Anas Sarwar accused of “disgraceful slur” against Scottish Police

The General Secretary of the Scottish Police Federation has demanded an unreserved apology from a Scottish Labour MSP over what he claimed was a “disgraceful slur” against the Scottish Police Force.

Calum Steele launched a broadside against Labour MSP Anas Sarwar after the latter claimed black and Asian people were four times more likely to be stop-and-searched in Scotland.

Steele was responding after Sarwar posted a message on social media which said: “Official stats published by @scotgov show you are more than 4x MORE likely to be stop and searched in Scotland if you are Black or Asian. That is despite being LESS likely to result in positive detection. Actions not words!”

The Labour MSP’s claim was based on a report compiled by Susan McVie who is Professor of Quantitative Criminology in the School of Law, University of Edinburgh.

However Sarwar’s claim fell to pieces when the author herself rubbished it, tweeting: “Clearly an emotive subject, but as the author of the report I have to reiterate the strong warning against claiming racist bias in stop and search. There are technical frailties in the data (both stop and search data and census data) that do not support this conclusion.”

Ms McVie later added: “These figures have been misinterpreted. Rate of search for Black and Asian people combined is 2.8 per 1,000 which compares with 2.7 per 1,000 for white people. No difference. Rates for very small ethnic groups have huge confidence intervals and can’t be reliably compared.”

The intervention of the author prompted the General Secretary of the Scottish Police Federation to demand an apology from Mr Sarwar.

Callum Steele tweeted: “Now that the author of the report has confirmed what @VChairSPF and I have been saying will @AnasSarwar withdraw his disgraceful slur against police officers and offer an unreserved apology.”

The Labour MSP has thus far shown no sign that he is prepared to either withdraw his claim or issue an apology to the Scottish Police Force.

Steele, who also criticised The Herald newspaper’s coverage of the report, later added: “After seeing today’s disgraceful impugning of police officers by @AnasSarwar it’s more clear than ever that there are no depths deemed too deep to plumb when it comes to seeking to trash police officers.”

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5 thoughts on “Anas Sarwar accused of “disgraceful slur” against Scottish Police

  1. gregor

    ‘Scotland BAD!’ disorder functions like volatile cocktail of cocaine, amphetamine and LSD.

    Those inflicted (or indoctrinated and coerced by deviant peer pressure) often experience a false sense of reality, delusions, an excited metabolism and extreme euforia, however, the high is short-lived and is potentially fatal to those who don’t effectively deal with the condition.

    The positive news is that those who genuinely seek rehabilitation can be sucessfully integrated back into their community and lead a normal, healthy and successful life.

  2. Robert Graham

    Oh well anything for attention from a Labour mouthpiece who like his tory pals cant bring themselves to even try to come close to the truth .

    I want something to get at the SNP anything will do , if you cant find anything just make it up as per usual we know the compliant media won’t say anything and dont mention the BBC .

  3. Jockanese Wind Talker

    And still the BritNat Trades Unions embbed in our Public Services will say EssEnnPeeBaaad, passing on Tory Austerity etc. etc. vote for ‘Radical’ Jeremy Corbyn.

    Hopefully our Police, SNHS, Fire & Rescue Employees, Teachers etc. see that the BritNat Unionist Parties only view them as providing Political Collateral to attack the Scottish Government and SNP (Usually after Westminster has cut Barnett and BritNat Local Councils have cut budgets out of spite).

  4. millie

    Scottish Labour don’t care who they slur, once it’s out there mud will stick – damage is done.

    FYI – Donalda MacKinnon will be on Call Kaye tomorrow (Thursday 8 March). Don’t think she’s on the phone-in. I think she’s being interviewed (about what I don’t know).

    FYI – Humza Yousaf offered to go on GMS via Skype this morning regarding the Citizen Advice Bureau Bus Report. BBC declined his offer.
    Also, I see on twitter that CAB said the report would be available on Wednesday 8 March – today is the 7 March.

  5. AAD

    GMS categorically said this morning that Humza Yousaf had been asked to participate in the programme to comment on the Bus Report but was not available because he was travelling. There was no mention of any offer to skype.

    I hope someone from SNP HQ was listening to the subsequent interview with the SLAB representative (can’t remember who he was) where he may as well have sat and sang ‘SNPBAAAD’ in relation to transport. However, his last sentance was slanderous in that he said the SNP transport policy was produced to favour SNP donors. It was blatant and unchallenged.

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