Anas Sarwar ridiculed after ‘angry white men’ tweet

Scottish Labour MSP Anas Sarwar has been ridiculed after claiming to have suffered abuse at the hands of a ‘mob of angry white men’.

The MSP has become involved in a ‘racism’ controversy after Labour’s Mayor of London Sadiq Khan compared independence supporters to racists.

Following criticism of his own tweets which appeared to endorse Khan’s claims and suggestions he may have helped draft Khan’s speech, Sarwar posted the following message on Twitter.

“Quite ironic that 2 brown guys are being abused/trolled by mob of angry white men in a racism row. Btw @SadiqKhan didn’t call anyone racist”

The message was quickly condemned on social media with one London based Asian woman calling for the Labour MSP to “stop using the race card”.

Yasmin A. ChoudhuryVerified added: “Scottish pride is not divisive. It welcomes all who love & want 2 empower Scotland. I get it”

Other posters pointed out that Khan’s remarks had been condemned by people of both sexes including prominent Asians.

One said: “@AnasSarwar claims all who disagreed with @SadiqKhan were ‘white men’.
That includes @HumzaYousaf @TasminaSheikh @AamerAnwar @RobertJSomynne”

The row follows anger this weekend after Labour’s London Mayor Sadiq Khan said support for Scottish independence is no different to racism.  In an article for the Daily Record, Khan said: “The last thing we need now is to pit different parts of our country or sections of our society against each other – or to further fuel division or seek separation.

“There’s no difference between those who try to divide us on the basis of whether we’re English or Scottish and those who try to divide us on the basis of our background, race or religion.”

The comments have been widely condemned with Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon calling them an insult to all Scots who support independence.

Speculation has been rife as to who had helped Khan draft the speech, with rumours circulating it was Anas Sarwar.  SNP MP John Nicolson tweeted: “Rumours that an embarrassed @SadiqKhan is blaming Anas Sarwar for helping pen his disastrous speech to the SLab conference in Perth.”

Sarwar is no stranger to controversy and once described the democratically elected Scottish government as “a dictatorship”.

Despite the fury over Sadiq Khan’s remarks, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale refused to accept he had called independence supporters racist.  Speaking on the Sunday Politics Show, the Scottish Labour leader said: “He [Sadiq Khan] wasn’t accusing the SNP of racism”.

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7 thoughts on “Anas Sarwar ridiculed after ‘angry white men’ tweet

  1. bringiton

    Were these the angry white men who also attacked Yes supporters in George Square in Glasgow after the 2014 result?
    Or perhaps the coach loads of angry white orange men (not a Donald Trump impersonators convention either) who descended on Edinburgh the weekend before the vote?
    The only angry people I have seen have all come from unionist support but Labour are pretty good at creating something out of nothing.

    1. Bob Nugent

      Totally agree apart from last line

  2. Maggie Chetty

    As an angry Scottish Irish white woman I feel very offended to have been excluded from Anas Sarwar’s attack on Independistas!

  3. manandboy

    Anas Sarwar is well known for his cynical and bare-faced lies, with no morals or ethics, and with neither principles nor standards.

    If Anas ever wants to change his spots and completely re-paint his true colours, before tackling the UK’s endemic divisions, let him start with the economic divisions created and enforced by the wealthy neo-liberal enforcers of the British Political Establishment of which he and his family are a part.

  4. William Robinson

    I think Anas Sarwar should tender his resignation as a MSP, if he thinks Scottish people are racist, as he seems to believe, why is he in Scottish politics. He should move south and join up with the Liebour London Mayor.

  5. Helen Knight

    I am certainly white but definitely neither male or racist. What I am is heartbroken by the depths to which some politicians will stoop to discredit those of us who want what we feel will be best for our communities, our grandchildren and our country.

  6. john

    we all know or should know that the word racist has lost its meaning in fact its swung a 180degrees so now if someone calls you a racist then wear it with pride coz it means you’re doing something rightjohn

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