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BBC Scotland presenter says Scotland faces a ‘hard border’ with a Yes vote – Towards Indyref2…

BBC Scotland presenter says Scotland faces a ‘hard border’ with a Yes vote

A BBC Scotland presenter has claimed a Yes vote in a second independence referendum could result in a hard border between Scotland and England.

Good Morning Scotland presenter Hayley Millar made the claim during an interview with a fellow BBC colleague on the issue of Gibraltar.

Discussing the border that currently exists between the UK colony and Spain, David Allison remarked on the frustration experienced by many trying to cross the manned border post, saying some people “can wait sometimes up to eight hours to drive out of Gibraltar”

Responding, Millar said: “That is similarly the way people in Northern Ireland and potentially Scotland here as well could be facing a hard border possibly, particularly here if there is a Yes vote in another referendum.

“So I suppose that is the sort of practical issues which come to the forefront of people’s minds once a vote has been cast.”


Claims that a newly independent Scotland will face a hard border with England have been made repeatedly by Unionists.  Some have insisted a UK exit from the EU makes a hard border even more likely if an independent Scotland opts to remain a member.

However the UK government has already insisted no such hard border will be introduced between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after Brexit, even though one side will be in the EU but the other not.

Millar’s comments will do little to assuage fears amongst many supporters of independence that the BBC and its presenters will indulge in the same kind of reporting for indyref2 as they did in the run-up to the 2014 vote.  Coverage of the 2014 campaign by the BBC led to claims of bias against the broadcaster with a book and film exposing some of the worst examples.

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17 thoughts on “BBC Scotland presenter says Scotland faces a ‘hard border’ with a Yes vote

  1. Abulhaq

    The ‘Scottish exception’ requires that the BritState ‘No Surrender’ mentality obtains. We are too wee, too poor, too everything so a good kickin’ is what we can rightly expect from the system.
    Off with the kid gloves! This is a bare knuckle fight for our very existence as a nation.
    As for the BBC, countdown to major systemic extinction event has begun.

    1. Mark Elliott

      Many of us Armstrong, Elliott, and Johnston, instead of being hung by James VI of Scotland which also became James I of England, which he had and English army to hang the standing army of reivers Armstrong, Elliott, and Johnston and those that rode with them. We stood for Mary Stuart Queen of Scots, and then Charles II, allied with the Irish, and lost to Cromwell, then sold as slaves to the Colonies. For us reveivers since we were forced moved to Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland, and there are not as many Armstrong, Elliott, and Johnston, along the English-Scottish border as along the Ireland-Ulster border, it would be better for us reivers to have the hard border between England and Scotland since it is also much shorter.

  2. Sam

    Hayley Miller is incapable of hiding her anti Scottish Independence bias behind her phone voice persona.

    This morning between articles she worked on apoearing normal by letting the audience know she had noticed a naked jockey in the changing room.

  3. bringiton

    I would love to see the equivalent of the Peace Arch south of Vancouver on the border.
    If Canada can get by with a hard border with the USA,then so can we with England,if necessary.
    Let’s put this nonsense to bed,once and for all.
    If England wants a “hard” border with Scotland and possibly,the EU then that is their problem.

  4. Blitzen maniax

    Well we have a history of leaking over the border with English cows since before we were a nation the first time . This time I think we should return the favour and bring you the two cows who lead whats left of Labour and of course Roofiie

  5. Kevin

    Must be intolerable, having to slip-in a whopper, live, on-air, while fellow Scots (all 127 of them) are listening-in?

    Must be agony for BBC presenters, having to bare-faced lie to the nation, and churn-out such tripe when that presenter knows there’s a very good chance the majority of Scots know the truth and the facts, and know that they, the presenter, is doing themselves no favours?

    Must be Hell, having to work with those editors and colleagues who’re constantly rummaging through the BBC midgy in search of the childish stuff that’s making them – the presenter – look, well, childish?

    Must be pretty desperate, not knowing if a) you’ll still be required in a couple of years, and b) if I am still in BBC employment, will I be eternally employed to broadcast to fellow Scots (all 62 of them) that Scotland’s shite?

    You still paying that licence fee, btw?

  6. Big Jock

    Hayley Miller is utterly dreadful. Prof Curtis did all he could to resit calling her an ignoramus, when she tried to compare the social attitudes survey with opinion polls. She said you pay your money you take your choices. Sniping about the out of kilter discredited yougov poll. Clutching at her unionist straws!

  7. Robert Graham

    I have been trying to find a media source TV , Radio , Newspaper that doesn’t pronounce Armagen , Pestilence and Plague on the Horizon , this along with the hatred directed at Nicola Sturgeon , my it brings back memories of 2014 so many positive comments , its ok if we do as the unionist here want us to do , Sit in the corner and shut up it will all go away , well in case they haven’t noticed it was the Tory party and their internal squabbles that has brought us to this point Not the SNP or indeed YES supporters ,

  8. Alasdair Macdonald

    I listened to the programme while having my shower this morning and I felt that the programme was laced through with an anti independence attitude. There was a long interview with a Daily Mail journalist where he repeated, unchallenged, all the mendacious 2014 claims that were made against Scotland in Europe, the Conservative MEP for Scotland, implied that seeking the referendum was queering the UK’s negotiating pitch, Gary Robertson in an interview pushed the issue of opposition to EU membership within Scotland. Professor Curtice’s Social Attitudes Survey was brought in out of context in support. And, we had the ‘dripping tap’ of SNP badness which comes through every day: this time it was about some families in the “babies’ ashes” case being “excluded” on the basis of time-barring.
    For years there is the relentless feeding of ‘bad news’, especially if it shows Scotland in a bad light. There are also the stories which pump up BRITAIN and we had those in the business section today.
    Because the FM’s announcement caught the Establishment on the hop we are having the ghettoblasters turned up against us.

  9. Kupo

    They, naturally(wink wink) neglect to mention that for this to happen, England&Wales ( can’t be sure of N.Ireland being in the so-called uk after everythings done and dusted) will have a border with 27, yes 27 other nations and no trade deal after pissing off the worlds largest trading block, will be in the WTO from then on. Only then to become Donald Trumps little lapdog out of desperation for something, anything, SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP MARRIAGE PROPOSAL?

  10. Brian Powell

    The obvious problem when there is only one broadcaster, when it fails in it’s duty the failure is blanket.
    But the real problem is that politicians before the SNP SG didn’t correct this.

  11. Billy Long

    Well to be really honest if Scotland went independent the border would need to be redrawn. The current border is more than rivers but it goes through boggy marshes splitting through large boulders small ditches and one farm in Northumbria has its entrance in Scotland. So a hard border can not exist in its present form. That’s the truth.

  12. James Cassidy

    Would there really be a hard border between Scotland and England when such a measure has been rubbished for Ireland? The simple answer is yes. England has a long history of petty and damaging behaviour towards Scotland, prior to the union and afterwards. It’s a recurring trait and if past behaviour indicates possible future behaviour then be prepared to show your papers!

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