‘BBC Misreporting’ Billboards set to launch

A campaign aimed at drawing the public’s attention to what is claimed to be political misreporting by the BBC is set to launch.  Next week will see adverts appear at locations throughout Scotland which will question the corporation’s political impartiality.

From January 16th giant mobile adverts will tour the country, fixed billboards will appear in major centres across Scotland and banners will be displayed in the Highlands.  The adverts will display a message which will ask “Is the BBC Misreporting Scotland?”.  The adverts are scheduled to run for two weeks.

The campaign is the brainchild of pro-independence group ‘Inform Scotland’.  The group is formed of grassroots Yes activists frustrated at what they claim is an anti-independence agenda endemic within the BBC.

In a statement, the group said:

“We are ordinary people, tired of the distortions of ‘news’ reporting on BBC Scotland where ‘spin’ and opinion have long replaced accurate, impartial reporting.

“Unlike all other broadcasters, which are regulated by OFCOM, the BBC regulates itself for impartiality and accuracy. BBC Scotland’s news output bears testimony to this.

“Our campaign at Inform Scotland is about shedding light on the importance of journalistic integrity and impartiality from one of the world’s biggest broadcasters who claims to operate by these standards but whose actions show otherwise.

“We created InformScotland.com as a bridge for people who have little awareness of the existence of an alternative narrative to what they regularly hear on BBC Scotland or read in the so-called ‘Main Stream Media’.

“We want to help them cross the bridge and see for themselves what’s really going on.”

The mobile Advans will stop at several pre-determined locations, including the BBC HQ in Glasgow and the Scottish Parliament, to allow for photo-ops.  Free car stickers will also be handed out.

For more details on locations and scheduled stop off points visit the group’s website HERE.

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If BBC Scotland’s political coverage concerns you then please consider donating to the following appeal which is seeking to raise funds in order to produce DVDs of the excellent documentary ‘London Calling’. Donate here.

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3 thoughts on “‘BBC Misreporting’ Billboards set to launch

  1. Ken Jackson

    For those of us in the more isolated areas, any chance that car stickers will be made available via mail?

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