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Anger as David Mundell’s ‘Scotland’ Office promotes English Gin – Towards Indyref2…

Anger as David Mundell’s ‘Scotland’ Office promotes English Gin

The office of Scottish Secretary David Mundell has been slammed after posting a promotional video for English gin on its twitter account.

Formerly the Scotland Office, the now renamed UK Government in Scotland, posted a tweet containing the following message: “Are you eager to grow your business and start exporting? From kitchen table to San Francisco, @ForestGin took their product to the global market – you can too”

Beneath the message was a promotional video for gin.  However instead of being distilled in Scotland, the gin featured was distilled in Macclesfield in England.

The tweet prompted a string of angry responses with many people questioning why a UK government department set up to promote Scotland was advertising gin made south of the border.

One poster said: “This shows just how entirely irrelevant to Scotland the Scottish Office has become. It’s time to scrap it entirely. SNP should have big campaign to get rid.”

Another accused the UK department of acting in a colonial manner: “Seriously starting to think of this as the Colonial Government Scotland. Think this stuff should be tipped into the sea – it has a precedent in Boston, I believe.”

One tweet contained a map of Scotland [click to enlarge] showing the huge variety of gin produced in Scotland: “I’m sure Forest gin is lovely but be really interested on hearing why you are promoting an English gin when there are plenty of brands in SCOTLAND which could do with some publicity👇 That is part of your remit right?🤔”

The English gin promo comes days after another UK department caused anger after it slapped a Union Jack on a host of Scottish products at the Royal Highland Show.  Iconic landmarks such as the Kelpies and the Forth Bridge were also festooned with the British flag.

This latest episode prompted one individual to produce a short satirical video that promoted Scottish gin.  Sarah Mackie tweeted: “There are literally DOZENS of gin producers in Scotland that Mundell’s department could have chosen to promote. Instead, what used to be the Scotland Office is pushing ads for gin made in Cheshire.”

She added: “So, I decided to make a wee video on the matter:”

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7 thoughts on “Anger as David Mundell’s ‘Scotland’ Office promotes English Gin

  1. vagabondo

    I did not think it possible, but the wee nyaff has come up with (or been given) a cunning plan.

    If all those Dover House PR people are tasked with promoting UK trade at home and abroad (in between the anti-Scottish propaganda war) they can charge it all to the GERS account and boost the “Scottish deficit”.

  2. John

    More fuel for the fire to burn the Scottish Office , this is a department of the UK Government overseen (supposedly ) , by a Scot .This department is doing more than any other in Government to bring Independence much , much closer for Scotland by steadily pursuing it’s purpose to Anglicize Scotland ! .

  3. Brian Powell

    However the UK Gov in Scotland is emboldened by the lack of angry reaction from Scots when no matter what shit they pile on them they don’t react.

  4. John

    And yet English people are used in the ‘satiric’ video linked above. Ironic in the extreme.

  5. Alastair Naughton

    Maybe he’s got a little bit carried away with the English thing after promising to fly the St George’s Cross above Dover House while the England matches are on. Next thing he’ll appear in the HoC in a full Morris Dancing outfit! 😀

  6. Robert Graham

    As ever the English people are not the enemy most of them are fair minded people, how Fluffy hopes to ingratiate himself by promoting their goods and trying to act like one of them,
    It is embarrassing for him and probably baffling to them, no one likes a Tractor because no one can ever trust them .

    Fluffy a person with very questionable morals and a prime example of the legal profession in this country.

    If the media in Scotland and it’s employees had the semblance of a Spine they would be all over this with the headline ‘ Scottish Secretary promoting English goods ‘ that would make the producers of Scottish Gin very happy, a government backed campaign promoting rival producers. Is he really Scottish ? I have severe doubts about that .

  7. Clydebuilt

    Isn’t Mundell being a bit more honest, replacing “Scotland Office” with “UK Government in Scotland”.

    He’s admitting he’s here to represent the UK’s interests in Scotland. No longer pretending to stand up for Scotland’s interests.

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