them” as England surely knows best!!
    Refer here historically, to America, Ireland, India and many more, in Africa especially.
    When enough people see and accept what they are truly about full independence follows.
    AND so it is with Scotland. As soon as the devolution cat got out the bag the rest was inevitable, it has always gone this way for England and its colonies and it is always of their own doing as it is this time, accelerated by brexit.
    Empires always fall, aided by their own attitudes to other peoples!!!
    Are your eyes opening No voters of Scotlandshire????

  5. Bibbit

    Anyone catch Michael McLeary, head of Ryan Air last night on BBC News channel ‘Hardtalk?’

    It was fascinating & insightful. e.g. Ryan Air has bought 50 new planes for next year. It was going to base 12 of these in UK but after Brexit it is now going to site NIL new planes in UK.

    Mr McLeary thinks that the UK is going to end up in a recession lasting 10 to 20 years from Brexit!

    Not a word in UK MSM!

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