BBC Scotland producer accuses viewer of spreading “conspiracy tosh”

A senior producer at BBC Scotland has been accused of showing a lack of respect towards viewers after accusing a Reporting Scotland critic of spreading “conspiracy tosh”.

Chris Wands posted the accusation after a viewer questioned coverage of the Kaiam closure by the flagship evening news programme.

Twitter user Tommy Ball asked “Can’t imagine why @BBCScotlandNews Reporting Scotland on Kaiam closure prioritised the views of Neil Findlay, an unelected MSP for the region (representing the 3rd party), and relegated Angela Constantance, the elected MSP representing the constituency (for the govt), to second.”

He added: “Oh wait, I think I can have a guess at why.”

The tweet prompted a response from BBC Scotland producer Chris Wands: “Hi….on BBC Radio Scotland’s Newsdrive programme we did a live interview with Hannah Bardell and nothing with anyone of any other party. Have a great Christmas and please stop spreading conspiracy tosh next year.”

There then followed a minor spat between the two, with Wands first being accused of a lack of respect, then of extraordinary behaviour after the BBC Scotland producer appeared to patronise his opponent.

Ball tweeted: “There’s the respect @BBCScotlandNews has for its viewers, everyone.”

Wands responded: “Radio doesn’t have viewers.”

Wands’ tweet prompted the following reply: “Reporting Scotland, the programme which was the subject of the tweet you are ranting about, is a television programme. This is really quite extraordinary behaviour by @BBCScotlandNews.”

Wands, who helps produce Radio Scotland news programme Good Morning Scotland, is a former Radio 5 Live producer.  During the independence referendum he described himself as a “proud Scot” living in London and asked if independence would mean “Border controls and a need for Euros when I go back to see the family? A hike in the price of shortbread and porridge?”

“… On the plus side it could mean a newly self-sufficient nation keeping the money from North Sea oil, losing the chip on its shoulder and educating its children to eat things other than chips.”

Wands joins a growing list of BBC Scotland journalists who have recently taken to social media to post what many believe are troll messages aimed at pro-Independence users.  Similar messages have been posted by Douglas Fraser and Graham Stewart.

The messages follow criticism of BBC Scotland political coverage by many within the independence movement.  The broadcaster has been accused of manipulating its political output in order to undermine the SNP or independence.

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15 thoughts on “BBC Scotland producer accuses viewer of spreading “conspiracy tosh”

  1. Tòmas Urchardan

    I stopped watching BBC years ago, after I deduced I wouldn’t even trust their presenters to give the correct time. They are what they are, the propaganda arm of the London Government. They do it well and have done since their conception.

  2. Brian Watson

    I only watch/listen to the BBC to spot the latest propaganda meme . They are becoming increasingly unsubtle as listner/viewer figures wilt and the thought of declining licence fees haunt the mandarins of British Broadcasting .

  3. Jon

    Hannah Bardell’s interview broadcast on radio, the MP’s speech was was almost impossible to comprehend. Knowing she was on a bad line why did the BBC not get her to move to a get a better signal, or use a land line.
    It is quite common for SNP representatives to be on very poor telephone connections!

      1. Jon


        Simulated bad connection, yes, that’s what I was pointing to. Happens to often to the SNP. The sound quality is awful, but often doesn’t resemble a poor signal on a mobile phone.

  4. Charles Patrick O'Brien

    I sometimes watch BBC news only for a laugh.I get disgusted by it “how can supposedly journalists and Scots ones at that tell so many lies or give not so subtle hints on badSNP ” they are a disgrace to their profession and to Scotland, will those Scots yet to be born ever forgive them?? I think not”

  5. Scott H

    Yet again, we get the “oh, but it was better on radio” excuse. Their radio audience is minimal compared to their TV audience.

  6. Cairnallochy

    I am always amused by the propensity of self-styled “proud Scots” to denigrate their country and fellow Scots at the drop of a hat.

    Perhaps Mr Wands could explain to us why he is proud of Scotland and fellow Scots as he represents them and what it would take to make him ashamed.

  7. Lochside

    Wands’ comments from the Referendum campaign period expose a politically partisan Unionist with disgusting stereotypical attitudes towards his homeland and its people. No doubt, he regards himself to be superior to the chip eating natives he left behind then, and lords over now. It worries me that this colonial Uncle Tom, is so stupid and bigoted that he doesn’t know that ‘GB’ never has had a football team, no matter how much he might yearn for one in his craven supine mind.

    He exemplifies the personnel now running the partisan political megaphone of the Brit state that BBC Scotland has become.

  8. Gerry Robertson

    Not just the BBC I’m afraid but if you are unfortunate enough to be tuning into council TV programmes this Xmas it is very likely that you will be watching (to the exclusion of everything else notably European), American or English dramas, comedy shows, quiz shows predominantly on English subjects, English Reality shows, Docs/News on English Issues with no distinction between rUK, English music/culture……. all part of the conditioning process that erases the differences to make the eventual colonisation of Scotland a seemless exercise.

  9. Richard Dido

    Another Anglofied Scot, complete with The Cringe. That comment about chips was well out of order. If that’s how he sees Scottish children, maybe he’d be better off staying down there once we get Indy?

    We could always revoke his Scottish citizenship. 🙂

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