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Anger as Ruth Davidson mocks rival MSP’s Scottish accent – Towards Indyref2…

Anger as Ruth Davidson mocks rival MSP’s Scottish accent

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has come under fire after mocking the Scottish accent of an SNP MSP.

Davidson was taking part in Holyrood’s Section 30 debate when she took aim at SNP MSP Joan McAlpine.

Addressing the Holyrood chamber, she said: “I also refer the First Minister to that leading authority on all things European, Joan McAlpine, who said in January … and I won’t do the accent …”

The insult sparked fury in the chamber with several of Ms McAlpine’s colleagues protesting loudly.  Calls of “terrible” were heard and several looked expectantly to the Presiding Officer.

A defiant Davidson ploughed on apparently oblivious to the anger she had caused.  Then, moments later, there was further fury as she barked “sit down!” at the First Minister who had risen to make an intervention.

Responding to the accent remark, MSP McAlpine tweeted: “I’m a member of the Scottish Parliament who speaks with a Scottish accent – like vast majority of population. Tories find it funny #scotref”

Party colleague, Gillian Martin MSP tweeted: “Making snide jokes and remarks and actually threatening to imitate Joan McAlpine’s “accent”! She’s not FM material that’s for sure.”

The comments from the Scottish Conservative leader are the latest in a series of verbal blunders.  Last October Davidson was speaking at an event attended by Prime Minister Theresa May when she told the audience: “I’m delighted we have such spectacular surroundings,”

She added: “Usually they put the Scots in a place where nothing can be broken. Or stolen for that matter!”

In 2012 the Tory MSP claimed almost nine out of 10 Scottish households take more from the public purse than they contribute in taxes.

In January this year Davidson came under fire after appearing to compare a referendum on Scottish independence to a civil war.  In a speech to the David Hume Institute in Edinburgh, the MSP said she did not want Brexit to be used to “start yet another fratricidal conflict”.  The term ‘fratricide’ literally means the murdering of one’s own family members.

With a second independence referendum now all but certain there is sure to be some private concern amongst Unionists over the ability of Davidson to maintain discipline in the heat of a passionate campaign.

The Conservative MSP has thus far escaped any forensic media scrutiny.  That though will change as Scotland’s leading British Nationalist takes on Scotland’s First Minister in order to find out if Brexit has changed the 2014 referendum result.

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68 thoughts on “Anger as Ruth Davidson mocks rival MSP’s Scottish accent

  1. Iain

    Ms Davidson seemed to have bought into the post-election hype regarding her prospects, but things have changed over the months. A London govt minister didn’t know her name. A new colleague seems to want her job. Although eager to please, there doesn’t seem to be a safe seat materialising in the Home Counties. On top of all that, her London boss leaps into trap after carefully constructed trap, and Davidson becomes ever more irrelevant.

    She seems to be heading for a meltdown. She can’t debate effectively because she takes everything too personally. She fails to see the bigger picture and chooses tactics over strategy every time. Like Kezia Dugdale, she knows she isn’t up to the job of government, and voters have seen this weakness.

    It looks like her future is behind her but she’ll linger till she can waddle off into the darkness with some shred of dignity left.

    1. Dan Huil

      Exactly right, Iain. The level of hysteria from Davidson shows just how desperate she is. A good sign in my opinion.

    2. Irene Danks

      While I broadly agree with your points, I’d beg to differ over “one of her new colleagues” wanting her job…only ONE??? I’m quite looking forward to the Fluffy Minor v “Professor” Tomkins playground fight over who gets to stick the knife in, who gets to twist it and which one gets to be leader. Wee tip boys, as Heseltine, Gove and Bojo could tell you, the one who wields the sword doesn’t get to wear the crown!

    3. Abulhaq

      Davidson is a creature of London based media, she’d do well to secure her bolt hole before it’s too late. Being a Scot though will be increasingly rather problematic given the amount of Scotophobia in establishment circles.

    4. Robert Galloway

      Ruth Davidson would not look out of place in the B.N.P, The National Front,The Conservatives for England. I have never heard her talk up Scotland,She would hand over Scotland,s resources on a plate,a woman like Theresa May,Ruth Davidson can do 180 degree u-turn,what is there to like or trust.!!

  2. 100%YES

    She wasnt happy with the Independence Supporters outside the Scottish Parliament tonight on tv it made me proud well done, aren’t the unionist showing there true colors nastie and evil. Let’s give these unionist what they really want isolation.

    1. Freddie mac

      How can unionist want isolation ?. Are you not getting mixed up a bit. Its independence thats isolation . No friends or partners , just a sad bunch of separatists.

      1. Dean Clark

        yet we are the ones looking to join the E.U. The word unionist may not imply isolationist but the actions of an extremely large percentage of Westminster do, as does the continual coverage that UKIP are receiving in the media, despite having no MPs. The majority of . Scots separatists do not want to get away from the English, they want away from your politics (as I assume by the election results do do a great deal of the English).

        1. Fearchar

          Perhaps “loyalist” would be more appropriate, now that the former Unionists have convinced themselves that the smaller partner in that Union should have no veto, or even influence, over major decisions. That isn’t a Union by any normal definition, although the loyalty to the multinational state established in 1923 seems to remain.

      2. 100%YES

        I was proud to see the Independence supporters and not Rude Ruth, I believe the UK leaving the the EU makes us look Isolated in the world.

      3. stewartb

        I should resist responding to such comments but let’s try to be reasoned and constructive. Can I direct you Mr Freddie mac, respectfully, to the wide range and large number of international bodies and alliances than ‘normal’ countries the size of Scotland e.g. Norway, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand etc., engage with and contribute to effectively. These include good relations with close neighbours (e.g. Nordic Council) and with far flung countries.

        I was struck, for example, by former Tory Minister for International Development, Andrew Mitchell on Channel 4 News last month talking about famine and ongoing civil war in South Sudan. He referred a couple of times to the contribution and influence of Norway – yes that small, independent, northern European country playing a valued part in international diplomacy and the provision of aid.

        But of course, it seems from your remarks that this too wee, too poor, too stupid, “friendless” and “sad” Scotland, uniquely in the world, could never make a valid contribution and be accepted as a ‘normal’ country. I only wish you might, just for a moment, step back to reflect on what you and I have both written here and look to get some perspective.

      4. John Wood

        Independence from the UK is the opposite of isolation. It is Scotland that wants to remain in Europe and the Tories and their Labour poodles who want separation and isolation. Will they take us with them into this lonely place? Never! Independence has been good for the USA, the Commonwealth countries, Ireland … and now it’s our turn. Goodbye, you are welcome to Mrs May and her corrupt self-serving wealthy friends. They are the ‘separatists’, not us!

      5. Robert Galloway

        Ruth Davidson would not look out of place in the B.N.P, The National Front,The Conservatives for England. I have never heard her talk up Scotland,She would hand over Scotland,s resources on a plate,a woman like Theresa May,Ruth Davidson can do 180 degree u-turn,what is there to like or trust.!!

  3. Scott

    I asked on another site why she did not wear her engagement now someone said I should not get personal but as she gets personal I would like to find out if the happy pictures she was putting about are still valid.
    I sent email to PO why he did not pull Davidson up when in the Parliament she called the SNP a shower just got waffle from him I think another email to him about her behaviour today.

  4. Mik Johnstone

    “List Seat Scrape Through” Alternative-Truth Davidson is irrelevant and less popular than thatcher, i’m sure she’ll go a long way, hopefully Spain or Malta permanently …

    1. James Cassidy

      Mik, unfortunately Davidson is not a list MSP. She is MSP for Edinburgh Central. In what was perhaps a stupid tactic which split the pro-Yes vote, the Greens stood a candidate there in the 2016 election, allowing Davidson to win the seat outright.

      Dugdale on the other hand is a genuine rejected elected list MSP.

  5. craig macfarlane

    I think Ms Davidson has forgotten that she only speaks for 22% of Scottish voters…she’s starting to believe her own hype…heading for fall

  6. Rhona Cowie

    This woman epitomises everything decent Scots hate.
    Rude, opinionated, sarcastic, demeaning, malevolent and a downright horrible person.

  7. Godstar

    She is just the front for a lot more nasty and vile hatred and tactics that will be used in an attempt to convince the Scottish electorate that we need to remain under the yoke of Westminster. ….

  8. Brian Cahill

    I have watched and listened to several debates in the Scottish Parliament recently and can quite honestly say I’m not overly impressed with Ken Macintosh, the current presiding officer.
    He is not effective at maintaining order and indeed has appeared weak and ineffective on more than one occasion. I wish he could find a backbone. The outrageous behaviour of Ruth Davidson should have been censured immediately.


      Tricia Marwick took no prisoners. She would have jumped on Ruth Davidson right away. I don’t think I have even heard Ken MacIntosh call for order.

  9. Suzanne

    The jolly prefect mask was going to slip at some point. Now we’re seeing the real Ms Davidson.

    Ruth as First Minister? Not in a light year of Sundays.

    Since Ruth has a problem being in close proximity to a) the SNP, b) Joan’s accent and c) Scots in general who, according to Ms Davidson in conversation with Theresa May, are thugs who can’t be trusted not to nick and break things, I have a suggestion. She should try for Westminster, where her grasp of parliamentary behaviour will fit right in with the boorish Tories down there.

  10. Heather Hunt

    She sounds like a playground bully- bet she was one. A nasty piece of work- how any decent person can admire her is beyond me. She can’t hold a candle to our Nicola- she has poise and dignity!

  11. Caroline Noon

    I was shocked and totally digusted by the way Ruth Davidson spoke to the First Minister. Nicola Sturgeon was voted in by the people of Scotland and should be treated with far more respect. What was the Presiding Officer doing during this as it certainly wasn’t his job!!!

  12. roseanne dickson

    Davidson has just shown what she is ..no room for her in Scotland. Where was the speaker here to intervene..?

  13. Andy McKirdy

    As mentioned many times, Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie are all totally irrelevant, they only get so much air time because the media is the true opposition in our country. This emboldens Davidson, in particular, to believe she has influence way beyond her abilities.
    Unfortunately for Scotland one of the things we have in common with NI is the presence of a community of British Nationalists whose only loyalty is to all things “Rule Brittania”, to the exclusion of everything else, social or economic.
    A large number of this community used to sit in the Labour camp but since 2014 have moved to their true home with the British Nationalist Tories.
    This has made BLiS completely irrelevant and has led Davidson to believe she has importance.
    Like the rest of the totally spineless British Nationalist representatives of all parties in our parliament they cannot see that Westminster’s courting of them will only continue for as long as their is benefit in it for Westminster, they are held in the same contempt as the rest of us.
    While we have a portion of our citizens who see everything through British Nationalist glasses and a media with the same agenda, we will have to tolerate representatives of them whose talent, abilities and class fall way behind their professional position.

    1. Catherine robertson

      Ruth Davidson shouid apoigise for her behaviour to the first minister ,and the point when rude to the first minister N ikola Sturgeon should have bean made at the time ! The speaker is there to maintain order but he tends to be a bit lapse and needs to be told so!i

    2. Linda Nairn

      Thanks for the email address, Scott, I’ve sent an email about Ruth’s behaviour, and I’ll get a few friends to do so too.

    3. BJ Williams

      Thanks Scott, have sent my email to the Presiding Officer asking him to do his job. I was disgusted the other week when another MSP blatantly referred to the FM as a Fanatic & when pulled up by a lady SNP MP Ken McIntosh said words to the effect “I don’t think he meant that, did you?” of course the guy said “No not at all” with a grin. If he can’t do the job properly then give it to someone who can!

    4. Tarisgal

      Thank you for putting the address up, Scott. I have fired off an email letting the PO know that I was really disturbed by his allowing the nasty, rude behaviour of Davidson to go unchecked.

      I was in the Dundee Dental Hospital waiting to see a Dental Surgeon when the debate started, on the TV in the corner. The murmurs of the people around me when Davidson told the FM to sit down, rippled round the room! And I can say – people weren’t happy with her behaviour!! The fact it was not stamped on by the PO is just as bad!

      And I made it clear in my email to him that he allowed our Scottish Parliament to look like a cheap Speaker’s Corner to the world who are watching us. And his reluctance to uphold respect and dignity in the Parliamentary chambers, particularly that due to our First Minister (whoever it happens to be at the time) only makes Scottish politicians like himself, look like amateurs playing at grown up political debating by allowing the distasteful behaviour of Davidson to continue. Scots are politically aware and engaged and they won’t tolerate that kind of disrespectful reputation to cling to and marr our Parliament and the good work done there.

      Thank you for putting the address up. I was disgusted by Davidson’s ‘toys out of the pram’ syndrome and truly appalled at her total lack of respect for fellow politicians, particularly the FM. But I probably would have let it pass had you not put up the email address! So I appreciate the chance to make my voice heard. 🙂

    5. Rhona Lamb

      Thanks for the email address Scott. I have emailed Ken MacIntosh regarding this disrespectful treatment of the First
      Minister. However I won’t hold my. Rears waiting for a response.

  14. Col

    In these times of social media abuse, Ken Mackintosh thinks it’s appropriate for certain parliamentarians to be allowed a free pass to use insulting language and rhetoric in our Parliament.
    I think we need one of those petitions to find someone who is up to the job before proceedings really decend into farce.

  15. Maureen McMenaman

    Ruth Davidson is an arrogant, aggressive, poisonous liar. She has always had delusions of grandeur but her disgusting behaviour of late has now just gone beyond the pale. Why is she getting away with this totally obnoxious disrespect for not only our MSPs and MPs, but us – the Scottish people?? Who the hell does she think she is? She truly is a foul specimen. Time she was ousted.

  16. Mason

    Sturgeon needs to follow the manifest of the SNP. May needs to pursue the political path she has been internally elected to do by the Tories. Davidson – however – needs to pursue the interest of the Tories in Scotland – not Westminster. Davidson is just echoing WMs influence and opinions about Scotland. A domestic politician in Holyrood should voice the will of the people in Scotland – not the will of WM. I realise they coincide rather often, but i doubt Davidson realises that they quite often also differ. I am sure there still are a few decent Tories in Scotland, and Davidson is not really helping them or WM.

  17. James Cassidy

    I think it was only last week that Davidson addressed the Scottish parliament and accused others of “whataboutery”. Her pronunciation of the word was odd, as usually in Scottish politics I hear it pronounced as “Whitabootery”. Her focus on the anglicised pronunciation was almost as if she was trying overly hard NOT to sound, well, Scottish.

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  19. Steve McAndrew

    What about an email to Mr Ken Mackintosh along the lines of the following:

    “What actions are you going to take against the disgraceful show of disrespect and unparliamentary behaviour displayed from Ruth Davidson regarding her during her outburst to the First Minister when she sneeringly and superciliously commanded that she “Sit Down”?

    What actions are you going to take against the disgraceful show of disrespect and unparliamentary behaviour from Ruth Davidson in her mocking the accent of MSP Joan McAlpine?

    What actions are you going to take against the clear unparliamentary behaviour contained in the demeaning remarks made by Murdo Fraser regarding the greens that had absolutely nothing to do with the debate?

    I have watched coverage of debates at Holyrood on many occasions and always been impressed at the way debates are handled in such a mature and dignified way. Your silence during the above totally unacceptable examples of bad behaviour imply that you are intent and happy to let Scottish Parliamentary business to descend into what can only be described as the playground farmyard antics regularly seen at Westminster, something I would have thought you were against allowing to happen!

    I would also have thought that you would have been against bullying from your exalted position as presiding officer?

    Please get back to me as a matter of urgency as I would like to hear your justification and reasoning surrounding your non-intervention regarding the above incidents.”

  20. Jane Malcolm

    Why does Ruth Davidson get away with such ignorant behaviour ?
    We as Scots can laugh at ourselves but don’t like being belittled,
    I would appreciate a reply from the Presiding Officers office .

  21. Stuart J Lyall

    Good luck with the P.O. I emailed him asking if he was going to have Davidson apologise for a statement she made using incorrect data a few months back (an SNP MSP raised it as a point of order the same day). However, his respobse was “have you thought about contacting Ruth Davidson directly?” He’s out his depth.

    1. Scott

      Stuart I got the same reply from him as well replied to him That I did contact RD but got no reply.
      Glad to see that so many people have emailed him he wont be happy bunny and he will have to reply I will post my reply when I get it.

  22. Del

    We have Angry Salmond, a parody on the man himself. We have angry Davidson, the real deal, and I’m surprised the Presiding Officers didn’t kick her into touch. She’s a nasty sgid …

  23. Celia

    Has nobody noticed that Ruth Davidson has a Scottish accent as do most MSPs? It can’t be that she was mocking.

  24. Elizabeth okane

    Davidson is doing a good job for Nicola she is showing how not to get elected by her anger and her fear because she knows it’s game over for the tories

  25. Kat hamilton

    Ruth and annie are a class act…condescending, rude and offering zilch in the way of any useful input at holyrood..why be there when it’s obvious they can’t abide the place, don’t recognise the parliaments sovereignty or democracy for the scottish electorate…just self interest and playing mind games to counteract, deny and diffuse any steps we want to advance our right to self determination…time they were called out for the bullies they are by the presiding officer…

  26. charles milne

    Ruth d CONSERV PITY ON U speaking to our first minister like she is a dog what sort of leader are u full of yourself or full of verbal abuse

  27. Marjory Stewart Maxwell

    It was disgraceful the way she spoke to Nicola,just for a second I thought she was the headmistress of a primary school,oh by the way I was an airdrieonian until 1968,still have family there,I’m now in Glasgow,just along the road from drumpellier loch,pleased to see this site.

  28. Dave

    Short out of context clips of Davidsons behaviour can be seen on YouTube and are posted by right wing Scotland haters like Blighty tv and patriotic populist to be digested by the less well informed. This is all part of the on going effort to both demonise and ridicule Nicola Sturgeon and also make her look weak. I believe buffalo woman is playing to this audience to improve her popularity down south.

    We all know that the FM portrayed down south and in the right wing media is not the same person we see this side of the border. Davidson is in my opinion shamelessly exploiting the misinformation and right wing bigotry that exists in England just now.
    That’s in addition to being a nasty multi faced ignorant horrible git of course.

  29. Clydebuilt

    Davidson’s behaviour is designed to increase the polarisation in Scottish society making reasoned debate harder.
    It’s through reasoned debate that the YES side get’s it’s message over.

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