An embarrassing question

British nationalists shall, of course, insist that losses to Scotland’s economy incurred as a consequence of Brexit will be offset by gains. And they will demand that these gains be taken into account at all times. Before moving on to pointing out the serious flaws in this argument – such as the fact that the supposed gains are hypothetical to the point of wishful thinking – we might well take a moment to point out that these same British nationalists weren’t so punctilious during the first Scottish independence referendum.

When did Better Together/Project Fear ever allow that there might be gains for Scotland from restoring its independence? When did their accomplices in the media ever take account of the fact that independent Scotland would no longer be liable for any part of the cost of Trident; or of the Westminster machine; or of the British state’s various vanity projects in England?

When did any British nationalist ever acknowledge that independence might have economic benefits as well as costs? When did they ever portray independence as anything other than inevitably a sky-collapsing disaster for Scotland?

When you hear those same British nationalists spinning fantastical yarns about the coming economic bonanza of gains from Scotland being dragged out of the EU against the will of its people, ask them if they can recall any of the gains from independence that they were eager to tell Scottish voters about in order that they might make an informed choice.

Having thus embarrassed them, you can move on to a thorough scrutiny of their claims about the economic benefits of Brexit.

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4 thoughts on “An embarrassing question

  1. finnmacollie

    During Indyref1, Jim Murphy told all and sundry that we had to vote No to stay in the EU as the EU was Scotland’s biggest market.

    Now Kezia Dugdale and Ruth Davidson are telling us that the rUK is our biggest market – 4 times bigger than EU. Do they think we forget the lies we were told first time around.

    btw I really dislike using the term ‘rest of the UK’ as there will be no UK to be a ‘rest’ of.

  2. Dennis Revell

    Not mentioned in the admittedly probably purposefully short list of items that an independent Scotland would not have to contribute to are those parasites, life-long inheritable dole-collectors in Buck House.

    How much d’ya reckon Scotland could get for renting Balmoral to these useless eaters?

    Hey, any real estate people/developers here, gimme a ball-park estimate as to renting/buying a flat in a re-fitted out Balmoral … 😉 … .

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