Brexit dropped as Good Morning Scotland pushes Scottish Tory ‘parking propaganda’

The weekend presenter of BBC Scotland’s flagship radio programme has admitted replacing a discussion on Brexit with one that promoted a Scottish Conservative propaganda attack.

Listeners heard presenter Bill Whiteford say Brexit had been dropped from that week’s opening slot and replaced with an item on workplace parking.

Introducing the item, Whiteford claimed the SNP had conceded a demand from the Greens for a “commitment to a workplace parking levy”.


Presenter Bill Whiteford asked one panellist if the proposal amounted to “a poll tax on wheels”?


The presenter also pushed the Unionist attack line that the SNP had not carried out any impact assessments on the proposal, despite the fact the SNP is not proposing the levy, only devolving the power to councils for them to decide.


The comments by the BBC presenter echo the propaganda lines from the Scottish Tories who have falsely accused the SNP of introducing a ‘car parking tax’.  On Saturday Scottish Tory activists took part in coordinated demos around Scotland holding placards which attacked the ‘”SNP’s Car Park Tax”.

The mini-demos were ridiculed by SNP politicians who pointed out their party wasn’t proposing a workplace parking levy, but was merely giving councils the discretionary power to do so.  It later emerged that some Tory demos took place in areas where the Scottish Tory party controlled the local authority.

The decision by Good Morning Scotland to drop Brexit in favour of workplace parking will be seen as further evidence of collusion between the pro-Union broadcaster and Scotland’s biggest pro-Union party.  Several BBC Scotland broadcasts have misleadingly presented the SNP as having proposed a levy on workplace car parking instead of merely devolving the power to councils.

Last week on the Sunday Politics Scotland programme, host Gordon Brewer falsely claimed the SNP and Green proposal was for workers to pay a levy to drive their own car to work.

The power being devolved to local authorities will allow councils to charge employers for workplace car parking if they wish.  If such a charge is introduced then it will be for employers to decide whether to pass it on to employees.

The attempt by the Scottish Tories to mislead the public over what is being proposed and who will be responsible for bringing in such a levy has already received widespread coverage on BBC Scotland. Reporting Scotland has already described the devolution of the power as “plans to introduce a tax on workplace parking”.

The attempt by BBC Scotland to push the Scottish Tory propaganda line on the issue follows recent damaging revelations over planted guests in Question Time audiences.  The BBC was accused of secretly inviting a British Nationalist bigot onto its flagship Question Time programme, allowing him to rant against the SNP panellist for a full minute then editing out Fiona Hyslop’s reply.

On Friday it also emerged that flagship news programme Reporting Scotland had been found guilty of misleading viewers on an item related to Scottish GDP.

BBC Scotland continues to insist its political output is fair and balanced.

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