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Bigger than Brexit – Towards Indyref2…

Bigger than Brexit

The problem for Nicola Sturgeon is, not that she is “basing the campaign on Europe” but that this is how it will be portrayed by the media regardless of what the First Minister intends. In general, the mainstream media simply isn’t up to the task of presenting the complexities and nuances of real-world politics. Even if there was any capacity for more profound analysis, there is no appetite for it. Neither in-depth analysis nor even an honest and straightforward recounting of facts are compatible with the imperatives of sensationalism and an undisguised political agenda.

It’s all black and white. It’s all good and bad. There can’t possibly be more than one reason or explanation for anything. Issues are not explored. They are depicted, starkly and simply, in whatever way best serves the financial and ideological interests of the organ concerned and its clients. Reality is whatever set of manufactured truths come to form the cosy consensus of the media.

Bruce Crawford hints at the reality behind this caricature of our politics. Brexit is not the sole ‘trigger’ for a new independence referendum. It is merely the most obvious example of the British state’s abject failure to deliver the prospectus on which a No vote was extorted from the people of Scotland in 2014. Brexit is only part of the wider political context in which #ScotRef is being held.

The reality is that a new referendum was absolutely required and totally justified even without Brexit.

The fatal flaws that have existed at the heart of the Union from its inception now loom massive in our political discourse. For all the desperate and childish wishful thinking of Ian Murray and others, the genie is not going back in the bottle. The first independence referendum asked questions about the nature of the Union in a voice so loud that it could not be ignored. The response of the British establishment has answered those questions. The reality of our current constitutional arrangement has been scrutinised as never before. And it has been found severely wanting by all but the few who are well served by this anachronistic, anomalous and dysfunctional arrangement, and the slightly larger group who are too comfortably complacent or blankly apathetic to care about even the grossest affronts to democracy and the most blatant disrespect for the people of Scotland.

Everything that has happened since September 2014 has served to demonstrate the extent to which the Union fails Scotland. Brexit is but one part of a much larger and very ugly picture.

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7 thoughts on “Bigger than Brexit

  1. Abulhaq

    Europe is good, but becoming a sovereign state again with all that implies politically, culturally, existentially is sufficient ‘justification’, if indeed one were actually required. Justification for the continuance of the 300 year imperialist Union-Annexation as England Brexits on a wave of revanchism? The Dugdale-Davidson Unionist axis does not convince.

  2. Dan Huil

    I have a feeling our friends in Europe will help put Scotland’s future relationship with the EU in a much clearer light well before the referendum. But, as ever, first things first: end the union with England.

  3. Big Jock

    56 SNP mp’s at Westminster = Tory government, 62% remain vote = we leave anyway, Tories proceeding with Brexit on their terms and ignoring devolved governments, Tories claiming Scottish government didn’t win the election and are illegitimate. Prospect of 13 years of Tory rule…..need I go on. UK democracy only exists for English voters.

  4. Alasdair Macdonald

    It has been clear since the FM’s announcement that the msm had decided that Europe was a potent line of attack on Scottish independence. Much of today’s GMS took that approach, with the finding of the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey on Europe being emphasised.

    From day 1 with Michael Crick’s lies on Channel 4 News – ‘back of the queue’, ‘countries with minorities (Belgium) – all the 2014 Project Fear lies about Scotland and Europe have been rehashed.

  5. Big Jock

    Which is why Gordon Wilson is the media luvvie and they interview fishermen on their vox pops to Fife. Fishermen represent less than 1% of our population. The metropolitan working class areas of Dundee and Glasgow are not used for vox pops….wonder why?

  6. Robert Graham

    well you have to hand it to the Labour party in scotland ? . Eh , Let me explain Labour managed for all the years they sent MPs south , they managed to fool the scottish public We actually mattered , it has taken the SNP to show in all its glory this isnt a union its a bloody occupation . what is the point in voting , having any MPs for that matter Holyrood whats the point if its all for show , and not meant to be more than window dressing .
    Thanks Labour , thats Labour in scotland not scottish Labour .

  7. alasdairB

    #ScotRef & Independence will be fought on a complete different basis . It will be at its basic who runs Scotland and what sort of country we wish to be. A unitary part of a dystopian UK administered state by and from Westminster or an Independent state able to take our own decisions from Holyrood and shape our own destiny free of the dead cold hand of Westminster There can be no compromise and EU or EFTA membership will only be part of the of the overall prospectus & discussion. Currency, taxation, oil, fishing rights, defence, pensions, SNHS, social provisions are all important matters but must be subsidiary to the Question ‘Who are we as a country and what type of country do we wish for ourselves and future generations’

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