All hail Ruthie!

How long will it take for Ruth Davidson to realise that she has more status than power? How long before it dawns on her that this status has not been awarded by the people of Scotland, but has been afforded by a British media desperate to minimise another remarkable electoral victory for the SNP; and divert attention from the crushing of the British state’s most loyal and effective agent in Scotland – British Labour?

How long before it is brought home to Davidson just how fickle is the British media? How long before she is tumbled from her precarious position on a pedestal of adulation born, not of genuine admiration for some substantive achievement, but from a desperate need for anything that can be painted to vaguely resemble a hero?

How long before the empress’s new finery is ripped away to reveal just another turd that won’t take a polish?

Things tend to move fast in Scottish politics these days. Especially when they are being pushed along by astute political operators such as are not in short supply among the SNP’s leadership. And Davidson’s arrogant tendency to “overreach” will only make her more susceptible to the kind of put-downs that are being prepared for her.

She is a one-trick pony. She has only her purse-lipped, fierce-faced, warrior-posturing bombast. It’s difficult to carry that off when your face is covered in custard pie; your trousers are at your ankles. It’s hard to maintain an air of seriousness when the media circus band is playing loud clown-music.

Counter-intuitively, Davidson’s best friend in the chamber is likely to be Nicola Sturgeon. It suits the SNP just fine that unionism in Scotland has had it’s superficially pretty Labour mask torn off to reveal the unacceptable face of rabid British nationalism beneath. Davidson is a gift to both the SNP and the wider independence movement. It will not be in Sturgeon’s interests to make her look totally ineffectual. The threat of anti-democratic British nationalism is very real. It would not be wise to make a joke of it. Or of the individual now assigned the role of defending the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state.

In many ways, it will benefit the SNP administration and the cause of restoring Scotland’s rightful constitutional status to have Davidson appear more dangerous than she actually is. If Davidson is keen to set herself up in angry, bitter, backward-looking opposition to the hopes, aspirations and priorities of Scotland’s people, it would be foolish to stand in her way.

Unionists are declaring victory in last Thursday’s election. That this claim is ludicrous hardly matters. Let them! We’ve been here before. At various times this ultra-conservative clique has thought it had succeeded in preventing the Scottish Parliament being reconvened; avoiding an SNP government; and blocking an independence referendum. Famously, British nationalists reacted with gloating triumphalism to what they imagined was a decisive victory in the first referendum. On each and every occasion, we have watched as they were forced to eat the bitter fruits of their supposed success. As it was then, so it will be again.

And if we were seeking someone who might personify the self-deluding, high-handed hubris of British nationalism, who better than Ruth Davidson.

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6 thoughts on “All hail Ruthie!

  1. FizzNoFuss

    The fair folk o’ Buckhaven must be proud o’ their Ruth and that her place in the Lords at some point is now assured.

  2. Alistair Robertson

    “How long will it take for Ruth Davidson to realise that she has more status than power?”

    To be honest Peter, I’ve no idea.

    I would bet it’ll feel like a lifetime or two though.

    1. CP

      You took the words straight out of my mouth. Your comment verbatim is exactly what I came on here to post!

  3. David

    Im sick and tired of seeing her stupid face on the telly and in the papers you would think she won some thing worth while she should leave the serious side of politics to those who have the interests of Scotland at heart and more importantly the people of Scotland behind her which I hope she’s not deluded enough to believe

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