Altered perceptions

Perhaps the most interesting thing to note from the polling on political leaders is the massive difference between Scotland and the rest of the UK (rUK) with regard to perceptions of Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson. One might reasonably suppose that this is explained, at least in part, by the impact of a media campaign of demonisation targeting Sturgeon versus a parallel campaign of inexplicable and wholly unwarranted adulation for Davidson.

It is doubtful that people in England are significantly more susceptible to such media manipulation. Although, given our experience of Better Together/Project Fear and its ongoing successor, it would hardly be surprising if people in Scotland are somewhat less trusting of the mainstream media than their counterparts in rUK.

Perhaps a more significant factor would be the better access to alternative media that we enjoy in Scotland. The legacy of the first independence referendum campaign is a rich strand of blogs and online news sites as well as the Yes movement’s massive social media presence.

And, of course, The National has a role in all of this. It affords people in Scotland an opportunity to see the news from a different perspective. It lets people know that there is another perspective. Outwith Scotland, there is little to counter the cosy consensus of complacent journalists complicit in peddling the British establishment’s propaganda.

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7 thoughts on “Altered perceptions

  1. Arthur Martin

    The media campaign that you describe above Peter has prompted me to cancel both my SKY subscription and more recently my TV Licence.

    The Sky Data poll last month announcing that Theresa May and Ruth Davidson were more popular in a Scotland than our FM Nicola Sturgeon was the straw that broke the camels back for me.
    The BBC’s continuing and increasingly more rabid bias against Scottish Independence speaks for itself.

    I have been accessing the alternative media available online for several years now occasionally making donations to various sites and will continue to do so. I refuse to pay organisations like the BBC and SKY to have their pro-Unionist propaganda piped into my home without a shred of balance towards pro-Indy politics being considered.

    The extra time and money that I will have on my hands can be spent on better pursuits, one of these being putting more time effort and money into working towards an Independent Scotland, and building a fairer society for all the people that live and work here.

    1. Peter A Bell Post author

      You are one of a growing number of people who are abandoning the mainstream media, Arthur. I suppose at some point the message may get through to them. But I’ve long since given up hope of Scotland’s politics getting fair and honest coverage in the British media.

      Your comment about donations brought a smile to my face. I derive great amusement from the frustration that must be felt by newspaper editors in Scotland when they see the ease with which the likes of Wings Over Scotland can obtain money. It must really grind their gears to see WOS raise a year’s funding in a matter of hours. Oh! How we all laugh!

      1. Robert Roddick

        Simple Peter Wings backs up every position he takes with verifiable facts. The mainstream media do the opposite.

  2. Robert Graham

    Only so many times you can polish the Tory Turd ,
    Lipstick on a pig dosnt change it into a princess it’s still a pig . in the case of Ruthie its one with attitude a relay bad attitude.

  3. chris avery

    Peter you have to accept…going by election results… that Ruth Davidson is the most popular Tory in Scotland since…uhm John Major. If she surpasses him (very doubtful) then she might even surpass the votes Thatcher was getting in Scotland (extremely unlikely). Then it will be “sermon on the pound ” time come indy ref 2.

  4. commonoldworkinchap

    Very true Peter. It is very refreshing to see people challenging, and not accepting, the
    propaganda which is spewed daily by the MSM.

  5. Dave Llewellyn

    Not only should we abandon MSM but we should get counselling similar to that the police to clear their psyche of poison whilst investigating child pornography. I am not using the terms lightly. It is the same disgust that they are held in up here though I believe Westminster are treating child pornography as reserved in case the house of lords step out of line again

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