BBC is a state propagandist for Brexit says former Labour Minister

The BBC has ceased to be an impartial broadcaster and is now effectively a propagandist for the EU Leave campaign, according to a former UK Labour Minister.

Lord Andrew Adonis made the claim during an interview on BBC Scotland’s flagship morning news programme Good Morning Scotland.

During a debate with host Gary Robertson on the BBC’s coverage of Brexit, the Labour peer said: “I think having got into this, that the BBC has unfortunately stopped being an impartial state broadcaster and has essentially become a propagandist for Leave.”

What was billed as an interview quickly became a heated debate between the two men as the BBC presenter defended the broadcaster.  Adonis accused the BBC of failing to report key debates on Brexit and cited several examples of what he described as BBC bias.

In a thinly disguised jibe at BBC Scotland, he said: “There were demonstrations in Edinburgh where you report from, or supposedly report from, two weeks ago.  The weren’t reported on the national BBC at all.

“Those were part of demonstrations that also took place in Leeds, in Newcastle and cities up and down the country, they weren’t reported.”

The Labour peer also highlighted the number of Question Time appearances enjoyed by Nigel Farage, adding: “Last month Nigel Farage, who is the ex, ex leader of a party that is at two per cent in the opinion polls, made his thirty second appearance on BBC Question Time.”

Challenged by host Gary Robertson that Farage is effectivey a substitute for UK Govt Cabinet Ministers who do not appear on the programme, Adonis replied: “They do, there is a member of the Cabinet or a Minister on Question Time most weeks.”

Interrupted continually by the BBC Scotland presenter, the Labour peer appeared frustrated, and accused Robertson of lacking impartiality himself: “… you sound like a partisan for the Leave campaign.” he said.

The BBC Scotland presenter, who by now had dropped any pretence of impartiality, hit back at Adonis, claiming he was merely “putting the opposite point of view to you”, to which Adonis replied: “What you’re doing is your putting the BBC’s point of view, which I well understand because the BBC now thinks the debate is over and we should leave.”

Robertson put it to the Labour peer that what he was describing as ‘bias’ was in fact the broadcasting of opinions he, Adonis, didn’t agree with.  Adonis responded by insisting the BBC’s own coverage showed that it was “systematically slanted” in favour of Leave.

Adonis also revealed the BBC’s own editorial policy stated that the debate on whether to leave the EU or not was now over.  The Labour peer ended by highlighting the number of people who depend on the EU for their livelihoods, adding: “I believe you, as a public broadcaster, have a duty to report this fairly and not as a done deal that we’re leaving.”

Listen to the full interview here:


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14 thoughts on “BBC is a state propagandist for Brexit says former Labour Minister

  1. bringiton

    The Labour man doesn’t appear to understand the purpose of a state broadcaster and being impartial plays no part in that.
    The BBC is a state broadcaster,period.

    1. Cubby

      The BBC is a propaganda channel. The only thing that differentiates it from other propaganda channels is that it charges you a propaganda tax for the pleasure of listening to their lies and deceit.

  2. Clydebuilt

    Well done Lord Adonis. . . . . After listening to the clip the question for me is

    Does the SNP have people who can handle an interviewer as Adonis did. . . . OR are our people treated differently?

    For me it’s the latter.

    Thought he made an excellent point regarding the matter of whether the UK is going to leave the EU not being settled as it is Has yet to be voted on at West monster.

  3. duncanio

    A really excellent effort from Anthony Adonis – not something that I expected myself ever to be saying given his Labour/Unionist background. But fair play.

    Adonis refused to be cowed by the interviewer’s constant sniping and delivered an assertive performance with a fact-based argument that put the establishment lackey Robertson on the back foot and left him flailing around in a desperate attempt to conflate a defence using the most tenuous of straws.

    I wish that the SNP/Yes/Scottish Government representatives would take on the BBC in this way.

  4. Geoff Huijer

    Just like the Poll Tax.

    It doesn’t matter/exist until it affects folks in England.

    Well done though to the Labour Lord (oxymoron?). I feel that SNP ministers should’ve taken this more assertive stance in 2014. Although, I guess if they had the media would’ve spun it badly. Lord Adonis is fortunate as there are mainstream media outlets that ‘support’ Labour.

    There were/are none supporting the SNP in Scotland.

    1. Cubby

      Fed up hearing the excuse that the media would spin it badly. The media lay in to the Scotgov and SNP anyway. It makes no difference. FIGHT BACK SCOTGOV/SNP what have you got to loose?

      1. Robert Graham

        exactly Cubby – this pish if we do this they will do that even harder , get a f/n grip please ,
        The BBC Scottish branch are landing blows daily all without any return of fire , the fanciful idea of just let them carry on people will see through the lies – no they bloody well won’t ,
        If it’s only pish being presented with no alternative argument in sight , pish wins hands down
        Every single time anyone from the SNP is interviewed live they must call out the BBC for either lying or misinterpreting the government’s approach , make it personal go for the BBC mouthpiece that is speaking question their political affiliations ,
        Especially Fat Brian who twists every drama into a crisis , and this three to one crap has to be called out when it’s obvious a unionist party is operating as one ,if they act as one let them have one voice not three or four sometimes .

        As you say nothing to lose so give them both barrels make them wonder what they are going to get hit with if they keep the crap up , if you are not sure of the reaction you think twice about starting a fight .

        1. Jockanese Wind Talker

          Let me know what the date and time of the next March to and protest at Pacific Quay which I assume you are arranging will be Robert and I’ll be there.

          Also long overdue for a public non payment of the Propaganda Tax (TV Licence).

  5. Clydebuilt

    This morning’s interview between Gary Robertson and Peter Ford ex UK Ambassador to Syria

    Just after 5pm they interviewed an ex uk Agent who poured scorn over the Salisbury affair

    So in one day the BBC in Scotland have broadcast expert opinions undermining the UK Gov’s policy on Rusdia. . . .

    What’s BBC Scotland up to ?

    1. Jockanese Wind Talker

      1: Probably so we know the Syria WMD thing is bollocks.

      Then when us Jocks object to The MayBot involving the UK in WW3 they can shut down Holyrood.

      World Wars require Governments of National Unity (except for viewers in Scotland).


      2: Gary doesn’t want history to remember him as it does liars like Blair (maybe this is one lie too many/big even for him)?

      1. Clydebuilt


        Interesting about GR . . . Hard to know what goes on in his head, he always sounds reasonable. . . (IMHO)
        The ex agent was interviewed just after 5pm news by Mhari Stewart, at one point MS even helped the agent. I’m thinking its a policy at radio Shortbread . . . Bolstering Corbyn’s position?

  6. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Could be Clydebuilt.

    Either protect the Union and max the Tory vote via monster Corbyn South of the Border and monster the EssEnnPee North of it.

    Or big up Corbyn ‘cos lots of BritNat Labour in Scotland NUJ folks at BBC Shortbreid.

    Catriona Renton stood as a Labour candidate unsuccessfully and Wee Glen Campbell was caught on camera wi his head in his hands greeting when it became obvious the SNP had won the election (can’t remember which one).

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