BBC interview of Ruth Davidson branded ‘disappointing’ by SNP MP

An interview conducted by one of BBC Scotland’s most high-profile presenters has been branded “disappointing” after its subject, the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, escaped scrutiny in several key areas.

SNP MP Joanna Cherry called the interview “a lost opportunity” after Gordon Brewer appeared to give Ruth Davidson an easy time during a live TV interview.  Brewer was interviewing Davidson on the Sunday Politics Scotland programme after the cancellation of her party conference due to the weather.

Following the interview, Cherry tweeted: “Disappointing interview with Ruth Davidson on @Sun_Pol_Scot. A lost opportunity to quiz her on pro hard #brexit @ScotTories MPs, the absence of David Mundell at Chequers summit & fact that UK Govt impact assessments are even bleaker than those of @scotgov.”

The ‘pro hard #brexit @ScotTories MPs’ was a reference to four Scottish Conservative MPs who have publicly backed calls for a so-called hard Brexit.  Three of the MPs signed a letter urging Prime Minister Theresa May to commit to leaving the Single Market and Customs Union, with one publicly backing its contents later.

Davidson also avoided being questioned on the absence of her Scottish Secretary David Mundell at a recent Chequers summit called by the Prime Minister in order to set out the Brexit negotiating position of the UK government.  Also missing from the televised interview was any mention of UK government Brexit analysis documents which estimated a negative impact on Scotland even greater than that of equivalent Scottish government analysis.

Commenting on the interview, documentary film maker Alan Knight said:

“Joanna Cherry is being too kind by describing this interview as merely disappointing.

“Ruth Davidson escape scrutiny on some very awkward issues and was also allowed to speak at length on her favourite subject, an independence referendum.”

A segment of the interview was covered later that day on Reporting Scotland.  The item highlighted an attack on the SNP by Davidson.

Alan Knight added: “Gordon Brewer didn’t challenge Davidson even after she ranted about the SNP ‘ramming through’ the ‘illegal’ Continuity Bill.

“How can a Bill be ‘rammed through’ when its backed by four out of five parties at Holyrood?

“Why didn’t Brewer point out the Lord Advocate had ruled the Bill legal?

“Why didn’t Brewer point out that the Welsh government was passing a near identical Bill?

“It wasn’t an interview, it was a platform for Ruth Davidson.”

Meanwhile complaints have been submitted to the BBC following an exchange involving Brewer and an SNP MSP later in the programme.  The presenter accused First Minister Nicola Sturgeoen and her Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf, of having “blamed truck drivers” after vehicles became stranded on snow bound motorways.

Footage from First Minister’s Questions showed the First Minister had very clearly stated she was not in fact blaming HGV drivers.  The false claims had originally been aired on Reporting Scotland three days earlier.

Nicola Sturgeon was also forced to take to twitter after a Labour MSP levelled the same false allegation as had been made by the BBC Scotland presenters.

The SNP leader accused Neil Findlay of “disorting the truth”.

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8 thoughts on “BBC interview of Ruth Davidson branded ‘disappointing’ by SNP MP

  1. grizebard

    The BBC’s kid-glove treatment of Rude Gal is becoming a journalistic embarrassment all round. A professional failure of the first order.

    Her unchallenged about-face bluster should be becoming more and more obvious to all viewers but hardcore Tories.

    But just in case, Ofcom should require the BBC to issue a “health warning” prominently displayed before and during future interviews: “watching this interview will be injurious to your understanding”, or somesuch.

    (Well, I can but dream!)

  2. john

    Watched it , it was a walk in the park for Davidson ,no probing questions , no scrutiny , but then every interview that Brewer does with Unionists is a walk in the park , he keeps his vile for anyone from the SNP . Brewer does his , but , but , but stuff when it is SNP not allowing them to give a full reply , it is a tactic he has used for years , time the SNP stopped him in his tracks and be allowed to explain things the way Unionists are allowed to do .

  3. Robert Graham

    I dont know if its the questions , the way they are framed , or the way Brewer presents them , but every time i watch him at work i scratch my head and wonder what the hell he is on about cant he ask a simple question that isn’t laced with innuendo or opinion .

    The BBC are the present day Ministry of Truth so in such they are playing a blinder promoting a view of whats actually going on that simply does not exist .

    This is just not a problem for those of us who support independence but also for the people that support the union , they are in for a big surprise when the truth eventually comes out and the world presented by the likes of the BBC vanishes before their eyes .

  4. Proud Cybernat

    For the BBC in Scotland, BritNat press and politicians, it’s all and only about #RegimeChange in Scotland.

    They will lie, cheat, distort, misinform, disinform and DO ANYTHING they possibly can to malign our democracy and undermine the good work of the democratically elected government of Scotland in order to bring about it’s demise and have it overthrown. That’s where this country is in the 21st century. A nightmare from which we MUST escape soon.

    Wakey, wakey Scotland.

  5. gregor

    Let’s be clear…

    A so-called ‘flagship’ journalistic institution and national public service broadcaster which isn’t publicly accountable, is not impartial, has zero integrity, and is institutionally incapable of reform – is a malignant enemy of journalism and society (no matter what colour your politics are).

    Such societal treachery is utterly unacceptable and the public deserve far better.

    1. Arthur Martin

      This! Well said. I sincerely hope that when Scotland wins its richly deserved Independence, we go through this corrupt institution like a dose of salts, and put in its place a fair & impartial broadcaster worthy of our new Nation. Bring it on!

  6. Cubby

    The BBC in Scotland is a British State propaganda machine.

    Scots deserve better than this. The license fee is just like the POLL TAX.

    We are paying for anti Scotland propaganda.

    Scotland in the Union is the biggest scam ever. Rob us of our resources and brainwash the gullible into believing Scotland is subsidised by England.

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