Anger after Reporting Scotland misrepresents First Minister’s Brexit comments

BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme Reporting Scotland is once again in the dock after it misrepresented comments from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the issue of Brexit.

On Thursday afternoon, programme presenter Sally Magnusson told viewers “… the First Minister said Brexit would be hugely damaging, and that those who supported it would never be forgiven.”

However a clip on the same programme revealed that Nicola Sturgeon had not targeted ‘those who supported’ Brexit, but had in fact explicitly singled out the Tory party.

In the clip, Nicola Sturgeon was heard to say: “The interests of, not just Scotland, but the whole of the UK are going to be deeply damaged, and that will be the Tory legacy to Scotland and to the rest of the UK and I think future generations will never, ever forgive them for it.”

The misrepresentation was removed from the evening broadcast of the programme with presenter Sally Magnusson making clear the First Minister had singled out the Tory party in her criticism.  However, bizarrely, the programme’s headline introduction contained the clip of Nicola Sturgeon making the comment, with reference to the Tory party edited out.

The misrepresentation of the First Minister’s comments follows similar examples of apparent manipulation of political news on Reporting Scotland with respect to the SNP.

This week witnessed Reporting Scotland’s most senior presenter Jackie Bird claim the Scottish government had “intervened” in the case of Professor Clara Ponsati, the former Catalan Govt Minister who is facing possible extradition to Spain.

The claim that Nicola Sturgeon had intervened in the case was challenged by SNP supporters who pointed out the First Minister and her government had explicitly made clear they could not intervene in the case.

During the recent heavy snowfall, Reporting Scotland claimed the First Minister had criticised HGV drivers after vehicles became stranded on motorways.  Footage shown by the programme appeared to support presenter Jackie Bird’s claim.

However, not shown was additional footage of the First Minister in which she very clearly goes out of her way to make clear she isn’t criticising drivers.  BBC Scotland was eventually forced to apologise and admit it had misquoted the SNP leader.

Arguably one of the most subtle appeared in the introduction to the flagship news programme last year, on the day that former SNP MP Michelle Thomson was cleared of any wrongdoing over the selling on of properties by her firm.  A clip of a judge appeared to be passing critical comment on the former MP.

However the clip of the judge related to a different story entirely.  The broadcast prompted fury on social media with many people accusing the BBC of having deliberately spliced the two clips together in order to give the appearance of guilt on the part of the former MP.

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15 thoughts on “Anger after Reporting Scotland misrepresents First Minister’s Brexit comments

  1. ScotsCanuck

    … it’s not even subtle !! …. it’s akin to Soviet era “Pravda” …. Magnusson & the Burd are only ‘mouth pieces’ (although they probably agree) … the real villain is who wrote the script …. and you can bet your bottom dollar they are red, white & blue “butchers apron” to the core !!

  2. Jason Smoothpiece

    I think it would be fair that following independence the people who betrayed Scotland are held to account criminal or civil charges doesn’t greatly matter just the knowledge that they are in bother come independence.

    It may concentrate the thoughts of non Scottish patriots, those who continue to serve the regime would be aware of the need to move prior to independence.

    We could always go for a European arrest warrant for the many from BBC Scotland and the print media for crimes against Scotland.

    I am sure many in Labour would support the rule of law.

  3. Anthony Rae

    The BBC should be forced to go to a scrambled pay per view service there is no excuse & scrap the fraudulent license fee this is clear fake news & Bias towards scotland and the 1st minister at every opportunity

  4. Alan Mackay

    i will not give paedophile protectors and liars who hate Scotland money. EVER. do time first.

  5. Jim Cairns

    A simple solution to BBC North Britain’s dilemma would be to change the name of the programme to ‘Misrepresenting Scotland’.

  6. Tony Little

    Does any one know what’s happened to Derek Bateman? Nothing new on his blog since 25 January. I wonder if he will now be able to admit he was wrong about BBC in Scotland and the there is unquestionably an editorial policy to manipulate the ‘news’ to present the SNP in the worst light ALL THE TIME. This is not due to lazy or over-worked journalists, but to a definite plan of maximum support to the establishment/Unionist position to the detriment of the SNP/SG on every occasion possible.

  7. James Brown

    Far from being ‘just mouthpieces’ I have no doubt that, being senior anchor persons at BBC Scotland, Ms Bird and Ms Magnusson write their own copy and have full editorial control over their reports. If they do not set BBC Scotland’s anti SNP agenda, which I doubt they do, they, at the very least, support and agree with it.

  8. gregor

    It is verified beyond doubt that sinister deviant Stalinist State broadcaster BBC exhibits a distinct, mass deceptive, unrelenting pattern of biased misrepresentation against Scotland, the SNP and Scottish government.

    Pacific Quay should be universally condemned and heavily sanctioned (with all available leverage and force of Law) for its high crimes against society and journalism.

    BAD BBC.

  9. Lochside

    This blatant anti-Snp propaganda has been full on since 2007. But now there is no attempt to disguise the openly distorted and manipulated coverage. These latest examples are happening daily. But why?….because the BBC is impervious to criticism and sanction and uses disgraceful methods of self regulating self justification in its ‘complaints’ procedure.

    In the face of blatant fascistic programming with Unionist mouthpieces such as Bird and Magnusson ( the ironically proud Icelander), what can be done?…Well a mass campaign of non payment of the BBC licence tax is one, which no politician in Scotland has the guts to lead (come back Tommy Sheridan!), and the SNP could start their campaign for Independence by issuing a judicial challenge to the BBC based on their transparent breaches of their Charter…..I and many others have demended this of the party for years. I am growing weary of the feeble responses and fear for any success in an Indy2

  10. vlad

    Surely, the last one should be actionable. Contempt of court – taking words from one case to another?

  11. Keith Farrell

    I think it should be passed in our parliament that TV licenses would not be payable for 30 days for each and every single misrepresentation of Scotland, our parliament or our government.
    That way they cannot say we are forcing them to report the truth.

  12. Dan Huil

    More Britnat lies from the bbc. They don’t even try to put on a non-biased face anymore. Hell mend them.

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