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Anas Sarwar slammed after posting ‘undignified’ attack on Shona Robison – Towards Indyref2…

Anas Sarwar slammed after posting ‘undignified’ attack on Shona Robison

Labour MSP Anas Sarwar has been condemned after posting comments on social media in which he said Shona Robison’s resignation as Health Secretary was “welcome”.

Sarwar, who is Scottish Labour’s Health Spokesperson claimed the SNP MSP had been “removed” from her role.

The tweet, described as “ungracious” and “undignified” read: “After 2 years of relentlessly exposing SNP failures on health, Shona Robison is removed as Health Secretary. While this is a welcome change, the best gift on the 70th year of our NHS would be adequate funding and staffing. That is her successor’s real test.”

The comment followed news that Ms Robison had decided to step down from her role as the Scottish Government’s Health Minister.  The MSP cited personal reasons and revealed she had lost both her parents within the last year and had suffered a health scare.

Responding to the message from Sarwar, SNP MP Stewart McDonald said: “People should read Shona Robinson’s resignation letter – which is deeply personal in parts. This response from @AnasSarwar is wholly ungracious and in stark contrast with the dignity of the woman he attacks.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon described the former Health Secretary as “a fine public servant, but also one of the best friends anyone could hope to have.”

However the SNP leader took aim at opposition MSPs who had posted what many people described as undignified messages on social media.  She added: “Some of the opposition comments I’ve seen directed at her say much more about them than they do about her.”

Labour MSP Iain Gray was another who came in for criticism after posting a snide attack on Ms Robison.  In a tweet, Gray wrote: “Just catching up with the reshuffle – would appear having been at Uni with Nicola is no longer enough to keep your seat in cabinet (or indeed being elected deputy leader!)”

The former Scottish Labour leader was taken to task by SNP MP Anne McLaughlin who tweeted: “Nicola and Shona were not at university together so apart from being unnecessarily snide, this is also factually inaccurate.”

There was praise though for Scottish Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw who posted the following message: “I shadowed @ShonaRobison for many years & appreciated her genuine concern for the NHS. A hugely challenging brief & while @ScotTories did not call for her to go, now is the time for fresh leadership & thinking. On a personal level, I wish her well & thank her for her courtesy.”

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9 thoughts on “Anas Sarwar slammed after posting ‘undignified’ attack on Shona Robison

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    That slimy wee Blarite Red Tory British Nationalist Sarwar isn’t (and never will be) fit to lace Ms Robinson’s boots.

    Best Health Secretary in the UK by a country mile and will hopefully enjoy some peace from the incessant UKOK BritNat Media attacks she has endured.

    Well done Shona, from a very satisfied SNHS service user.

  2. Friseal MacAsgaill

    A worrisome decline in journalistic standards: the tweet does not say: ‘… Shona Robison’s resignation as Health Secretary was “the best gift on the 70th year of our NHS”.’ but rather: ‘the best gift on the 70th year of our NHS would be adequate funding and staffing.’

    1. Ian Clark

      That’s what I thought when I read the article last night. It looks like the original entry has now been changed to correct this misrepresentation. However I don’t see any acknowledgement of this.

      This site is rightly critical of the corporate media and the BBC. We need to hold ourselves to higher standards and not leave ourselves open to charges of deceit and hypocrisy.

  3. Jimmy

    If ever there was a reason to NOT vote labour it’s this moronic, millionaire, socialist. An oxymoron.

  4. Moira Currie

    Well I can’t say I’m surprised at Sarwar. He’s always struck me as an entitled, spoiled wee brat in need of a skelping across his arse with a hair brush. Every time he opens his mouth drivel dribbles out. On the other hand you could have knocked me over with a zephyr on reading Carlaw’s contribution. I think that must be the first time I’ve ever read anything that he’s come out with without feeling an overwhelming urge to sigh with despair.

  5. John

    Cretins , every last RedTory one of them , show them no quarter in the future , that includes the DimLibs and the ConCons ,treat them the way they have treated some of our Ministers , with complete contempt ! .

  6. Andrina St John

    This is Labour’s Downfall,they are more interested in opposing and and giving snide remarks against SNP.I am so glad I grew up in a generation where all Labour Councllors,MP’s stood up for the working class,They were the people you looked up to.sadly none of them exist now.

  7. Robert Graham

    As usual labour missing the target, or have they ? . The collusion between all the Unionist parties and the recent photos of the shop steward with a scarf,
    laughing with Ruthless should be on every leaflet produced by the SNP , the inclusion of Wullie would seal the deal ,
    we have in Holyrood the SNP the greens ,opposed by the Unionist Party , there is no Tory labour or libdem it’s just one party the Unionist Party .

  8. millie

    To be honest the BBC in Scotland laid the groundwork that enabled these people to tweet in a despicable way.- They turn a blind eye to ‘unionist’ behaviour.

    Can ‘anyone’ imagine John Swinney or Shona Robison tweeting so nastily about fellow politicians? Wouldn’t happen.

    Something in the Scottish media is rotten. The BBC in Scotland does not ‘scrutinise’, they manufacture ‘crisis’ narratives, and then the ‘pack’ descends on people like Shona Robison. It is disgusting to watch.

    My heart goes out to her. During a time of Westminster enforced austerity, she has managed to leave NHS Scotland as the best in the UK. She should be given our gratitude.

    BBC Scotland should hang its head in shame. The mediocrity in programming and much of its journalism seems apparent. The BBC could learn much from the integrity shown by the likes of Shona Robison.

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