‘BBC misinformation’ appeal raises thousands in one day

misreporting-scotlandA campaign aimed at highlighting what it describes as BBC misinformation has raised over fifty per cent of its £8500 target in just over a day.

The group Inform Scotland aims to erect billboards across Scotland advertising a new website which holds articles and other content which cast doubt on BBC claims it is impartial.

The site, InformScotland.com, contains videos and articles from well-known pro-independence bloggers and writers.

bbc liesA statement from the group says: “As ordinary people tired of BBC distortion, we want to fund giant billboards across Scotland drawing everyone’s attention to the ways in which they are being lied to.

“We know that a significant minority of people in Scotland still trust the BBC as a publicly-funded broadcaster, and are quite unaware as to how they are being misled

“We want to give people a bridge to alternative narratives to what they regularly hear on BBC Scotland or read in the so-called ‘Main Stream Media’.”

The initial appeal target will fund ten giant billboards.  However the group plan to commission more should their appeal allow.

The project followed meetings amongst Yes activists earlier this year in which several initiatives were discussed.  The organisation ‘Inform Scotland’ is a non-profit company limited by guarantee registered in Glasgow.

Anyone wishing to donate to the appeal can do so HERE.

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15 thoughts on “‘BBC misinformation’ appeal raises thousands in one day

  1. Bill glen

    It’s been a long time in coming, but glad to see someone finally fighting back against the lies of the BBC ,

  2. Col

    If the SNP are not going to take the BBC head on then others have to.
    The bbc have no option but to ramp up their propaganda this time, we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to call them out on it very publicly this time like during indyref1 when they got away with murder quite frankly.
    I think this time round some public figures will lend their support.
    It’s so damn important we don’t let them away with it this time.
    We simply do not live in a democracy if they continue with their undemocratic shenanigans.
    They truly are an utter disgrace, I seriously don’t know how they can brass neck it, well. I suppose they’ve got away with it for this long. Why give up now? Because they know they will be out of a job should Scotland regain its full sovereignty from London.
    The management at least, everyone else will have way more job prospects. Good luck to them.
    Union Jackie out though, think we’ve all had enough of her over the years.

    1. Jim Hume

      The SNP had the Scottish Director in front of a panel and they denied they were impartial or Bias. But they are no more than a bunch of Bias Bastards and Unionist Turds.

  3. Dennis White

    Great idea but would the money and the message be spread more widely by hiring the existing nation-wide billboard spaces?

  4. millie

    Having listened to BBC GMS this morning, with their contrived agenda ridden report on Norway- failing to report that Norway is an independent country, — and, the awareness that the BBC is just about to give Gordon Wilson the ‘usual’ platform to throw cold water on the need for another referendum– I would think the billboard project is ‘essential’.

    Please everyone share it on your twitter and facebook sites.

  5. Sandy

    On the back of this, I believe we need a high-profile and concerted campaign of licence fee non-payment. A kick in the pocket (1.7m Indy supporters + 0.5m Corbyn supporters) would put the BBC back in its box.

    1. Jas

      I would agree that this may be a good time to undertake a non-payment campaign much like the poll-tax campaign (the licence fee IS a tax) with a slogan along the lines of: why pay for lies? In saying that it’s worth remembering that many people don’t watch or listen to political programmes but are quite devoted to their soaps, game-shows, quiz programmes etc. Thus the philosopher Slavoj Zizek pointed out how it is that we are often complicite with dominant ideology.

  6. Dr Jim

    People stopped paying the dog licence when they realised it was a tax for no reason then the government abolished it because of pointlessness of enforcement and collection expense

    Television tax is no different, as is road tax now renamed road fund licence
    These taxes go straight to the treasury and are then used to fund whatever the government of the day chooses, and by how much it chooses then they don’t tell us where it went

    Westminster government rewrites the English language and its defenitions of words to suit its own agenda

    There is no correlation between the word Tax and the word Licence

    A government device to make you pay them money that you have no means of finding out what it was actually spent on

  7. Sandy

    Suggest a “competition” for the wording of content of billboards from your knowlegable suscribers.
    Amusement attracts attention.

  8. John Gray

    Surely what is needed is our own news programme which can not only tell it the way it actually is, but also show how the BBC is so biased against independence. We need real opposition to the BBC not just billboards!

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