A political windsock

Who, apart from other British nationalist fanatics, can fail to be sickened by the gut-wrenching hypocrisy of Ruth Davidson talking about “uncertainty”, She is the representative in Scotland of the Tory Westminster government that Scotland’s voters rejected decisively and repeatedly. She serves, second only to her personal career, the very party responsible for the appalling mess of the EU referendum and the even more atrocious vacuum of leadership and direction that has ensued. When it comes to uncertainty, we could have an independence referendum in Scotland on an annual basis without causing a fraction of the uncertainty for which Ruth Davidson bears a share of responsibility.

Talk of uncertainty is, in any case, no more than fatuous scaremongering of the kind we became accustomed to during the first independence referendum campaign courtesy of the despicable Project Fear propaganda campaign mounted by the same British political establishment that has been exposed as criminally dishonest and incompetent. Uncertainty is part of life. It is, most assuredly, part of business. There’s a relatively tiny elite justifying its grasping ways on the grounds that it alone has the skill and fortitude to manage the uncertainty that besets business. They best of them do so by planning for all manner of eventualities. In precisely the way that Davidson’s cronies in London DIDN’T!

There are degrees of uncertainty. There are different kinds of uncertainty. And there are ways of handling uncertainty. What Ruth Davidson’s bosses in London have given us is a massive level of the worst type of uncertainty without so much as a hint that anybody amongst the Westminster elite has a clue what to do about it.

If Ruth Davidson had a scintilla of self-awareness she would too embarrassed to appear in public at all, far less for the purpose of pontificating about “uncertainty”.

And isn’t it only a matter of days since she was taking a very different tone on the matter of a second independence referendum? What has changed since then? What has happened to provoke this latest in a dizzying series of attitudinal oscillations?

The coronation of Theresa May!

There is no more a Scottish Conservative Party than there is a Scottish Labour Party. Neither exists as a real political party with anything more than token policy-making powers. Both Davidson and her unionist dancing partner, Kezia Dugdale, perform at the whim of their bosses in London. Which, in part at least, explains their evident confusion and disarray. They’ve had nobody to tell them what to think. The great political issue of the moment for both the British parties’ office managers in Scotland has not been the matter of EU membership or Scotland’s constitutional status. The all-consuming issue for them has been the question of who was going to emerge as their new bosses. While the rest of us have been occupied with things like post-Brexit access to the single market and the status of EU citizens, they’ve been fretting about what line they would be obliged to toe once the leadership dust had settled a bit.

Davidson’s rhetoric on #indyref2 tracks the vicissitudes of the fight for control of the British Conservative Party. From which we can safely assume that it has been intimated to her that Theresa May is likely to take a hard line on denying Scotland’s right of self-determination. Davidson will, therefore, be obliged to do yet another U-turn, going back on her statement that the UK Government should not block a second referendum.

That shouldn’t be a problem. If anything is certain in the muddy maze of politics British-style, it is that Ruth Davidson has a ready appetite when it comes to eating her own words.

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4 thoughts on “A political windsock

  1. marjory

    Whilst I’m no expert on politics,even I a 65 yr old,who obviously lived in a world before we joined the EU,I do tho remember the angerI felt when our 10 Bob note ceased to exist,when our penny also disappeared,however like everything else we learned to accept the changes and while there is a lot of things that I may disagree on regarding the EU there are just as many that I do agree with,my problem is really with successive governments since then especially the Tories,Thatcher stripped Scotland bare,as she also did to the poorer industrial areas of England most governments since those days have carried on destroying this country and lined their own pockets with the proceeds of selling Britain,I was always a Labour supporter,well that’s what the working classes did wasn’t it? Today that Labour party has no idea of where it’s going,it has no backbone and no longer stands for the working people,the very people who supported them for years,I feel let down by them even tho I no longer vote for them,but,I just wish they would wake up and stand up for the people of this country even if it means standing alongside my party (SNP)I truly feel sorry for Kezia,something tells me that deep down she’s a Genuine nice person but is carried away by her position,I want independence for Scotland,I want away from Tory control and two faced self centred politicians,the Tories don’t care for the ordinary people but they certainly try to convince everyone it’s for our own sakes that we must endure austerity,not them the rich Tories tho,it’s just us lowly people who must suffer, you know I thought the British people had a backbone,I thought we would be saying enough is enough,but no,we moan and moan and do nothing,why on earth are we sitting back and allowing an unelected prime minister to take over without the public having a say in it it,why?

  2. Thomas Ritchie

    The whole political elite lack backbone, more so the Tories because they can hide behind their millionaire friends and line their own pockets for favours given and taxes on the poor.

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