Anger as iconic Scottish brands are ‘Union-Jacked’ at Royal Highland Show

Social media has reacted in anger after images used by a UK government department at a Scottish farming event showed iconic Scottish Landmarks, cultural achievements and food emblazoned with a Union Jack.

This year’s Royal Highland Show featured an exhibition from the UK government’s UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.  The stand was there to promote Scottish food and drink.

However the exhibit was festooned, not with the Scottish Saltire – a recognised symbol of excellence, but with images of Union flags.  Social media users accused the UK government of trying to assimilate Scottish culture into a one-nation British brand.

The exhibit was attended by a string of UK government ministers including Scottish Office minister David Mundell.  The Scottish Conservative MP was accompanied by colleague Michael Gove [pictured].

Amongst those iconic Scottish landmarks adorned with the Union flag included the Forth Bridge and the Kelpies.

Stornoway black pudding, shortbread and Scottish smoked salmond were similarly Britified with a slogan ‘FOOD IS GREAT BRITAIN’

The Union Jack branding was slated on social media with some users claiming the absence of the Saltire damaged the established ‘Scottish’ food brand, which is renowned for its quality.

SNP MP Douglas Chapman said: “I’ve attended most of the briefings at Westminster & told @LiamFox directly that ignoring #ScotlandtheBrand is a huge, huge error of judgement. A blinkered, “it will be alright on the night” approach doesn’t help #Scotland or his priority of whole of UK”

A campaign was launched last year with the intention of protecting the Scottish brand on food and drink.  Keep Scotland the Brand began after Union flags replaced the Saltire on quality Scottish produce in many supermarkets.

Campaigners wrote: “Scotland’s name is synonymous with a premium quality product, recognised the world over. If we lose that brand recognition we lose tourists, we lose market share, we lose revenue, our economy will suffer. Our rural communities will be hit, hard.

“Scottish Beef, Scottish Lamb, Scotch whisky are just three products which will lose their Protected Status after Brexit.”

According to NFU Scotland: “The superior quality and provenance of Scottish produce provides an opportunity to develop markets at home, in Europe and globally – adding significant value to local and national economies.”

A short video explaining the aims and motives of the Keep Scotland the Brand campaign is shown below.

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12 thoughts on “Anger as iconic Scottish brands are ‘Union-Jacked’ at Royal Highland Show

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    That’s why Westminster want to retain Food Labeling and Agriculture + Fisheries (amongst others).

    Remember “UK Single/Internal Market”

    Scottish Produce WILL NOT be allowed to have a competitive advantage over England’s.

    So our superior GM free products will be Butchers Swastika’d so that their inferior ex dairy beef can be sold along with Scotch Beef to the world.

    Vote Tory get shafted.

    Seems they didn’t believe us.

  2. June Dunn

    We must fight tooth and nail to keep Scottish brands labelled Scottish. Why are some producers allowing this to happen. ? Surely they can see they are cutting their own throats as well as letting Scotland down.

  3. John

    Wait till next year and the years following after Scotland is dragged out of the EU ! Having made their presence felt at the Royal Highland Show , the Butcher’s Apron will march on regardless with the help of Tesco , Marks and Spencer , Tunnock’s etc , etc . However , these farmers , fishermen , pig farmers , biscuit producers , tweed producers , wool producers venison producers, showing off their goods at that prodigious show , with hundreds of overseas visitors attending , will do so at the peril of their produce being downgraded if they allow themselves to be bullied into flying an apron instead of a Saltire ! .

    1. Clydebuilt

      Not sure how many of these people are being bullied. I reckon lots of them are only too happy to replace the Scottish Brand with the Union Jack. They are so blinkered in their hatred for Scotland, no thought is given to their financial well being.

  4. Robert Graham

    North Britain heading for a weather map near you shortly .

    The first thing the Empire did when it invaded any country was take control of all the means of communication , then it set about forcing the Empire’s culture on the indigenous people .

    Ring Any Bells ? as to what is starting right now , and for a Scottish Secretary to approve of this disgraceful eradication of his countries world renowned produce and iconic landmarks gives an insight into the morals or lack of from this artical , who i believe really does not recognise Scotland as a country , just as the tory MSPs dont recognise our Parliament .

    Time and again throughout our history our big neighbours are not the problem ,it’s the Lackeys they bribe and offer trinkets to in order to work against their own people ,it’s not a new phenomenon been going on for hundreds of years .

  5. Jean

    This absolutely disgusts me
    We pride ourselves in all our Scottish PRODUCE
    How the actual Scot showing their products at the Highland show could allow this to happen is beyond me
    Does none of them care anymore
    I say shame on them
    As for those two TRAITORS mundell and gove they should be RUN out of Scotland

  6. Brian Powell

    You can’t help people who don’t want to protect themselves.
    “According to NFU Scotland: “The superior quality and provenance of Scottish produce provides an opportunity to develop markets at home, in Europe and globally – adding significant value to local and national economies.”
    Doesn’t mean shit if they won’t take any action to protect themselves. When people come to destroy you it doesn’t matter how well you make things or how much you obey the rules or how good your governance is: they are there to destroy you, that’s all.
    No excuses help.

  7. Big Jock

    British nationalism is a very dangerous thing , and it’s coming to a town near you.!

    The longer we wait , the more time they get to homogonise and create’ One Nation”. It starts with labels and ends with every cultural body and institution being lost. North Britain is back. Who would have thought that after devolution.

    The final piece of the jigsaw is Holyrood itself. Prepare for Stormont style government . Led by a unionist alliance not the SNP. This is what is to come and it will come if we don’t act.

    The clock is ticking for Scotland itself and for all our futures . It’s independence or British. There is no half way house anymore. We won’t have the EU to control the worst excesses of mother England.

    My future might not be in Scotland if we lose this. I can’t live on memories of a deceased nation.

  8. Bob p

    Was in lidl in ferndown 2 days my Scottish blackpudding( cant remember offhand the company) was made in Scotland but had union jack logo.Reluctantly put it back as did my brother and his wife.

  9. Mary Murray

    Who is in charge at our Royal HIGHLAND Show and allowed this to happen? We need to know this.

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