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Brexit: We let Scots vote in “our referendum” says Tory MP – Towards Indyref2…

Brexit: We let Scots vote in “our referendum” says Tory MP

A Conservative MP has provoked fury on social media after a video emerged in which he appeared to suggest Scottish and Northern Irish voters had only taken part in the EU referendum because England had allowed them to.

Bernard Jenkin was delivering a speech on the effects of Brexit on the Devolved Administrations at Queen’s university, Belfast in March this year when he was asked about Northern Ireland voting to remain in the EU.

The Conservative MP for Harwich & North Essex replied: “I mean it may seem a tiresome technicality, but it was a United Kingdom referendum and the last time Ireland [sic] voted, they wanted to be part of the United Kingdom – and the same goes for Scotland, we let them vote in our referendum.”

He added: “And they helped decide the result for the whole of the United Kingdom.”

The remarks only came to light after an SNP MP posted a video clip on social media.  Dr Philippa Whitford MP tweeted: “How kind of the UK Government to allow Scotland to vote in their [EU] referendum!”

The video clip provoked fury online.  One poster added: “It was indeed England’s referendum. They took absolutely no notice of Scottish or NI votes and #BrexitShambles is the result. The UK is finished.”

Another said: “They give their arrogant sense of entitlement and imperial disdain away every time they open their odious traps. They’re not even aware of it. The idea that we are allowed to participate in democracy presented as “a favour”.”

Jenkins, who is an avid Brexiteer, is no stranger to controversy.  Only last month he compared UK Govt negotiations with the EU with the Falklands war.

In an article for The Sun newspaper, Jenkins wrote: “A decision by Parliament to dilute or to stop Brexit would be like deciding to abandon the Falkland Islands in 1982 without a fight.

“Winning back the Falklands transformed our national confidence and standing in the world. Brexit will do this too. Surrendering the Falklands would have finished Margaret Thatcher and left Britain looking cowed and washed up – no longer a great power.”


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10 thoughts on “Brexit: We let Scots vote in “our referendum” says Tory MP

  1. John

    He is your typical arrogant Englishman , the type that Scots cannot abide . He hates the SNP because he thinks a purely Scottish party has no place at Westminster , which he thinks of as England’s parliament . His words do not surprise me at all .

  2. Robert Graham

    The full clip will be shown by the Scottish branch of the British Broadcasting Corporations news programs throughout the day.

    Aye this clip of one of Ruth’s Tory friends , well maybe not friend let’s say one of the people who allows her to speak ,but only when they allow it .

    At least this Tory doesn’t try to hide it , we know it’s the English parliament at least he has stopped the pretence , over to you Ruth any comment ? .

  3. Clydebuilt

    I can just see Carlaw and Davidson squirming, but what are they thinking? When faced with what their masters (their betters) really think of Scots.
    I imagine only a Tory in Scotland could advise.

  4. Dr Sophie Grace Chappell

    For the English, Scotland is an afterthought at most, and more usually, not a thought at all. To them it’s not a country, it’s a holiday destination, like Cornwall or the Norfolk Broads. (I am English by origin myself, incidentally, so I speak of what I know.)The attitude is pervasive in England, even among nice liberal people like Zoe Williams in the Guardian today. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/aug/29/stop-brexit-grassroots-movement-constituency-unions

  5. Independent Woman

    Margaret Thatcher promoted the Falklands war as a means to stirring up jingoism in order to get herself re-elected. She had no hesitation in killing and maiming British and Argentinian soldiers in this depraved quest. She had no interest in the Falkland Islanders except to bolster a claim to the natural resources (oil?) around the islands.

    She single-handedly did more damage to Scotland and the rest of working class in the UK than anybody I can think of, except the present sorry excuse for a UK government.

  6. AngusSkye

    Just another confirmation of how much we are treasured in this amazing, sooper-dooper family of equal partners.

    They don’t evern try to hide their contempt for us any more.

  7. gregor

    Remember what the corrupt UK Regime recently pontificated…

    Scotland, its citizens, parliament, government and democracy are subordinate to Westmonster.

    What does Scotland expect under such archaic circumstances.

  8. Hayman Fan

    You’re a bitter lot you really are. But let’s be clear, the Falklands war was like 2 bald men fighting over a comb. The Islands are hundreds of miles from the Argentine coast and the Argentinian claim to ownership was and remains entirely without merit. The military junta in Argentina started the war to stoke nationalist fervour in its population. Maggie responded. She was bold and lucky and we won the war. On the entirrly separate matter of IndyRef2, as a Yorkshireman and an Englishman and a Brit, I support your call for a seconf referendum and I’d like to see you win it.

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