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Anger as ‘independent’ councillor reveals Labour party membership – Towards Indyref2…

Anger as ‘independent’ councillor reveals Labour party membership

A councillor who won a recent by-election in Oban after standing as an independent has confirmed he is a member of the Labour party.

Independent candidate Kieron Green became Oban, North and Lorn’s new councillor last week after pipping the SNP’s Breege Smyth by 22 votes.  Green polled 755 first preference votes compared to Ms Smyth’s 1,055.  The independent candidate was elected after second preference votes from losing candidates were transferred.

His twitter profile prior to the by-election contained the following:

Independent standing for Oban North & Lorn Argyll & Bute by-election, technician in Oban High School, Unison rep, ex-Lismore, studied Astrophysics, play bridge.

However shortly after being elected, the profile was altered to include the phrase ‘Labour member’.

twitter green

The move has led to anger on social media with one person accusing Green of being a “Labour party stooge”.  Some questioned the validity of the by-election result.  One asked, “Is that legal? Fraudulent, surely?”.  Another asked, “Can you be a member of one party & stand for another? Is it not misrepresentation?”.

Five months ago, before another by-election in February, Green claimed to have attempted to resign from the Labour party.  Speaking to ForArgyll.com he said: “I am not trying to hide my national politics – I am still a Labour member despite my attempt to resign from Scottish Labour [I got a reply saying it didn’t exist].”

Green also confirmed that he had previously stood as a Labour party candidate.

“In 2014 I stood twice for the Labour Party here. This time I will run again but as an Independent candidate. This isn’t a sudden kneejerk reaction, it was something I first considered in September 2014.”

However the newly elected independent councillor also pledged to resign if his party allegiances changed.

“I have previously said that if elected and later changing my affiliation, I would resign and seek reelection.”

The episode will heighten suspicions that prospective Labour party candidates may try to conceal their party allegiances in next year’s local authority elections to increase their chances of winning.  The Labour party in Scotland is facing electoral wipeout after losing all but one of it MPs in the 2015 UK general election and finishing behind the Tories in the recent Holyrood election.

It is not clear if Green now intends to remain a Labour party member or pursue his previous unsuccessful attempt to resign from the party.

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13 thoughts on “Anger as ‘independent’ councillor reveals Labour party membership

  1. david clark

    This is surely fraud, but not a surprise, all anti Scots politicians will do anything ANYTHING to get power

  2. Iain Ferguson

    Second preference votes transferred from losing candidates transferred….some way of voting this is. But Green is clearly a deceitful candidate and should be treated as such.

    Argyll & Bute has been badly let down and as a result will have many, many very angry people.

  3. Steve Letford

    I think the most relevant fact is that the local Labour party did not put a candidate up in this election. why not? Because Kieron Green is their candidate I am told that Labour activists were canvassing for him. His election is a sham and is an example of how low labour have sunk.

  4. Ian

    Inquiries should be made if this is legal or a fraudulent act by misrepresentation.If legal, then steps should be put into place immediately to end the practice. If fraudulent, then immediate resignation and a new election should ensue, with Mr. Green declared as unfit for office and therefore unable to stand again.

  5. Peter Wilson

    Time for Kezia to show true leadership and throw this man out of her party. Or is this the kind of behaviour she condones from members of the Labour Party in Scotland? To use Kezia’s own, frequently repeated words: Yes or No, Kezia?

  6. Leslie cordingley

    I doubt that his underhanded scheme was purely his own decision . As Labour shrink in popularity it seems to be left with extremely menditious warped social oddballs . KEZ will do nothing ,remember ( drowning man grasping at straw) . Oh! What have Labour become , a joke of a political movement ,the fact that they still command any level of support illustrates what a strangle hold they had on the good citizens of our beautiful Scotland.The truth is members of Labour are shallow self serving fools.

  7. Liam Griffin

    I challenged Mr Green some months ago on this issue when he stood in a previous A’nB council election as an INDEPENDENT. I attached a photo of him in a jacket labelled “NEW LABOUR”

    However, one POSITIVE comes out of this. He admits or has forced the admission that there is no such beast as SCOTTISH LABOUR, just tory orientated London centric so called NEW labour, the rump of the Labour party that sold their socialist inheritance for a plate of gruel when they abandoned clause 4 under New Labour’s LORD (and LADY) Kinnock

  8. Alastair Naughton

    Fraud. Unquestionably. Must resign forthwith and election be declared null and void. Nothing surprises me about it though.

  9. Octavio Thorstenson

    There is a definite need for something different to the existing right wing media Cartel. It is a fact that most of the planet’s media is controlled by right wing moguls. Their aim is to further the cause of capitalism and retain the planet’s differentials between wealthy and poor. Left Insider offers left wing features from reputable news sites like Red Pepper and Left Foot Forward etc. We all have the right to fully exploit our own potential and we all have the obligation to assist others achieve theirs.

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