BBC Scotland’s political editor under fire after news report pokes fun at FM’s Brexit press conference

A BBC Scotland reporter who only days ago refused to highlight key text of Theresa May’s Brexit agreement, that exposed the betrayal of Scotland’s fishing communities, has again come under fire.

Brian Taylor has been slammed by critics after a news report he fronted poked fun at a Scottish government press conference set up to highlight the cost of Brexit to Scotland.

The news item, which led BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme Reporting Scotland, contained just nine seconds of the First Minister talking about Brexit.

More time was allotted to members of an amateur dramatics society who were shown poking fun at the Scottish government event.

The press conference had been held to coincide with a Scottish government assessment which showed Theresa May’s Brexit deal would cost each person in Scotland £1600, compared to staying in the EU.  In the event the UK government fails to negotiate a trade deal, then the cost could be higher.

The assessment shows that the deal:

  • Takes Scotland out of the EU, despite a majority here voting to remain
  • Removes Scotland from the European Single Market of 500 million people
  • Leaves future trading arrangements uncertain for both goods and services
  • Puts Scotland at a potential competitive disadvantage to Northern Ireland
  • Ends free movement of people, which is vital for workers in sectors such as health and social care. Scotland’s working age population would decline by 3% without EU migration
  • Appears to directly contradict the UK Government’s previous position on fisheries: that there should be no link between access to UK waters and access to EU markets
  • Ends guaranteed high standards and protections that come with EU membership, including the environment, food safety, animal welfare, health and safety, equality and working conditions
  • Provides no certainty about future participation in EU programmes such as Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+

However Taylor’s news report, which gave token coverage to the issues listed, began by mocking the press conference, using lengthy clips of what appeared to be pantomime actors in costume eavesdropping on the proceedings.  The BBC Scotland political editor also diverted the issue away from Brexit and onto a second independence referendum.

The diversion allowed the Scottish Conservative MSP who appeared on the programme to avoid dealing with the Brexit analysis.  Jackson Carlaw instead mounted an attack on the SNP and independence.

The news report is the second from Taylor inside a week that has prompted critics to question his impartiality.  Last week the veteran reporter came under fire after twice refusing to highlight key text from an official document that revealed fishing access and quotas were part of Theresa May’s Brexit agreement.

This latest episode has led to strongly worded crticism from pro-independence activists on social media.

Following the news report, one tweeted: “Yep. It was set up for Jackson Carlaw to repeat the Tory line SNP want bad Brexit to further Indy, despite Nicola Sturgeon meeting other parties to discuss alternatives to Bad Brexit. This is what the Indy movement is up against.”

A second said: “My take on Brian Taylor’s recent behaviour is that he has trashed himself. It’s defiance.”

Another adopted more uncompromising language, saying: “Brian Taylor is getting away with journalistic murder in that segment, its a border line North Korean panto without widow twanky.”

Despite the clear evidence something is wrong within its News and Current Affairs Department, BBC Scotland bosses insist there is no anti-SNP agenda at the station.

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44 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s political editor under fire after news report pokes fun at FM’s Brexit press conference

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    BritNat Broadcasting Corporation doing it’s patriotic duty, defending “The Precioussss Union” as per the British Nationalist Broadcasters Royal Charter (aka ‘only obeying orders’).

    Big Brian propagandising by omission and ridicule (straight oot the Joseph Goebbels play book).

    6. The Public Purposes

    The Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows.

    (4) ………and help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.

  2. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Contrast the footage of our FM and Brexit Minister in the link below (from another State Broadcaster).

    Pay attention to the BritNat Propagandists of the BBC – B Taylor and STV – C Mackay in the Q&A after.

    Both desperate to know when Indy 2 will be.

    Neither in the least bit interested in Brexits implications to Scotland or the Scottish People.

    Watch it in full and then remember the recent performances of TMayBot and OooohJeremyCorbynnn in similar situations regarding Brexit.

    Difference is Night and Day.

    Little wonder our FMs speeches are ridiculed, spoken over or just not broadcast.

    The less politicaly aware might start thinking that The EssEnnPee (or Independence) might actually be worth voting for.

    1. John

      Thanks for the link , have shared it around ,the only station to broadcast the full statement and questions from the press from the First Minister , AND it’s from RUSSIAN tv !

  3. Daniel Watson

    This is intolerable?
    It’s time the whole damn lot at PQ were fired, it’s also high time the SNP press officers called the BBC out on their bias.

  4. Penguin

    Stop paying for them.

    Also laugh at the yoons who insist that lard gut is in love with The FM and an SNP propagandist.

  5. John Young

    Interesting that the only available news channel I could find covering today’s First Minister’s important statement in full and uninterrupted was RT ( Russia Today). Enough said.

  6. Stephen kelly

    Sky news only showed about 30 seconds cut her off. Time to leave this dis-united kingdom. Let ruk enjoy there dodgy chicken and fracking, we keep all OUR wealth

  7. Graham

    Confess, the first words out of my mouth were “Who is that fat c–t?” Not helpful, but truthful, and accurate.

  8. EF

    If BBC Scotland cannot be an unbiased station then it should be removed from Scottish TV. No more fees in Scotland for a channel blatantly working for Westminster Agenda!

  9. Jock McDonnell

    When I speak about him, I’d like to say ‘robust’, but I’m going with ‘weak’, he oozes weakness.
    Always has, except when he’s pathetic.

  10. twathater

    TBH this ( ahem ) man is the epitome of a cringing sycophantic no self worth hack , his adherence and willingness to do ANYTHING in an effort to protect his preciousssss onion only indicates and highlights to others his lack of integrity and honesty

    Come independence Brian will realise his usefulness to the onion is over and will be rewarded as he deserves

  11. Toby Lerone

    I do believe the state broadcaster paid for this performance.
    Was it simultaneous with the speech?
    If yes, those amateurs probably took time off work.
    Did the BBC send out 2 camera crews?
    I’d like to know more about the logistics of Taylor’s production.

    1. Cubby

      I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for the BBC to give out any info. People I know still say why doesn’t the SNP tell more people about this or that fact. I have to say because the media is totally Westminster controlled. They still find this hard to accept. The conditioning of so many people in Scotland is just very deep.

  12. Ghillie

    That broadcast was pathetic and lame.

    BBC are screeching panic.

    The BBC are admitting they are out of their depth when they do not have the guts to report with impartiality,integrity and honesty.

    I expect our fisher folk are noticing.

  13. S Giles

    Brian Taylor’s piece was patronising as per usual but just a point of fact: the performance wasn’t part of an amateur dramatics event, it’s a play commissioned by the National Trust for Scotland staged at the Georgian House with professional actors.

  14. Iain Taylor

    I feel quite encouraged by the fact that the BBC are reduced to behaving like this, as it shows the degree of concern and worry the authorities must be feeling. The fact that they are behaving like a colonial broadcaster rather than pretending to belong here is a real plus point. It suggests that the wagons are being circled to protect the mother country. I have no idea whether the authorities have access to private polling, but there is something going on that is making them worried, and it isn’t just the Brexit pantomime. STV isn’t a serious news organisation and just follows whatever the BBC does.

  15. Cubby

    In the past Westminster used to build forts/stockades/garrisons all over Scotland to keep the Scots in their box by the use of the bayonet and the bullet. Today you have the two massive modern garrisons sitting on the Clyde – BBC and STV – using propaganda to keep Scots in their box.

    These buildings are full of people who broadcast propaganda on behalf of a foreign country. You can pick your own name for them.

  16. Anne McGaughey

    So glad I don’t have a tv or license for this biased muck. Tory lackies at their best. Well done BBC ENGLAND you’re most definitely not reporting SCOTLAND that’s for sure

  17. Dorothy Devine

    I hadn’t seen this footage ,I usually avoid BBBBC Scotland reporting anything . Now that I have seen it I am honestly shocked , what an utterly ridiculous piece of ordure.
    Perhaps NTS should think about its support getting another kicking from angry Scots and not team up with BBBC Scotland .

    BBBCScotland , I want to hear and see my First Minister as I consider her far more important to the survival and improvement of Scotland than you and your british nationalist controllers.

  18. Jason Smoothpiece

    Folks the man is just doing the job he is paid to do. The Regime has propaganda outlets in the TV and press.

    I confess I think they have now overdone it as it is now so transparent even very silly people must see through the propaganda.

    They are pushing such a large volume of anti-Scottish nonsense now that they are clearly very worried.

    They are right to be worried as the Scots are awakening to the lies, the theft and the lack of democracy.

    1. ScotsCanuck

      Indeed …… I seem to recall another individual who claimed that defence, I believe the payment was 30 pieces of Silver.

  19. millie

    Shocking stuff from the BBC outpost — ‘BBC Pacific Quay’.

    Cringeworthy- looks like it’s been put together by a 2nd year media student -(for a laugh).

    Final line from actor — “delusions are a sorry reality”. Hmm..!

    Nicola Sturgeon’s full speech in YouTube format-

    Certainly worth a listen. By contrast, it shows up BBC Pacific Quay’s intentional Jackanory production.

  20. Independent Woman

    I’ve just submitted another complaint to the BBC complaining of lack of factual content and the trivialisation of the FM’s speech. I try to be objective and unemotional when I complain but it was impossible this time when discussing their treatment of this issue. I directed them to RT as an example of what Scotland is entitled to. As always when I submit a complaint I am not holding my breath.

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  22. Drummer for Independence

    What stood out for me, was the way he was shown asking NS a question, then using exactly the same tactics over her reply, that Nick Robinson used on Alex Salmond in 2014, ‘he did not answer the question.”

  23. Lochside

    Saying that this imposter and his controllers are ‘just doing their job’is a bloody insult.
    We should not accept the BBC acting as the incarnation of the Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’.
    There is a long overdue requirement for a mass non payment of the BBC tax.

    The ‘YES’ movement could lead it, to spare the SNP’s blushes. I stopped paying and watching the BBC since the REF. I suggest everyone else who reads this site considers doing the same.

  24. Big Jock

    Salmond was set up because he is on RT. He is a threat to them. So he is now out of the picture ,conveniently when we need him most. Nicola messed up on that one.

  25. Big Jock

    Ironically Brian should be a natural yes supporter. Seems a reasonable guy. He’s maybe just infected with unionism.

  26. handclapping

    Brian has never got over the loss of utility of his undoubted access to Scottish Labour politics and as this piece shows this, his USP, is becoming more and more irrelevant.

    He could have augmented the bald news item with more of the FM statement and where the SG figures came from. He could have analysed the politics of making such a statement at that time. But no he wanders off on his own take building on his own rambling question.

    The FM should have shut him down with now is not the time, lets find out what Brexit is first before we can tell whether there is cause for another referendum. I’m glad I dont pay the licence fee

  27. Ewan MacDonald

    The human Gerbil showing his true brit colours, why else would he be working at BBC Colonial Quay if he wasnt an Uncle Tom unionist Jock? They all are at that place and every where else the vile BBC Stasi reside in our land both homegrown and imported.

  28. Bibbit Blair

    Given the appalling bias, I suspect the BBC in Scotland’s entire news output (or should that be ‘outpost’) has been entirely recruited by the British Army’s mysterious 77th Brigade.

    I suspect the English Establishment will have embedded ‘sleepers’ into the SNP’s highest echelons.

    I suspect SNP phone lines are tapped.

    I do hope the high heid yins in the SNP are equally suspicious.




    No Establishment is more utterly ruthless, entitled & remorseless than England’s.

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