BBC knew about ‘taped and gagged’ story weeks ago, reporter confirms

A BBC Scotland reporter has confirmed the broadcaster knew about claims made by a female civil servant, who alleges she was taped to a chair and gagged, weeks before it reported the story.

Mark Daly, who is BBC Scotland’s investigations reporter, denied suggestions the station had delayed its coverage unnecessarily.

Responding to a tweet by this site, Mr Daly said: “Our stories take time to stand up, and run when they are ready.”

The story appeared on BBC Scotland on Wednesday afternoon and featured an image of a woman who appeared to have been taped to a chair and gagged.  The story was described as an “exclusive” by Mark Daly who recounted a harrowing tale of bullying allegedly endured by a female worker at Marine Scotland eight years ago.  Mr Daly also criticised what he termed ‘gagging orders’ imposed on civil servants involved in the case.

However some online commentators questioned the timing of the story, which coincided with the imminent publication of the SNP’s Growth Commission report.  The ‘taped and gagged’ story also followed news that the SNP had criticised BBC Scotland in a submission to Ofcom.

It has also emerged that the story is not new, but is in fact six months old.  Indyref2 can reveal that in November 2017 the Press & Journal newspaper carried a virtual word-for-word account of the allegations ‘revealed’ by BBC Scotland.

In the November article, written by Chris Jaffray which covered a tribunal hearing, the reporter says: “DeeAnn Fitzpatrick claims she was mocked for having a miscarriage, repeatedly insulted and that her complaints were ignored during her time working at Marine Compliance.

“The 48–year-old, of Janetstown near Thurso, has been signed off sick from work since November last year but now wants compensation.”

The article quotes Ms Fitzpatrick: “I was taped to a chair by two of my colleagues and told this is what happens if you speak out.”

The article also revealed that in 2014 there had been an investigation into how Ms Fitzpatrick was treated in the workplace.  It also noted a four year gap between 2011 and 2015 when no claims had been made.

Following the reports by BBC Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced a review of the case.  Speaking at First Minister’s Questions the First Minister told MSPs she was “absolutely horrified” by the image of the woman taped to a chair.  Ms Sturgeon said she had asked a top civil servant to conduct a full review into the circumstances and report to her personally as soon as possible.

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9 thoughts on “BBC knew about ‘taped and gagged’ story weeks ago, reporter confirms

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    BritNat Broadcasting Corporation providing an emergency “look a squirrel” and “EssEnnPeeBaaad” to distract from the Growth Commission Report.

    “Protecting the cohesion of the UK” as per its Royal Charter.

    Don’t pay the BritNat Propaganda Tax.

  2. Clydebuilt

    What came over in Daily’s reporting was the repeated pointing out that Marine Scotland was a Scottish Gov. responsibility. Desperate to attach blame.

  3. Ianmac

    Now would be a good time to have a Scottish Govermental investigation into this corporation, who being based in another country, have so much power to influence Scotland’s affairs. The gloves have got to come off, no more respect due.

  4. john

    The lengths the state broadcaster will go to to play down anything positive or progressive from the SNP is truly astounding , reminds me of the propaganda they spewed out during the second world war , only this time it is against the Scots .I can just see them now , all huddled round the editors desk saying , “right what have we got that could screw the SNP this week ” . The big laugh for us that have them well sussed is they have the shame faced cheek to demonise RT !

  5. Robert Graham

    How low and devius can they get . Rhetorical .

    who knows how deep this barrel is , it seems to be bottomless , i guess if they run out they can always invent stuff , they wouldnt do that now would they !

    Unless this black art politicking the BBC are obviously engaged in is exposed they will just carry on doing it ,well done again Indyref2 for highlighting a story the MSM won’t go near .

  6. Scott

    I find this strange.

    Woman takes Scottish Government to court over “10 years of harassment”
    by Chris Jaffray November 16, 2017, 8:03 am

    This in P&J at the time there was no photo but in today’s P&J there is a photo,now I am sure that that P&J being a pro union paper would have shown the photo then just to show the SNP in a bad light so my question is where has the photo been all this time and who took the photo,as BBC do not do FOI how can we find out.

    I am not saying this lady does not have a case and no one should be harassed in the work place and it should have been settled long ago.
    Can someone with more knowledge about FOI than I have get to the bottom of this.

  7. Big Jock

    A minor government outpost which is probably delegated and run by minor civil servants. Is now the responsibility of Nicola Sturgeon the First Minister of Scotland. Why does she not know what is going on in every civil service department internally.

    Give us peace! This is another BBC headline grabber to try and taint Nicola Sturgeon and the government. Did you notice how many times the BBC homed in on the Saltire and the Scottish government signage. Saying without saying” Look at what this Scottish Government is up to”.

    The BBC usually avoid close ups of saltires. Not when they are flown in Lybia mind you!!

  8. Gerry Robertson

    I agree wholeheartedly with the previous comments but having watched FM’s questions I was a tad disappointed by the FM’s response. If as is claimed this was first raised > 6 months ago and was subsequently investigated the question seemed to take her by surprise. Surely as with PM’s questions the FM knows in advance the questions that will be raised so her aids should have had ample time to prepare a detailed response. That said and while not wishing to dismiss the allegations which if true are disgraceful but must say this smacks of another distorted/ FAKE news story conjured up by the BBC and others to smear the SNP. Given that these alleged abuse took place years ago not sure either why this has been raised now and how the picture was acquired (surely if taken by the alleged abuser he would not wish this in the public domain), Jury out on this one

  9. Clydebuilt

    Ireland’s Abortion Referendum

    There were 2 Exit Polls, Why were there none for Scotland’s Indy Ref.

    The Scot Gov. Knew the environment our Ref. Was held in. Why did they not organise exit polls as a check against dirty tricks with the vote?

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