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The comments from British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) candidate, Mary Lockhart, serve only to thicken the fog of confusion surrounding the pretendy wee party’s stance on the constitutional question.

For the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon has been admirably unequivocal in stating that a second referendum and, ultimately, Scotland’s constitutional status, are entirely matters for the people of Scotland. The people are sovereign. The people decide. That’s democracy. And the SNP has opted to abide by the fundamental principles of democracy.

Ruth Davidson is equally forthright in declaring the Tories’ rejection of democracy. For them, it’s a case of “The Union At Any Cost”. The people of Scotland are NOT sovereign. They are NOT entitled to a say in the constitutional status of their country. Their place is to eat their cereal and leave such matters to the Westminster elite.

Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw is not in the slightest bit shy about this vehement opposition to a referendum under any circumstances. It is evident that he regards blocking the democratic process and keeping those uppity Jocks in their place as the British Tories’ overriding ‘mission’.

Which leaves us with Kezia Dugdale. Who is as vague and vacillating on this matter as she is on so many others. Even she cannot be so politically inept as to have failed to recognise that the Tories are looking to lure the hard-line unionist vote away from BLiS. That being pretty much the only vote that is there to be won. She may also be as aware as Mary Lockhart that something like half of those on whose votes she absolutely relies are pro-independence. How does she keep both factions happy?

Compete with the Tories in terms of jingoistic, blood-and-soil, British nationalist rhetoric and she risks alienating that substantial Yes-voting phalanx. Not to mention those who are likely to be appalled by the fiercely autocratic anti-democratic line being taken by her pal Ruthie. Go “soft” on independence and/or a second referendum and there’s a good chance she could drive enough of BLiS’s rabid British nationalist fringe into the arms of the Tories to let them take the coveted position of fisrt among losers and official opposition at Holyrood.

Don’t fret too much on poor Kezia’s account, though. She won’t have to puzzle over this dilemma all that much – or for very long. Because, of course, the decision isn’t hers. She won’t have to choose between pro-independence democrats and anti-democratic British nationalists. That decision will be made by the real leaders of the real party whose branch operation she manages.

BLiS finally releases its manifesto tomorrow (Wednesday 27) I guess we’ll find out then what Kezia Dugdale found when she opened her orders.

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