BBC Scotland responds to Brewer ‘truck driver’ complaint

BBC Scotland chiefs have responded to a complaint that took issue with comments made by Politics Scotland presenter Gordon Brewer after the presenter claimed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had blamed truck drivers for a recent episode in which vehicles became stranded on a snowbound motorway.

In its response the broadcaster said: “During the introduction to this story the programme correctly highlighted that the First Minister suggested nonessential HGV lorries were to blame for the delays on the M80 near Stirling.

“During the subsequent discussion Gordon Brewer asked Humza Yousaf whether more could be done to anticipate bad weather conditions, rather than retrospectively blaming truck drivers.

“Mr Yousaf made clear that he did not believe anyone was blaming drivers, and went on to outline some of the things he will be looking at in order to avoid future problems.”

The complaint related to an interview Brewer conducted with Scottish Transport Minister Humza Yousaf on March 4th.  During the interview the BBC presenter claimed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had blamed truck drivers after vehicles became stranded on the M80 motorway during the recent heavy snowfall.

The claim was false.  However despite being corrected by Mr Yousaf, Brewer went on to repeat the accusation.

Footage from the Holyrood session being referred to, which showed Nicola Sturgeon very clearly explaining she wasn’t blaming drivers for the chaos, had already been widely distributed days before Brewer levelled his accusation.

Responding to the BBC response, the person who lodged the complaint said: “Not only is BBC Scotland refusing to admit Brewer made a mistake, it is compounding the error by misrepresenting what Humza Yousaf actually said when faced with the false accusation.

“The Transport Minister didn’t say ‘he did not believe anyone was blaming drivers’, he stated clearly ‘nobody blamed truck drivers’, he said that because nobody had blamed truck drivers.

“Why BBC Scotland can’t just admit Brewer got it wrong and apologise I don’t know.”

The episode follows news that an SNP MP has lodged a complaint against the same BBC Scotland presenter following another interview.  MP Angus MacNeil slammed comments from Brewer after the presenter appeared to imply Scottish nationalists were parochial and xenophobic.

Brewer was interviewing Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard on the Sunday Politics Show.  Pressing Leonard on his own party’s stance on immigration, a stance that has resulted in criticisms from the SNP, Brewer said: “Surely from a Labour party point of view, the idea that a party with your internationalist traditions can be criticised for parochialism and xenophobia by Scottish Nationalists, I mean things have come to a pretty pass haven’t they?”

Responding to the comments, MacNeil tweeted: “BBC Scotland’s Gordon Brewer is beyond the pale. This is Trump’s Style ..have you arguing about cost of wall thus you accept the wall. Brewer makes up lies about the SNP by insinuation as foundation to his question. It is a Trump trick that Brewer uses to push Brewer’s lies.”

The SNP MP revealed he would be submitting his first ever complaint to the BBC as a result of Brewer’s comments.

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8 thoughts on “BBC Scotland responds to Brewer ‘truck driver’ complaint

  1. Richard montgomery

    Good call out of BBC misrepresenting what was actually said once again. SNP need to complain about these ‘mistakes’ more often.

  2. Thomas Valentine

    Brewer has ALWAYS been a liar. He attended St Modan’s High in Stirling and later returned to the school to do a news report. His narrative was that Catholics did not consider themselves Scottish, would never vote SNP and never support independence.

    He only interviewed members of a single family all of whom were lay members of the Catholic clergy and two of whom were Religious Education teachers. None were identified as grandfather, son, daughter and grand daughter of a certain Lafferty family. Brewer and his parents were friends of this family. Neither did Brewer report that the elder Mr Lafferty had been Labour provost of a nearby town, a councillor and a candidate for MP of Stirling against the winning Tory.

    I attended that school. I know Gordon Brewer personally. I know his family. I personally know the Lafferty family. So when I saw this “News” it filled me with disgust. So nothing of what Brewer still gets up to surprises me. He is a propagandist and a bare faced liar.

    If Gordon wants to talk to me personally ALONE we can go up the Back Walk and “discuss” the matter.

    1. Scott

      Nice one,has he been in touch yet?? mind he does work for BBC and will not have the courage to come and “discuss”things with you.

  3. Col

    Just what is stopping the SNP from cataloguing these lies and then shaming the BBC and the individual propagandists with them? I’d shy away from using the term fake news and using the more appropriate description of LIES. Take the fight to them, fire a warning shot across the bow of HM BBC Scotland.

  4. Robert Graham

    A single instance ok we can live with that we all make mistakes , but when it becomes the usual manner of presenting the elected governments view on matters and is always misrepresented or a negative spin applied its always glass half empty ,
    It is really becoming tedious and pretty boring now .

  5. Zeebeving

    Brewer constantly suggests that any MSPs supporting an SNP stance are not thinking straight. James Kelly got it today over the Continuity Bill, and Green MSPs get it frequently with the line “Do you just back the SNP on anything?”
    When did supporting the SNP turn into a term of abuse?

    1. millie

      I noticed that too.

      Also today on Politics Scotland, Brewer was pushing the line to David Torrance et al that voters are not all that bothered about the devolved powers ‘issue’ – that the electorate just wants the Government to get ‘on with it’.

      This seems to be the line coming from the Conservatives too – and the likes of Bertie Armstrong.

      BBC in Scotland and the Conservatives are singing from the same hymn sheet.

  6. Cubby

    The BBC is just a propaganda channel.

    The only thing that marks them out as being different from other propaganda channels is that they are allowed to inflict a poll tax (license fee) on us.

    Politics Scotland is just like a British Nationalists chat show.

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