BBC presenter refuses to quiz Ruth Davidson on her tax-hike stance

A senior BBC presenter has refused to press Ruth Davidson on her opposition to tax-hikes despite her party pledging to increase taxes to pay for the English NHS.

On Monday Theresa May confirmed tax rises would be needed to pay for the crisis ridden English NHS.

The admission followed an announcement by the UK Prime Minister that the NHS south of the border would get £20bn in extra funding by 2023.

The tax hike admission runs counter to arguments put forward by Ruth Davidson who has peristently attacked the SNP over its policy of taxing higher earners.  According to the Scottish Conservative leader, raising taxes will damage the economy.

Davidson’s attacks on the SNP have featured prominently on BBC Scotland, with the flagship evening news programme Reporting Scotland repeatedly highlighting Scottish Conservative claims.

However, despite her high-profile attacks on SNP tax increases, the MSP was not questioned on her stance when she appeared on Newsnight.  Programme presenter Evan Davies mentioned the issue but bizarrely refused to press the Scottish Conservative leader.

A laughing and relaxed Davidson instead enjoyed a cosy chat with the presenter who failed to question her on any Scottish issues.

The latest refusal to question Davidson on a difficult issue follows a similar pattern going back at least two years.  Last year a short video highlighting the refusal of BBC Scotland to pursue the Scottish Conservative leader on a range of controversial issues was watched by over 35,000 people.


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5 thoughts on “BBC presenter refuses to quiz Ruth Davidson on her tax-hike stance

  1. John

    They are not allowed to ask Davidson questions that she might not have a script to answer , she can’t think on her feet , just like her heroine in Westminster !

  2. Robert Graham

    I might be a bit thick but even I can see a pattern developing here .

    Mrs Mayhems government the worst in living memory can do anything ,absolutely anything and the tory party in scotland will back them , Jump how high Theresa ?,

    The Tory muppets that were sent to westminster seem to spend their time in attack the SNP Mode, and use their allotted time pushing very dubious fact free bordering on lies Questions ,

    Usually when it’s anticipated there will be a larger audience like PMQs , it is all theater designed to promote a party that command support from 20% of the electorate , thats one in five people ,

    This is the best they will ever get ,Scots have not voted or backed a tory government for probably fifty years yet courtesy of the 10 – 1 majority by our bigger neighbours we get them .aren’t we bloody lucky on the losing side every time, our votes dont count and it’s probably a waste of time us making the effort ,whats the point its rigged against us .

  3. Lochside

    She’s like a Nigella Farage mark 2. Like him, she is teflon. Nothing can touch her or reduce her shiny sheen that the BBC, her ex employer, bestow on her.

    No difficult questions for her, the leader in waiting for FM or is it PM? Never has a bigger loud mouthed empty vessel been pushed so hard by the media…well at least not since good old Nige, the everyman’s merchant banker.

  4. vagabondo

    Colonel Ruth objects to the Scottish Government’s attempts to shift the tax burden towards and lessen state handouts to the richest, who can afford to pay. As an unreconstructed Tory she fully supports raising taxes and reducing benefits to the poor and those in need.

  5. James Allan

    Ruth Davidson is the BBC, with a fast tracked cosy crony political career on London’s behalf gifted to her on a plate. She spent seven years at the BBC and ended up a producer and presenter there. A bought and paid for agent of London, with no care for Scotland other than as a resources and revenues colony for her London masters.

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