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Alan Bissett’s prophecy comes true – Towards Indyref2…

Alan Bissett’s prophecy comes true

On Tuesday evening Reporting Scotland carried an item based on a report from the Fraser of Allander Institute.

In summary, the report warned that Scotland’s budget would not be sufficient to pay for public services.  The sub-text of the report was that the Scottish Government would have to raise income tax in order to keep things as they are.

Below is a short clip from the Reporting Scotland item.

The clip shows Jackie Bird and Douglas Fraser casually discussing the implications of any such tax rises, should the Scottish Government decide to go down that route.  The discussion could have been scripted over three years ago for it is eerily similar to a prophecy made by Alan Bissett during the 2014 Indyref campaign.

Alan’s prophecy was captured on film at the time and a subsequent short video by Phantom Power explains it in context.

If a leading artist was able to discern what was going on in the lead-up to the 2014 referendum, why weren’t our media professionals able to see?  As with Brexit, Frigates and The Vow, the Scottish people were duped by the same media that now blithely discusses the fallout as though it had nothing to do with them.

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5 thoughts on “Alan Bissett’s prophecy comes true

  1. Tony Little

    I have seen the fuller video as well and I am left wondering what our politicians in the SNP thought about the process and the speculation about how Westminster would actually behave?

    And what about now? Are they still in the ‘slowly, slowly, catches monkey’ mentality of the 2000s and 2010s? Which, to be fair, DID get us to the starting gate for Independence. Unfortunately that decision seems to have come too soon for a small majority of the electorate, based on lies and misinformation of the media – BUT, they were lies and misinformation they wanted to believe.

    Einstein defined stupidity as doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. Well. we can’t do the same next time. I no longer think that ‘slowly slowly’ will do any more. It’s time to move onto the offensive and use FMQs as the platform to tell it to the people of Scotland exactly what they are in for. It’s the only programme which is live and the BBC can’t falsify the message.

    It’s time for the gloves to come off and the SNP-SG to present the harsh reality to the voters. It’s Independence or total subjugation; your choice. But don’t come crying afterwards

  2. manandboy

    I have a lot of sympathy with your view, Tony, but the Brexit fiasco is in a bad way and points to even more difficulties.
    It would certainly be helpful to an impatient Yes Movement if we knew what advice the SG is receiving from Europe.
    In any event, Pete Wishart is on the case with his finger on the Yes pulse.

    1. Tony Little

      Hi, M&B. I agree that Brexit has a long way down to go yet. However,I can guarantee the media will spin it every which way to make it all seem “manageable” and all the EU’s fault (Those Damn Johny Foreigners!”

      I really do not think there is any point in waiting until Brexit is completed. If we can’t convince Scots to have the courage and basic balls to want to take control of their own future by then, I doubt we ever will. After Brexit we lose 180,000 EU votes don’t forget.

      I have been a staunch follower of the approach up to now, but Brexit completely resets the parameters of Independence and Scotland’s economic future. We really can not wait.

  3. millie

    Great article.

    O/T Re Cladding

    At Holyrood local government committee today –

    Kevin Stewart MSP Local Government Minister said that –

    “Building Standards Officers” at GCC would not accept help from the Scottish Gov and that

    the Leader of GCC had to intervene to get them to accept help.

    – What is going on at GCC?

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