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BBC Scotland is feeding another Unionist smear – Towards Indyref2…

BBC Scotland is feeding another Unionist smear

Below are two clips from BBC Scotland news broadcasts and an image from a BBC Scotland article.  Each followed news that a Holyrood committee is to be convened to look at the Scottish government’s handling of the investigation into complaints against Alex Salmond.

The chair of the committee, in keeping with Scottish parliamentary procedure, will be an SNP MSP.  This is being used by Unionist politicians in an attempt to smear the party.  The implication of the attacks is that an SNP MSP cannot be trusted.  That they are compromised.

Sadly it looks as though BBC Scotland has decided to lend credence to the smear by highlighting the fact that some of the SNP committee members served as ministers under Mr Salmond and his successor, Nicola Sturgeon.

Below is an excerpt from the BBC Scotland article on the issue.  That each MSP was a former minister under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon is superfluous to the news they are to serve on the committee.  Why then is it there?

Below is a clip of BBC Scotland political correspondent Kirsten Campbell speaking on Newsdrive.


Campbell informs listeners that the SNP has selected Linda Fabiani to chair the committee.  Campbell also tells listeners that Fabiani once served as a junior minister in Alex Salmond’s government. This information is relevant only when placed alongside the Unionist smear attacks.

It is as relevant to the committee make-up as mention of the fact that BBC Scotland reporter Kirsten Campbell married former Lib Dem leader Tavish Scott in 2008 after striking up a relationship with him in 2004.  In other words, not relevant at all.

BBC Scotland’s Political Editor Brian Taylor also highlighted Linda Fabiani’s junior ministerial role in Alex Salmond’s administration.  Again the information is only relevant in the context of Unionist smear attacks highlighted by Jackie Bird.

That these SNP MSPs were former ministers, or junior ministers, is no more relevant to this committee make-up than the shadow cabinet roles of Unionist MSP committee members such as Jackie Baillie.  BBC Scotland is feeding the Unionist smear.

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