BBC reporter claims Lib Dems are the only anti-Brexit party in UK

A BBC reporter has claimed the Lib Dems are the only party in the UK that opposes Brexit.

Political Correspondent Jonathan Blake made the claim when reporting from the party’s conference in Brighton.

Reporting on a conference speech by Tom Brake, viewers heard the reporter say: “… of course the Liberal Democrats are the only really anti-Brexit party in the UK.”

The reporter repeated the claim on the Radio 4 Six O’clock news, telling listeners that the Liberal Democrats were “… the only party in the UK which is anti-Brexit.”


Claims that only the Lib Dems are in favour of the EU have been made before by BBC presenters.  Last month BBC Scotland presenter Bill Whiteford made the same claim.


The claims that only the Lib Dems oppose Brexit are false, as both the Scottish Greens and the SNP also oppose leaving the EU.

On EU membership, the SNP states its official stance: “The SNP believe that EU membership delivers many social, economic and cultural benefits for individuals, business and communities across Scotland. We believe that the best way to build a more prosperous and equal Scotland is to be a full independent member of the EU.”

The Scottish government has argued that, should Brexit go ahead, then Single Market and Customs Union membership should be maintained.


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10 thoughts on “BBC reporter claims Lib Dems are the only anti-Brexit party in UK

  1. John Lamb

    It’s the usual English arrogance. They can’t differentiate between England and the UK. Scotland doesn’t realy matter..

  2. John

    The SNP has been saying from 2016 they oppose Brexit , are these people hard of hearing or does Scotland not even come into their thinking. Considering the SNP has more MP’s than Fib-Dems at Westminster it is very remiss of them to ignore them , but of course this is the Britnat media we are talking about . As for Whiteford , he knows the SNP’s stance but because he is a BBC lackey it’s out of his pay grade to say so !

  3. Jockanese Wind Talker

    The SNP aren’t considered a UK Party in the same way these muppets consider Scotland to be a region of England.

    Bill Whiteford is a BritNat Broadcasting Corporation (Scotland Branch) propagandist for the Union and knowingly ignoring the SNP in classic propaganda by omission.

  4. Robert Graham

    Lost count of the times i have seen people urging the SNP management to get off their arses and get in amongst this media lot starting with the BBC , make it very uncomfortable for every one of their actors when conducting any interview , dont answer the question put but bring up the BBCs latest gaff preferably on air , interrupt and make it personal go for the interviewer .

  5. Robert Graham

    Back again- BBC Ruthless -SKY Monica Lennon and the SNP the party of government are where ? Posted missing are they all bloody asleep today ? .

    1. Jon Musgrave

      The SNP won’t be invited on when there are any Scotland-good stories, only when Scotland-bad stories (and then merely to respond to (any)other party first effort at SNP-baddery).

    1. C avery

      That’s my response. Are there still people out there that actually trust the BBC? I’m busy reading Tom Suarez’s book on Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel. Not only is it clear that Israel was devised on Racist grounds but Britain’s support of the modern state flies in the face of the British, Arab and anti Zionist Jews who were killed in the terrorist campaign to bring it about.cotbyn has no backbone and as far as I can tell the SNP have adopted the IHRA definition of anti Semitism oblivious to the wider connotations.

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