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BBC ‘Indyref Bias’ documentary nominated for prestigious awards – Towards Indyref2…

BBC ‘Indyref Bias’ documentary nominated for prestigious awards

A documentary highlighting the BBC’s pro-Union coverage of Scotland’s independence referendum has been nominated for two prestigious awards.

London Calling, directed by filmmaker Alan Knight, is in line for two Wincott awards, Journalism of the year and also the Video journalism award.  It was nominated for the awards by London based Dartmouth Films.

The documentary, which has been ignored by Scotland’s main stream media, was released in 2016 and has been seen by over one hundred thousand people. It features writer Paul Kavanagh and former Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray.

The film contains several examples of pro-Union bias on the part of the BBC in the run-up to the historic September 2014 vote.

Its nomination for two Wincott awards will be seen by many as validation for the documentary which was inspired by the book ‘London Calling: How the BBC stole the Referendum‘ by GA Ponsonby.

The Wincott Foundation was set up in 1969 in honour of Harold Wincott, the most distinguished economic journalist of his day.

Watch the video here:


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17 thoughts on “BBC ‘Indyref Bias’ documentary nominated for prestigious awards

  1. twathater

    Well done and thank you to all concerned in the making and production of London Calling , special thanks to GA Ponsonby ,Paul Kavanagh & wee ginger dug , Craig Murray , & Prof John Robertson , your dedication is VERY much appreciated

  2. Brian

    That’s an honour in itself. Winning an award would be the icing. A bit like getting your cake and eating it, I suppose.

  3. June Stewart

    Well done Alan, G.A, Paul, Craig, John and of course my favourite Valician Wee Ginger Dug.
    You most certainly deserve to win this award. Good luck !!

  4. Bryon Adamson

    It’s certainly not a documentary to watch without a rising sense of anger at the odds stacked against the Indy campaign. Thank you all involved for raising your voices in this manner – fingers crossed for a win, but we can all be certain that win would not be reported on in the British Biased media.

  5. Stephen Shilton

    Can’t see this actually winning for obvious reasons, but to be nominated says it all. Thanks for your brilliant hard work – will be a very useful tool in Indyref2. Of course “they” will do all they can to prevent another one….

  6. Charles McMillan

    It is a shock to realise that an institution you trust could betray so completely. There were people in Germany in 1933 who were overwhelmed by propaganda and were never heard and eventually were included in the final solution.
    It seems there were many disappointed folks in Northern England who felt victimised by Tory dogma and wanted to protest resulting in a big Brexit vote. Since then there has been unrelenting propaganda about how successful Brexit will be, but when that success will happen has never been made clear.
    People who can’t live on propaganda are going to find it tough.
    It seems the Tory failing is to believe that market forces are relavent in this complicated political world. They persist because they never need to accept responsibility for chaos as tipified by the Brexit vote. The fault lies with the electorate and they have to face the consequences.
    Scotland has learned, I hope, and will extract itself from Westminster rule.

  7. George Alexander

    Hilarious! It was nominated at all – it was PROPOSED by an obscure production company. It wasn’t nominated because that would mean it was shortlisted – and it isn’t because it’s a factless, unresearched series of contradictory rants with no right of reply – real documentaries always offer right of reply

    1. ScotsCanuck

      …. like the one’s on the BBC, for example ? ….. aye, right !!! ….. it’s true, there are none sae blind as canny see …. think you fall intae thon category, George.

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