Anger as Jackie Bird tells viewers Scottish growth “roughly matched” that of UK … despite it being DOUBLE

The presenter of Reporting Scotland has come under fire after telling viewers that Scottish GDP had “roughly matched” the GDP of the rest of the UK, despite it being double.

Jackie Bird made the claim hours after it emerged that readjustments to economic data for the first quarter of this year found Scotland’s GDP was 0.4% for the first quarter.  This was double the corresponding UK figure of 0.2%.

The revised figures prompted headlines across the Scottish media heralding the fact Scottish growth had ‘outstripped’ that of the UK.  Amongst those outlets highlighting the stronger Scottish growth was BBC Scotland’s own website.

The BBC article reported the following:

The country’s chief statistician said the [Scottish] economy was now estimated to have grown by 0.4% in the first three months of the year.


That is an increase from the 0.2% that was previously estimated.


It is also higher than the 0.2% growth in the UK economy as a whole over the same period.

However, viewers tuning into the flagship evening news programme Reporting Scotland were told Scottish growth had merely matched that of the UK.

Presenter Jackie Bird said: “Growth in the Scottish economy was stronger at the start of this year than previously thought.

“Figures published today show that it roughly matched the growth rate of the UK as a whole.”

The blunder prompted anger on social media with many people accusing the broadcaster of trying to downplay good news for the Scottish government.

One said: “Scottish GDP grew by 0.4% in Q1 2018 against a UK growth of 0.2%. Unless my maths really are failing me, that AIN’T ‘roughly matched’. That is twice the growth rate.”

Another added: “There is rarely anything positive about Scotland on distorting Scotland. I would guess a high proportion of its viewers are of an older generation, not online. The NO voting demographic getting their too wee too poor beliefs reinforced every night.”

There was also anger at the length time alloted to the story, which at twenty one seconds was a quarter of that given to coverage of an appearance by Gordon Brown at the Edinburgh Festival.


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31 thoughts on “Anger as Jackie Bird tells viewers Scottish growth “roughly matched” that of UK … despite it being DOUBLE

  1. John

    That’s BBC Scotland’s Jackie Baillie talk , she can’t bring herself to say Scotland is doing well at anything , so if we are doing well at anything it’s “roughly the same ” , if it has slipped slightly back it’s a “big drop ” that’s your biased BBC Scotland for you ! . ,

  2. Daniel Laurie

    How many formal complaints can we send to the BBC?
    Can we live in hope of any sensible response from BBC Scotland?
    Of course no care is taken to be fair and honest in news from said BBC Scotland.
    Call me cynical, call me sickened.

  3. Bibbit

    Why pay for this propaganda?

    No other country in the world criminalises citizens for not watching state propaganda.

    ‘Great’ Britain: free [to do what you’re told].

  4. Bibbit

    The Prime Minister’s salary is £152,000.

    Members of Parliament salary is £77,000

    The First Minister’s salary is £152,000.

    Jackie Bird’s salary is £200,000 plus extra at New Year, election campaigns.

    Bird is a Labour supporter and British Nationalist. She hosts election campaign shows with Sarah Smith, daughter of deceased Labour leader, John Smith.

    This blog is great on the deep links between Pacific Quay & the Labour Party.

    1. J R Tomlin

      That is close but not quite accurate. The First Minister’s entitlement is £8,00 less than that. She is entitled to a salary of £144,687, composed of an MSP salary of £59,089 plus £85,598 for her role as First Minister. However, she only collects £135,605, £9,082 less than her entitlement, as part of a voluntary pay freeze.

  5. kevan james

    Hold on, if the UK GDP increase “as a whole” is 0.2%, surely it would a lot worse if not for the 0.4% increase in Scotland.

  6. Diane Davidson

    When it comes to comparing the rate of increase of Scotland’s GDP, with the rate of increase for the UK, Scotland’s rate of increase EXCLUDES the rate of growth in the production of Scotland’s offshore oil and gas industry. Whereas the UK’s rate of increase INCLUDES the rate of growth in the production of Scotland’s offshore oil and gas industry.
    It is recorded in the UK’s statistics under ‘Extra regio’ Oh to have the real figures instead of the Westminster distorted ones! Scottish news should be reporting this fact (and others in a similar vein) not using a BritNat spin on every story!

  7. Sarah Black

    Unable to control my anger whilst watching BBC Scotland news. I have been watching channel 4 for some time. Just wish we could have truly unbiased Scottish news.

  8. Dg dickson

    Biased against any good Scotland government news the BBC. The uk government massages all information recalculates against good Scotland government figures and it can’t even get they right. The true figure for Scotland is about 0.57%

  9. Col

    Yeah but she went to town on the point 2 of a percent drop in the exam pass rate didn’t she. They are so transparent but know that they are all but untouchable. Nothing short of a very public campaign of non payment will shift their position even slightly. With their campaign against Jeremy Corbyn we might actually find we have a great many friends in our fight from across the UK.

  10. Harry Molloy

    Canny watch the Bigited, Biased Conservative tv news or indeed Radio news. Gives me high blood pressure when I watch or listen. Can just about bear STV and Channel 4 news.

  11. cyril mitchell

    Surely it is Gary Smith for giving her the script? You know the head of BBC Scotland news and current affairs who was recently described as evasive and an unreliable witness by a judge in the recent Cliff Richard court case

    1. John

      With the salary she is on I’m sure she has an imput on her own scrips ( like when to put the smirk in , or words of disapproval at the SNP Government ) , but you are right , he will be giving the general outline of the story he wants to get across .

      1. Ian Waugh

        it’s only ‘the SNP government’ when they report something contentious .. otherwise it’s the ‘Scottish’ government …

  12. Bellend Pete

    You fuckwits can’t do basic maths: any percentage of UK GDP is working with a substantially greater sum than Scotland. Two entirely different base amounts: can’t you see why this cannot possibly be “double”. You’re just as thick when it comes to understanding how news is put together. Fuck knows what you’d do if you suspected plumbers of being Unionist; “this NO kitchen sink will never be fit for purpose…” etc.

    1. Robert Melvin

      The rate of growth reported is 0.2% for UK and 0.4% for scotland, so scotlands rate of growth is double that of the UK,

  13. Chris Mac

    Just stop paying to be spoonfed Tory Propaganda.Yes your paying to be lied to., You are also in a roundabout way condoning paedophilia.The BBC is rife with them

    Don’t you feel mugged, don’t you feel angry
    Or don’t you care?
    Hit them where it hurts, the only thing that motivates them is money


  14. Kenny Lochrie

    I was going to wait for the 18th Sept to cancel my licence with the masses on that date. I really can’t wait after blatantly lying again and again. Cancelling today after last nights shoite

  15. Marion Stewart

    I do not watch the BBC news as I cannot stand the bias and lies spoken by the so called ” news readers”. The fact that they are Scottish is even more disgusting, they do Westminsters bidding, doing their country down at every opportunity they get, giving out false information, well I hope when Independence comes this nest of vipers is cleaned out and we in Scotland have control of our own TV stations. I am sure I am not alone in thinking this.

  16. Pete Legowski

    You just can’t trust the BBC to report fairly and impartially. There are too many Tame Jocks willing and eager to diminish our country and its achievements to keep us in the union through fear and uncertainty. Shame on them!

  17. Niall

    Proud to say I’ve never paid a TV licence in my life. Would and will always refuse to pay towards Biased reporting by British Bullshit corporation or Biased British Cunts, whatever we should really call it. SNP are the best government ever in power, only a matter of time before Scotland gets independence, fingers crossed before brexit otherwise we’re all fucked in Scotland.

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