All Under One Banner marches are being misrepresented by BBC Scotland reporters

One of the most successful series of marches and rallies Scotland has ever seen is the ‘All Under One Banner’ group.  An estimated one hundred thousand people attended the latest march in Edinburgh on Saturday.

These marches have a very specific aim, to demonstrate the strength of support for independence.  The group’s promotional adverts makes this clear as does its latest 2019 crowdfunding campaign which contains the following:

“The team at #AUOB wish to thank everyone who attended #AUOBEdinburgh and all those who watched and cheered on from afar.

“Together we have executed the biggest and boldest demonstration for Independence in Scottish History.”

However the goal and reason for these rallies is being deliberately misrepresented by BBC Scotland reporters.  At the weekend both Glenn Campbell and Andrew Kerr described the purpose of the marches as supporting a second independence referendum.

This sly misrepresentation is being used in order to portray marchers and the SNP leadership as somehow at odds with one another over a second independence referendum.

Organisers of All Under One Banner would be doing the Yes movement a favour by calling out this misrepresentation by BBC Scotland and making it clear the rallies have one single purpose, to demonstrate the strength of support for independence across Scotland.

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5 thoughts on “All Under One Banner marches are being misrepresented by BBC Scotland reporters

  1. Patsy Millar

    I most certainly was not marching for a referendum but for independence and the major shout of the day was, “What do we want? Independence. When do we want it? Now”

  2. Clydebuilt

    On the march the chant was heard

    What do we want


    When do we want it?

    After Brexit!

    Folk shouting “Now” are helping the British Nationalist media to make life difficult for Nicola Sturgeon.

    On Sunday’s GMS we heard that the vote for Indy has increased, the March was big. . . . But the BBC managed to turn all the good news into problems for the SNP leadership.

  3. Alasdair Macdonald

    BBC Scotland has been trying to present the rally as ‘illegal’. And, ‘illegality’, therefore makes the case for independence invalid, and supporters of independence as law breakers.

    There seems to me to be a fairly concerted anti independence (and an antiJeremy Corbyn one) campaign in much of the media just now. As an example look at the hostile interviews of Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn carried out by the bombastic, arrogant and bullying Jon Snow.

  4. Clydebuilt

    Listenning to the interview between Brewer and Blackford from the previous post. Brewer uses folk on the March chanting for Indy ref2 NOW as a weapon against Blackford on numerous occasions. It’s time for Yessers to give some thought to what they call for on the marches.
    Blackford surely had to learn some tricks to help himself stand his ground against Brewer’s bullying.

    Aye Alasdair, when I hear Corbyn getting ruffed up, my thoughts are he’s getting the Sturgeon or Salmond treatment.

  5. Pauline Boyd

    Im not really sure what the issue is here to be honest. It is very likely that that indy will not happen without a referendum. I don’t fund or watch the BBC either

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