Brexit: Delusion and deceit

Anna Soubry asks, “Is he [David Davis] saying that this government is prepared to abandon that membership of the single market?”

This question reveals the depth of confusion and incomprehension afflicting the UK Government. Of course they are prepared to abandon membership of the European single market! That’s what Brexit means, you fool!

The people of Scotland understood this. It’s a large part of the reason that we voted emphatically to remain in the EU. We recognise the importance of the single market. And we were, apparently, less susceptible to the kind of inane argument, still being peddled by David Davis, that you can somehow have “access” without membership. As with any ‘club’, cancelling your membership of the EU necessarily and inevitably implies losing access to the benefits offered by membership. The two things – membership and access – are inextricably linked.

We can either suppose that Davis is unaware of this hard reality – which leads inexorably to the conclusion that he is an idiot – or we can accept that he is fully aware that what he says is nonsense; in which case we must conclude that he is being less than totally forthright.

Two things are happening at the moment. There is a big effort to minimise the impact of Brexit, with the media full of stories about how various economic indicators are looking quite favourable. The fact that this is relative to the immediate post-referendum panic is glossed over. As is the rather more important fact that Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet. The aim is to give the impression that there’s no real problem here. Everything is fine. Everything is going to be fine. All the talk is of ‘opportunities’ and ‘potential’.

If this is the warp of the great deception being woven by the British establishment then the weft is the notion that Theresa May and the sack of ferrets she calls her team are in control. The situation is being presented as if the UK is in the position of being able to make demands. May and the rest talk as if they were perusing a menu trying to decide which of the equally delicious looking and competitively priced items to choose. The reality, of course, is that they will take whatever they’re given. The Brexit vote meant giving up that most precious of political commodities – options. May’s mob are not pondering choices, they are putting off accepting the paltry package that is all that’s on offer.

Much has been made by May of all the countries that are supposedly clamouring to do trade deals with the UK. To the limited extent that this is true, the reasons behind the enthusiasm may not be cause for the kind of optimism she is frantically trying to generate. It stands to reason that various nations will want to get a chunk of the action while the UK is weak. They know that the UK Government will be desperate for anything that can be spun by a compliant media as a ‘great deal for Britain’. They are also well aware that the UK isn’t equipped for tough trade negotiations. It’s a combination that makes the UK hugely vulnerable.

Anna Soubry’s naive question speaks to the vacuousness of the Westminster elite’s response to the Brexit vote. Davis’s statement to the House of Commons exemplifies the amalgam of delusion and deceit which is filling the vacuum where preparedness and competence should be.

In all of this, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are the only ones being totally honest about the harsh realities of the situation. Not unexpectedly, that does indeed put them on a “collision course” with a government determined to dupe the people for as long as it can.

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4 thoughts on “Brexit: Delusion and deceit

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Now is the time for the Scottish Government to openly tell Japan, the financial clearing houses in London and all the manufacturers in rUK which depend on access to the Single Market, Free Movement of people & capital to move you operations, brass plaques etc. to Scotland.

    Tell them we are staying in the EU no matter what Westminster does and you can stay too, enjoying all the benefits this brings to your business if you move here.

    Come IndyRef2 we need to get big business to come out in favour of Independence and highlight the economic benefits to iScotland to help negate the Financial basket case (Greece without the sun etc.) arguments that the NO camp will regurgitate to scare the old and the uninformed with.

    This should be recognised as a reversal of the Unionist scorched earth policy currently being enacted on Scotland.

      1. Highland Tiger

        I have to agree with both these comments.

        This is a massive opportunity for Scotland and it has to be seized. It is also a way of combating the Unionists £15Billion black hole scare story.

  2. Terry Entoure

    I do hope the government are slowly realising the complexity of what lies ahead. Not having a plan, ever after all the time that has passed since the referendum, might turn out to be the best position they could have. Maybe it’s better not to have a plan than one dreamt up by David Davis MP, a man who has publicly trumpeted his complete lack of understanding of the EU and international trade.

    Squeaky bum time starts for me when they really announce a concrete plan.

    Really enjoying your posts.

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