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Assaulting ‘Fortress BBC’ – Towards Indyref2…

Assaulting ‘Fortress BBC’

BBC to launch new Scottish channel by Autumn 2018

It’s the BBC. Nobody trusts the BBC. Well, nobody in the Yes movement. Nobody who is aware of the corporation’s despicable behaviour during the first independence referendum campaign. Nobody who has seen London Calling. Few will be confident that this new Scottish channel will actually materialise. Fewer still will harbour any hope that it would go any way at all to addressing the needs and priorities of an audience that has changed in ways that the BBC is almost certainly incapable of comprehending.

There will be no firework display and cheering crowds. This announcement will greeted only with sullen scepticism. Which is perfectly understandable. But wrong!

Our default position should be to welcome any change, however half-hearted, grudging or ill-intentioned. The very fact of change is an indication of weakness. It represents a tiny crack in the edifice of the British state. A small chink in the media armour that shields the British establishment. It can be exploited. It will be exploited.

Bear in mind that, only months ago, even this small concession was unthinkable. Rather than shunning this new channel, we should embrace it. We should apply ourselves to the task of fashioning a lever of public opinion which can be used to lever open this crack in the walls of ‘Fortress BBC’. We should be looking for ways to make the British establishment regret giving us this opening.

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10 thoughts on “Assaulting ‘Fortress BBC’

  1. Proud Cybernat

    Sorry – but I won’t be holding my breath. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how this ‘good’ news will be spun into SNP Badness for tonight’s Misreporting Scotland. A long, long, LONG way to go, Donalda.

  2. Sandy

    Mt exact sentiment was sullen scepticism. You are showing a greater generosity of spirit and optimism than I can muster. I’m even cynical about the date of launch (Autumn 2018) as we could have already voted for independence by then.

    However, your point about weakening is persuasive and I’ll remain open to any opportunity to exploit this move as you suggest.

  3. Sandy Watson

    Initially I decided (again) to stop paying the license fee. Not only is the plan too little and too late, this is an early anti-independence tactic of Westminster and the union side.

    However, there will be many (much more than last time) such actions, indeed a tsunami, a constant assault, of lies, manipulation, obfuscation, bribes, misinformation, bullying…

    The Independence campaign must do better than this. Anyone with more brains than wealth knows what to do. Must deal with this stuff.

    Probably bets to acknowledge moves like this with eyes wide open – and use every opportunity to turn it round.

  4. Kat hamilton

    Sorry but can’t muster any enthusiasm about this new project..do you really believe the BBC will have a change of perspective, and report with neutrality…their track record says otherwise…they can live with the 45pc agin them…they have the power at their fingertips, and it’s an uphill struggle to have any impact with the establishment controlling and manipulating…take it Union jackie bird, brewer and co will still retain,their positions..same old, same old …would like to be proved wrong and to eat my words…

  5. Sandra

    It would be a chink in their armour IF the new channel gave editorial control and a voice to real Scots, but I suspect it will be just another London based echo chamber. Since the Vow came to nothing how can we take these so-called concessions seriously? Time will tell, but I’m guessing it’s mere tokenism and window dressing. Beware Greeks bearing gifts, or Director Generals bearing new channels.

  6. Robert Graham

    Well with a bit of luck Independence will have been won before this lot are on Air , so I wonder what is to become of their programme then ? Eh E/Bay maybe who gives a f/ k .

  7. Steve J

    What will be the point of the status quo of the ‘Little England Six’ only to be followed by Reporting Scotland half an hour later? Then we’re supposed to get the ‘real’ news where we are at 9pm on BBC Scotland? It’s not sounding too good, although I do welcome the increase in investment in creatives here.

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