Anger after Reporting Scotland misrepresents FM’s HGV comments

A Reporting Scotland item which said First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had criticised HGV drivers over stranded vehicles on Scotland’s snow-covered motorways, has provoked outrage on social media after it was shown to be false.

Thursday evening’s teatime edition of Reporting Scotland featured several items covering the snow blizzards that had brought most of Scotland to a standstill.

Introducing one item on stranded vehicles, presenter Jackie Bird said: “There was criticism today from the First Minister for some HGV drivers who ignored the red weather warning to stay off the roads.”

The item referred to comments made by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon during that day’s FMQ’s at Holyrood.  However the comments were critical, not of the HGV drivers, but of the companies that employed them.  Indeed, in a clip not shown on Reporting Scotland, the First Minister could be seen clearly stating she wasn’t criticising the drivers but was in fact concerned about their safety.

Twitter users reacted angrily to the Reporting Scotland broadcast.

One said: “Its no surprise that @BBCScotlandNews audience for Reporting Scotland is dwindling. Outright lies like that are the reason.”

Another twitter user said: “It’s not a criticism of drivers. Loud and clear. How can they get it so wrong?”

Another added: “Is it too much to ask that @BBCScotlandNews to report the FACTS not FICTION? They do it too much and too often! They are supposed to be impartial but, in all honesty, I can’t remember them praising the Scottish government for anything- there always has to be a negative spin.”

One social media user informed others he had complained: “Complaint has been made. Not that it will make any difference, but at least the producers will know we’re noticing it. #BBCBias


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7 thoughts on “Anger after Reporting Scotland misrepresents FM’s HGV comments

  1. Robert Graham

    This is the result when you’re whole operation is geared up to discredit the freely elected government , in their quest to keep Unionist voters on side they by their actions are alienating more than half the prospective audience ,

    If the BBC have some important information that the public should act on , half the bloody country won’t believe a word of it ,

    Now this is a serious situation developing here when a once trusted organisation try and manipulate the news for political aims , and doing it on a daily basis .

    They have given up on the subtle slanting of stories it’s now flat out lies that the Unionist controlled media are not picking up , it’s a twisted circle the papers produce rubbish and the BBC present it as facts .

  2. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Ditch your TV Licence.

    Easy and legal to do.

    Don’t pay the BritNat Propaganda Tax.

  3. millie

    This is how BBC Scotland reported severe weather episodes ‘prior’ to the SNP becoming the government.

    Transport Ministers were not expected to micromanage the weather.

    There was a ‘matter of fact’ element to the reporting of weather issues – Councils, Transport Scotland and the Police were the main players.

    Since the SNP came to power – the SNP is expected to micromanage all aspects of Scottish life – and the BBC is ensuring that this is how people think (not so in England).

    Has anyone seen the Transport Minister for England being held to account for drivers being stranded indefinitely on the M62, or train passengers left overnight on trains, or any other weather related issue?

    We can complain all we want in the social media bubble, but as long as the BBC rules the airwaves, as far as I can see, we will suck this tripe up indefinitely.

  4. Willie nicol

    Once we get our independence, these lying outlets will need a licence to operate, and their track record could come into who gets a broadcasting licence and who does not

  5. johnny rudkin j

    there has to be some sort of system that stops the burd lying on the news, she knows she is doing it, and the bbc knows she is doing it,why do the scottish government not put in an official complaint everytime the burd lies, and insist that the burd apologizes on the same program that she lied on, lets show up the burd for the liar she is.

  6. Margaret Palmer Brown

    The little dickie bird is is well known for her outright lies. The BBC is known as the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. Come on folks, do you expect the truth from either? Birdie Is NOT a journalist. She is merely a brainless mouthpiece outlet for the Tories

  7. John

    Is it feasible to have a class action against the BBC for lying it would serve to highlight and put an end to the lies.
    And proceeds could go back into the pot to take the English Nationalist Express and Daily Mail to task.

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