BBC “no longer impartial” says former Labour Govt minister

The BBC “is no longer an impartial state broadcaster” according to a former Labour government minister.

Lord Andrew Adonis made the accusation in response to comments posted on social media by BBC presenter Andrew Neil.

The two have been involved in an online spat after the Labour peer criticised the broadcaster’s pro-Brexit coverage.  Adonis, who was a minister in first Tony Blair’s government and then Gordon Brown’s, also took a swipe at Neil’s “inflated BBC salary”.

The exchange follows criticism of the BBC this week by the former Labour minister who has highlighted examples of what he insists is a pro-Brexit bias.  Adonis claimed that the BBC was degenerating into “a Brexit propaganda station” and called on “weak Ofcom” to do its job.

On Friday Adonis revealed he had sent a letter to the BBC’s head Tony Hall after former UKIP leader Nigel Farage was invited onto BBC flagship programme Question Time for a 32nd time.  The Labour peer also complained at the BBC’s description of the EU as a ‘corpse’.

Reference to the EU as a ‘corpse’ appeared in an online article published by the BBC on Wednesday.

The headline was eventually changed, but not before Adonis had engaged in another online row with former BBC Political Editor, Nick Robinson.  Adonis had accused the BBC presenter of “complacency” after Robinson had boasted that the BBC was “the most trusted source of news”.

Adonis’ claims that the BBC is operating a pro-Brexit agenda follows criticsm of its Scottish branch after analysis found Brexit stories had been either ignored or sidelined by flagship news programme Reporting Scotland.  The editor of Reporting Scotland rejected a recent complaint regarding the placement of Brexit stories and insisted coverage was in line with the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines.


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10 thoughts on “BBC “no longer impartial” says former Labour Govt minister

  1. Alasdair Macdonald

    Andrew Adonis is an interesting character and pretty independent minded and with a preparedness to think beyond the confines of party dogma. I suspect that there will be significant character assassination attacks on him in the bulk of the media. ‘Unelected’ is a word which will feature prominently in shrill pieces by the unelected editors, media owners, BBC ‘elite’, etc.

  2. Clydebuilt

    Would be good to tweet to Lord Adonis the article demonstrating Reporting Scotland demoting Brexit articles.

    The more informed he is about The BBC in Scotland the better!

  3. grizebard

    Oh, amazing. Someone in the Labour Party has finally woken up to what we’ve routinely known for years.

    Farage & Co. (representatives in HoC: a peak of 1 but mostly 0) constantly on BBC news and amazingly frequently on programmes like QT whereas SNP representatives (third largest party in HoC) are routinely absent from the “national” news and only get the occasional cameo appearance on QT.

    The latter typically dismissed on the spurious grounds that they are not a “national” party in BritNat terms, whereas UKIP (English Nationalists in all but name, with extremely marginal support in Scotland) apparently are. So it’s all “above the board” then. (roll eyes)

    I’m holding out in eager anticipation of Adonis now getting fulsome backup from Corbyn the Collaborator and the remaining dogged faithful of his North British branch office. It’s going to be a New Age of public honesty.

    (Give my bleached skeleton a decent burial when you stumble upon it, dear readers.)

  4. SandyW

    Isn’t ‘impartial state broadcaster’ an oxymoron?

    Labour loved it when the BBC was biased during the Independence referendum. They didn’t speak up then so they’ll just have to thole it now its bias is against them. Hell mend them all.

  5. bringiton

    At least he admitted that the BBC is the British STATE broadcaster and acts to support the British state (whoever that is).
    One thing is for sure,the present Scottish government and at least half of Scots represent a threat to the British state and must be treated as such by the London establishment.

  6. Geejay

    While it’s good to someone like Adonis speak out, does he recognise that the BBC is the State broadcaster and as such supports the political establishment and therefore supported Labour when it was in power. And of course, supports Unionism, so just as he complains of wall-to-wall Farage, we had wall-to-wall Brown during the Independence referendum. He only had to fart and it was all over the BBC.

  7. johnny rudkin j

    the political elite at westminster think it is fine for bbc scotland run by the old labour family, to have a vendetta against the snp in scotland, their biased coverage of politics is a complete disgrace, the public are starting to sit up and take notice, the bbc in scotland viewing figures are dropping like a stone in a pond, the bbc in scotland have got away with it because it didnt affect england, with brexit everything has changed,the elite at westminster dont like the bbc going against the westminster government, so fighting has broken out on both sides just like the tory party who are devided by brexit, the bbc will have to do as they are told from westminster, people like neil robertson farage etc etc are not liking it, scotland has suffered at the hands of bbc scotland, its high time the bbc started reporting the truth and stopped making the news.

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