BBC Scotland moves to protect Scottish Tories as May’s fishing betrayal is revealed

The British Broadcasting Corporation in Scotland has come to the aid of the beleagured Scottish Conservatives after details of Theresa May’s fishing betrayal were revealed.

Earlier today it emerged that the Tory Prime Minister had agreed a deal with the EU that will see fishing access and quotas remain part of any Brexit deal beyond the two year transition agreement.

According to the document, a new fisheries agreement on access to waters and quota shares must be in place and ready for implementation immediately after the transition period which ends in 2020.

The specific mention of access and quotas is a slap-down for the 13 Scottish Tory MPs who last week wrote to the Prime Minister demanding access and quotas be excluded from any agreement.  The demand featured prominently on BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme, Reporting Scotland where viewers were told by the station’s political editor that the 13 MPs “will gain assurances”.

The letter followed similar unsuccessful demands lodged by the Scottish Tory group in March this year.  Then, Ruth Davidson’s thirteen MPs threatened to vote against Theresa May’s Withdrawal Bill if fishing access was included.

However, following today’s news that the thirteen had again been ignored, BBC Scotland stepped in and engaged in what appeared to be damage limitation.  On the lunchtime edition of Reporting Scotand, the corporation’s Scottish political editor Brian Taylor failed to mention the key text of the agreement that mentioned fishing access and quotas.

Multiple bulletins on Radio Scotland’s Newsdrive also witnessed newsreaders and reporters fail to highlight the key text.  On the flagship evening edition of Reporting Scotland, Taylor again refused to reveal to viewers the text that proved SNP criticisms were entirely justified, revealing only that the agreement said: “the United Kingdom will be an independent coastal state … within the context of the economic coastal partnership”

The programme did though provide a platform for the pro-Brexit head of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation Bertie Armstrong.  Armstrong painted the agreement as a positive for Scotland’s fishing sector.

The failure of BBC Scotland to cover the story in an impartial and informative manner stood in stark contrast to the coverage provided by Channel 4 News.  The station’s political correspondent Ciaran Jenkins pressed Scottish Secretary David Mundell on why he had refused to hnour his previous resignation threat.

The handling of the issue by BBC Scotland will further fuel claims the corporation is operating an agenda aimed at limiting damage to Scottish Conservatives over the issue of Brexit and fishing.

That no presenter or reporter quoted the controversial text from the agreement will fuel speculation that they were either instructed not to mention it, or have themselves decided not to mention it.

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22 thoughts on “BBC Scotland moves to protect Scottish Tories as May’s fishing betrayal is revealed

  1. Davy

    WHAT A COUNTRY eh, If its not the Westminster government doing their best to shaft us, then its the paper-media and the BBC.

    Has there ever been a country like Scotland subject to such daily abuse, spin and barefaced lies from its own so-called impartial media. Why do we accept this shite, we don’t have to.

    As for the fishing industry, well you can’t say you were not warned. Everyone else said you would be shat-upon and still you would prefer to listen to the tories false promises.

    These are the same people who have with their fellow London controlled Labour party negotiated every fishing quota since we joined the EU. And have suckered their own fishing industry every-time that it suited them.

    And now you have 13 useless suck-up tories, all hard at work trying to find a way out of the promises they made to the fishing industry.

    Enjoy your brexit treaty, you voted them in.

  2. James McGlynn

    The tories lied their way into Westminster on the back of two policies , no Scottish Independence and no more Common Fisheries Policy . They continually argue that the SNP will sell out their fishing industry . To my knowledge no SNP person has participated in the annual CFP negotiations with its agreed hated quotas and stock protection .These negotiations have been completed by British Nationalist parties with the last 8 years being headed by the Btirish Conservative party . After today’s announcement by their leader that there will need to be a bespoke Common Fisheries Policy it does beggar the question how will they face their constituents when they no longer can say the SNP will retain the hated CFP and they will save the Scottish Fishing industry . As for independence I believe that they are heading for a double of dissies !

  3. Lorna Campbell

    No, Davy, I don’t believe there has ever been a country like Scotland for self-inflicted wounds; it is what we excel at – that and allowing others, to whom we never even raise our voices – to use us like toilet roll.

    When I started to look into the 2014 vote and deconstruct it – ahead of the studies of 2015 which gleefully and rather stupidly (from the Unionist perspective) provided the extra layer of proof that we had been shafted again, and by those we had welcomed to Scotland – it seemed to me that David Cameron could never allow Scotland to go, no matter what he said or did to make the 2014 indyref appear as democratic as could be. I put all the loose bits together – the Crawford and Boyle Report, the Vow, Project Fear, the harnessing of the media to the UK machine, etc., etc. – and I believed, and still believe, that he needed Scotland under his belt before he could even think of embarking on the EU ref.

    I took a lot of stick for suggesting that Cameron would never have staged an EU ref for rUK if Scotland was out of the picture for the very evident reason that Scotland had, and still has, all the goodies that the UK would need (oil), not only to keep the EU sweet (fishing), but to save the UK’s hide, not to mention its delusions of grandeur on the world stage (Trident). The Crawford and Boyle Report shows that he was hedging his bets, despite the fact that he realized belatedly that what he had been planning – the almost total asset-stripping of Scotland in the event of independence, continuator state status for rUK, absorption of Scotland in 1707 into a Greater England, etc. would be far more harmful to the UK (England, really) than leaving well alone and simply ensuring that Scotland was hog-tied, just in case.

    He never actually used the C & B Report against Scotland because Scotland had to be on board just in case his hand was forced by his own “b******s” on the Tory benches, and UKIP, so a different tack was taken: that of ordering out the entire panoply of the tools of state against independence. Oh, I’m not saying that the White Paper did not have its faults because it did, but nothing the SNP could have done to try and persuade voters to vote YES and win was going to be allowed. Lies about our assets, lies about the EU and Scotland’s rejection by the EU, lies about the oilfields, lies about pensions, lies about GERS, lies about the deficit… The list was endless, and it worked.

    Now, we are able to see clearly the role they had set aside for us – I should say roll, because it is of the lavatorial type – as their dim-witted colonial fools. The Telegraph article on the oil industry and its sudden revival from its UKG-induced coma to suddenly become the saviour of the post-Brexit Tory One Nation State rather gave the game away, as did the false smiles as the fishing industry was sold out again,its own leader being yet another Tory. Well, the Big 5 are Tories as well, so they’ll keep it in the family. The next shafting might well be the anticipated coalition defeat of Mrs May Brexit deal (unless the EU itself shoots it down in flames) in the Commons. I wouldn’t go counting on it, though, this putative victory, because, if Mr Corbyn and his merry lads and lasses are to stick to form, they’ll find a way to ensure the Tories get it through. They always do. And they might just leave the SNP to explain what went wrong. It won’t matter what the European Court has to say about unilateral reversal of Article 50 because Mrs May aims to have it done and dusted before that ruling. By the way, where is the UK Supreme Court ruling on the Continuity Bill?

    1. Patsy Millar

      Excellent analysis but, unfortunately most people will never get to hear about this because it will not be shared by the MSM.

    2. Arch

      Well said Lorna you have explained everything in great detail, now all we need is for the SNP to get off their backsides and go for Inderef 2, we should not as a Sovereign Nation and by the way we are the oldest in the whole of Europe, we should not be taking this from Westminster, if Independence action is not taken now we are definitely dead in the water.

  4. John Thomson

    After FMQS yesterday Brian Taylor introduced his 2 journalist pals, Kathleen Nutt from The National & Simon Johnson from Daily Telegraph but when Ms Nutt was speaking onscreen, the caption strap line read “Kathleen Nut, journalist” no mention of newspaper whereas Simon had “Daily Telegtaph under his name. Why no mention of The National on screeen for Ms Nutt? Censorship me thinks. If you didn’t hear Brian’s intro, you wouldn’t know Kathleen was or who she represented.

  5. John

    Taylor as bad as Brewer , when he thinks a positive comment is coming from a journalist about the SNP he interups and changes the subject, the BBC cabal always at work to undermine the SNP !

  6. Jockanese Wind Talker

    BritNat Broadcasting Corporation doing it’s patriotic duty, defending “The Precioussss Union” as per the British Nationalist Broadcasters Royal Charter (aka ‘only obeying orders’).

    Didn’t Brian Taylor stand as a FibDem MP and fail to get elected?

    6. The Public Purposes

    The Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows.

    (4) ………and help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.

  7. bringiton

    Unionism comes first for people like Armstrong and representing Scottish interests a poor second or third.
    When are Scots going to realise that our interests are best served by having our own government and not being Dependent on handouts and crumbs from the Westminster table.
    This also applies to the unionist broadcasting corporation.
    Fishing,along with Clyde shipbuilding have been used by unionists as sticks to beat independence supporters with and even if their value is more totemic than economic they are still regarded with great importance by Scots.
    What goes around comes around and the unionists are going to pay a price for their failure to adequately represent our interests.

  8. The Auditor

    Another amateurish attempt by the Biased Broadcasting Corporation to protect the odious Tories in Holyrood. Well they shall pay the ultimate price at the next election.

  9. Graham Ennis

    Well, let us be brutal. The rights of Scottish fishermen are not of any deep interest to the present ruling clique in the SNP, which has been drifting steadily rightwards since the referendum and is still refusing to deal with serious issues, like the Scotish land Question, and the Oligarchs who are attached to it. Nothing to “Dangerous” is the policy these days. The grass roots of the SNP want radical change, they are not getting it. They won’t get it on this, either. All that Sturgeon has to do is make it clear, that in an Independent Scotland, things will be very different. She does not. Neither is she going to tackle the land question. Both these questions are interrelated. The key issue is that anything that looks too radical, is at the moment off the table.Not to be pushed, not to be discussed, unless it upsets deep vested interests in Scotland. Much else, of the same ilk. After BREXIT, scots are going to be stripped of what little self-Government that they have, and reduced back to pre-devo status.

  10. Pamela

    Brian Taylor used to be a really decent journalist who was largely impartial. Sadly, he has been compromised and coerced by the UK Tory Gov and is fast becoming a mere puppet, told what he can and can’t say. I’d like to see him return to his principles and leave the BBC and become an independent broadcaster, free to speak his mind.

  11. Ron Birrell

    Fhere is a BBC Scotland TV documenary to be made on the story of Scottish fishing, from the destruction of the inshore fishing grounds – remember the song @buy my caller herring, fresh drawn frae the Forth’ to the overfishing of the pelagic shoals; the selling of licences to foreign owners; the concentration of fishing licences in the hands of 5 families – someofthem convicted criminals. Thisdocumentary, will, of course, not be made.

  12. goldeneagle

    They aren’t even trying to hide their antagonism from anyone now. Parliament is a

    disgrace. They speak to the SNP like they were dirt. Its embarrassing now. Nicola

    needs to get Ref 2 organised now. They need to be careful because we all know

    about oil fields newly discovered this past Year. Thats why they will be grabbing more

    Scottish waters. Like the secret grab they already stole and kept very quiet.

  13. Charlie Bent

    Early in the campaign for independence my pal told me about his workmate who was a friend of a BBC journalist. The journalist told that friend that all journalism staff were called to a meeting to be told that, because the referendum was not an election, rules about balance and fairness did not apply. They were reminded that they worked for the BRITISH broadcasting corporation. My friend, his workmate and I were shocked and offended. I wrote to all tv and papers but not one responded. That is what we are up against!

  14. Gerry Carty

    Mundell was like a rabbit caught in the headlights on channel 4..he had nowhere to hide and his excuses poured forth as he was still thinking about this upstart of the interviewer , he is not hit with such searching questions by taylor or other biased broadcasting corperation interviewers .

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