BBC drops complaint against 2nd pro-Indy blogger as Yessers get ready for protest

The BBC has dropped its coyright complaint against a second pro-Independence blogger.

Days after it U-turned in its battle with the popular Wings Over Scotland blog, the broadcaster has confirmed it has now backtracked on a complaint against fellow blogger Peter Curran, who blogs as Moridura.

The latest climbdown follows fury after it emerged the BBC had targeted two pro-Independence bloggers claiming each had published copyrighted content on their youtube channels.  Both Stuart Campbell and Peter Curran subsequently had their youtube channels shut down.

The BBC immediately faced accusations that it was operating an anti-independence agenda.

The claims were bolstered when it emerged that the corporation had targeted Curran and Campbell after being alerted to their pro-Indy youtube channels by a Scottish Labour councillor.

Edinburgh councillor Scott Arthur later admitted drawing the pro-independence bloggers’ channels to the attention of the BBC after his own youtube channel came under scrutiny over copyright breaches.

The second U-turn is believed to have followed a second letter to the BBC from former First Minister Alex Salmond.  Mr Salmond contacted the BBC Director General Tony Hall last week and demanded answers following the episode.

The targeting of Campbell and Curran has prompted pro-independence grass-roots activists to organise a protest against the BBC.  The rally, scheduled for Saturday August 11th, will begin at 1pm.

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5 thoughts on “BBC drops complaint against 2nd pro-Indy blogger as Yessers get ready for protest

    1. Karen

      I have been to one of the protests at BBC and it was amazing. There was no trouble whatsoever. babies, toddlers and older kids come with their parents or grandparents. It will be the same on Saturday I am sure.

    2. jdman

      We wouldnt give them the satisfaction of creating a rowdy scene,
      we’re better than that!
      but by God they’ll know we’re there alright!
      the most police officers I have seen at @BBC protests is about eight.

  1. kevinparafinlamp

    BBC and that british Labour lackey absolutely stinking from this, smelling like bad, blocked lavvies. When are these people going to realise they sink further into the mire every time they pull a cheap stunt like this?
    As recent as 5 years ago they’d have gotten away with this, not any more, we’re too strong, too organised for them now.

    Don’t they realise how many neutrals are being made aware of this stuff? that normally placid folk are sickened into talking about it over a pint? Don’t they realise that Scots, no matter where their allegiance lies, abhor being told they’re shite? Don’t they see that a majority of Scots are really quite proud of the vast improvements in this country, that their now eligible to vote children will be damn sure they’ll vote to maintain this?

    Maturing country, growing away from the abusive parent.

    No to Yes – courtesy of the BBC and London Labour

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