BBC Scotland launches MASSIVE ‘Fishing’ propaganda effort as May’s Brexit deal threatens to undermine Scottish Tories

The British Broadcasting Corporation’s Scottish branch has launched a massive propaganda effort in what appears to be a bid to help Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Tory party after its leaders came under pressure over Brexit.

In a move that helped the Scottish Tories, the corporation sought to divert attention onto the fishing sector after news emerged that Northern Ireland was set to be granted a different Brexit deal from the rest of the UK.

The deal, effectively keeping the province in the Single Market with Scotland being forced to leave, has piled pressure on Ruth Davidson and David Mundell.  Last month both vowed to resign unless Northern Ireland was treated exactly the same as the rest of the UK.

The resignation threat, made exactly one month ago, was the top news story on that evening’s Reporting Scotland.

However, last night’s programme failed to highlight the Scottish Tory resign threats and instead focused its attention on what appeared to be a diversionary letter drafted by the party’s thirteen MPs, which focused on the Scottish fishing sector.

In the extended segment, viewers heard presenter Jackie Bird and reporters Andrew Kerr, Glenn Campbell and Brian Taylor all focus on a sector that makes up a mere one per cent of Scottish GDP.  Missing from the item was any significant analysis of the Northern Ireland deal or Mundell and Davidson’s previous resign threats.

Fishing has long been seen as a Brexit-shield for Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Tories.  The party embraced the sector’s anti-EU sentiments after the European referendum, which saw Scotland overwhelmingly vote to remain.

With the help of BBC Scotland, fishing dominated last year’s snap general election on the Scottish campaign trail.  Pacific Quay reporters promoted the Scottish Tory campaign line relentlessly, visiting fishing communities represented by senior SNP MPs.

The decision to turn to fishing at a time of considerable Brexit discomfort for Scottish Tories will come as no surprise to many who have long accused BBC Scotland of using fishing as a pro-Brexit proxy.  Many Unionists believe that the chaos of Brexit will eventually lead to a rise in support for Scottish independence.

BBC Scotland chiefs deny claims of anti-independence bias and insist all political output at the station is fair and impartial.

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6 thoughts on “BBC Scotland launches MASSIVE ‘Fishing’ propaganda effort as May’s Brexit deal threatens to undermine Scottish Tories

  1. CapnAndy

    The thing with the fishing is that they can lie with a clear conscience. Yes, they will withdraw from the CFP. But what happens after that? That’s the big unknown and probably the big sell out.

  2. bringiton

    The real value of fishing is the importance placed on it by other EU states.
    In order to maintain access to what is mainly Scottish waters,these countries will be prepared to make concessions to the British state on other matters.
    The main difference between a Scottish state and a British one is that those concessions would benefit Scotland rather than the City of London.

  3. Luigi

    Sigh. Here we go again.

    I am really sick and tired hearing these British Nationalists dressed up as journalists (the usual suspects), in their relentless quest to protect the tories and put an “SNP BAD” spin on every snippet of good news associated with the Scottish government.

    Truly, they sold their souls long ago. Who pulls their strings? Where is the organ grinder – that’s what we really need to know.

  4. Alasdair Macdonald

    And, they had given their chum Bertie Anderson a long spiel. However, for the first time I can remember they also had a spokesperson for the Scottish Creel Fishermen, who have different concerns from the big business fish owners whom Mr Anderson represents.

  5. Iain T

    It’s a minor point but I think the media’s favourite fish monger is Bertie Armstrong who, I think, stood for their Blue Tories at least once.

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