BBC Scotland reporter claims fishing access not part of any Brexit agreement, despite official document text indicating otherwise

A BBC Scotland reporter has claimed access to UK waters for EU fishing vessels is not part of the deal agreed between the EU and Theresa May, despite official documents stating otherwise.

Glenn Campbell told listeners to Good Morning Scotland that Scottish Conservative MPs had been “celebrating” the fact that fishing access was not part of any agreement.

The reporter said Ruth Davidson’s MPs had been: “… celebrating the fact the withdrawal agreement … does not commit the UK to continuing to allow the access EU countries currently have to our waters in exchange for access to EU markets.”


Campbell’s claim flies in the face of text from the actual document that makes clear access to UK waters is a key part of the agreement.  The agreement, published last Thursday, revealed Theresa May had agreed a deal with the EU that will see fishing access and quotas remain part of any Brexit deal beyond the two year transition period.

According to the document, a new fisheries agreement on access to waters and quota shares must be in place and ready for implementation immediately after the transition period which ends in 2020.

In the final agreement adopted by the EU27, it makes clear fishing access and quotas will remain tied to negotiations on any future deal after the two year transition period ends.

The text prompted the following tweet from Minister Nicola Nicola Sturgeon: “I’ll be interested to hear David Mundell explain how this – ‘existing reciprocal access and quota shares’ – can be squared with the promises made to the Scottish fishing industry. (Hint – it can’t).”

The claim from Glenn Campbell, that Scottish Conservative MPs were “celebrating” the fact that fishing access had been excluded, was ridiculed on social media.

One user tweeted: “That’s not correct and G Campbell should (does?) know it. While statement on access and quotas isn’t legally binding (none of future trading partnership document is) it’s absolutely clear that EU27 will insist on access. I wonder who’s got stronger hand to play – EH27 or UK”

Another questioned the impartiality of the reporter, saying: “Yeah, but that’s Glenn Campbell, British Nationalist poster boy …”

The claim from the BBC Scotland reporter comes days after the station refused to reveal the actual text on the agreement in a series of news bulletins and reports.  BBC Scotland is widely seen as a pro-Union broadcast outlet.  A claim the station’s management denies.


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21 thoughts on “BBC Scotland reporter claims fishing access not part of any Brexit agreement, despite official document text indicating otherwise

    1. Ian Barr

      Yes, where is the Scottish Government Rebuttal Unit on this? We really cannot continue to allow these deliberate distortions and lies to go unchallenged.

      1. John Thomson

        There’s a reasonable Chance that they have, it’s just not been reported by those”guardians of the truth” at the bbc, or any other news outlets, for that matter

  1. Scott

    Just seen Brewer and his cronies on about fishing saying SNP wants to stay in EU and reform CFP,according to Hutcheon rubbish so what he is saying Westminster can negotiate on fishing but we can’t what he really means is we are too wee and stupid,to coin a phrase what a “plonker.”

  2. Frankie

    And this is why BullshitBroadCasting BBC is struggling to get their force license act payments #Dissolvetheunion

  3. rory mckeown

    So, my understanding is that, beyond the transition period, fishing will remain a bargaining chip inter alia etc ad nauseum. BBC red herring, never mind DM and RD red lines.

  4. rory mckeown

    This is colonial journalism of the worst kind from BBC Scotland stenographers which fails its very own standards regarding impartiality and has no interest in the democratic will. Follow the money. Shysters.

  5. John

    They are so assertive in their broadcast reporting that the man in the street will believe them, what chance do we have to reverse those lies the public hear , none !
    The misinformation rolls off their tongues like snow off a dyke , so used are they to lying they don’t even know they are doing it anymore , but some of us do ! .

  6. Jockanese Wind Talker

    I heard the “Unlucky 13” Tory MPs from Scotland referred to as:

    “Theresa Mays Scottish Tory MPs” on Radio Shortbreid today.

    Usually they are referred to as Ruth Davidson’s MPs (in a presence that the Scottish Tories are a separate party).

  7. Jockanese Wind Talker

    BritNat Broadcasting Corporation doing it’s patriotic duty, defending “The Precioussss Union” as per the British Nationalist Broadcasters Royal Charter (aka ‘only obeying orders’).

    Didn’t Glen Campbell get caught on live TV with his head on the desk greeting like a bairn on the night of the SNP landslide at the Holyrood Election in 2011 on the election night program?

    Wonder if that’s available on YouTube 🙂

    6. The Public Purposes

    The Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows.

    (4) ………and help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.

  8. Jockanese Wind Talker

    I also note with a heavy dose of cynicism that it is the 40th Anniversary of The BritNat Broadcasting Corporations launch of Radio Shortbreid.

    Just in time to pump out propaganda in advance of the Scottish Devolution Referendum in 1979 nae doot.

  9. Independent Woman

    BBC news website, Scotland. ‘Analysis: Brexit deal document fishing row’ by Glenn Campbell.

    He manages to go through his piece without mentioning red lines or resignation threats. He says the Scottish conservatives are not off the hook and mentions the 13’s demands for an exit from the common fisheries policy. – two sentences.

    However he devotes four sentences at the end of the ‘analysis’ to what Nicola Sturgeon’s response to this could be. It all suggests that she is faced with only bad choices. He cannot bring himself to say anything positive in the same sentence as ‘SNP’ or ‘Nicola Sturgeon’.

    Congratulations Glenn Campbell and the BBC. You can’t be faulted on your consistency on SNPBadness.

  10. Lochside

    This individual should have been sacked after the time he ripped up the SNP manifesto, on camera, after their first year in power. It was a disgraceful politically motivated stunt by this apology for a journalist. Yet he got away with it, and has continued to get away with his poisoned attacks on the SNP.ever since.

    This should be the basis for the so-called Rebuttal Unit to get stuck into this highland carpetbagger…but I’ll not hold my breath waiting.

    1. Douglas

      I’ve searched for the video of this without luck.
      Has it been airbrushed from history or can you give a link?

  11. Lochside

    Sorry Douglas, I can’t. I saw it at the time on BBC Scotland. It wouldn’t surprise me if it has been ‘wiped. Hopefully someone has it and can share ?

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