A new unity

My initial reaction was to scoff loudly at the notion of any mainstream newspaper being in touch with grassroots opinion in Scotland. But with input from the likes of Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, the highly respected CEO of Business for Scotland as well as Kathleen Caskie of Women for Independence, the claim begins to look more credible.

Arguably the most significant comment, however, comes from Jason Baird, founder of the National Yes Registry. Acknowledging the need for a “strong party political base” suggests a political maturity and pragmatism that will serve the revitalised Yes movement well as the #indyref2 campaign gets going.

It is in the sensationalist nature of the media that they will spin division and discord in Scotland’s independence movement. Much of this will be malicious, of course. But even nominally pro-independence papers such as the Sunday Herald will be unable to deny their basic instincts. The tendency will be to portray the SNP’s necessary and sensible rethinking of the summer independence drive as vacillating indecision. British nationalist propagandists will try to spin every incident and utterance as a sign that the SNP is “out of touch” with the wider independence movement. It’s the old divide and rule strategy that has served the British state rather well in the past, even if at often horrific cost to those who must endure the manipulation.

But Jason Baird’s remarks indicate that it may not be so easy to drive a wedge between the grassroots Yes campaign and its de facto political arm as unionists would like. He echoes a sentiment that is becoming more and more prevalent across the diverse groups campaigning to restore Scotland’s rightful constitutional status. An acceptance, albeit reluctant and even grudging in some cases, that the SNP is absolutely crucial to the common cause of securing Scotland’s independence.

There is an unmistakable sense of people deciding that the way we win this time is by putting our combined weight behind that “strong party political base”. It was always obvious that the coming referendum campaign was going to be fundamentally different from the first one. It may well be that the most significant difference will be a unity of purpose that lends irresistible force and momentum to Scotland’s independence movement.

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8 thoughts on “A new unity

  1. Steve Mackie

    Aye and in the meantime if you want a Socialist Scottish Republic or if you want a Nukes free Scotland or if you want out of the EU or out of NATO or to make Fracking illegal or you are convinced that Land Reform or Local Council reform are the burning issues for our new Independent Scotland then please, PLEASE just put a sock in it until we actually have the power here in Scotland to actually decide whether your pet project is doable or even desirable because what we need to do this time is to reach out to people who perhaps do NOT share your point of view on your hobbyhorse and convince them to change sides.So please keep on message; The game has changed. The balance of uncertainties is on the NO side. The less risky choice is YES. That’s what matters to the percentage of the population whose vote we need to move.

    1. Peter A Bell Post author

      It’s important that people still talk about their hopes and aspirations for independent Scotland. But it would be helpful for all, not least those with “pet projects”, if this could be done in a way that avoids contributing to unionist efforts to undermine the Scottish Government. It’s a simple fact of political life that the independence project needs the SNP administration to be as strong as possible at this time.

  2. Sandy

    Aye that, Steve Mackie. There seem to be a lot of commentators out there saying that they’ll be voting against independence next time because they don’t want to end up staying in the EU. I find it hard to understand that any supporter of independence from Westminster could perceive the EU to be a bigger threat to Scotland than the UK. I’m beginning to wonder if these comments are just Unionist plants to try and divide Independence supporters or maybe I’m just getting paranoid?

  3. Colin Doig

    Yes Marchmont stall has been active for four weeks now. People in general have been quite positive about Scotland staying in the UK. We have found a few Yes voters from 2014 saying they want out of UK and Europe. These are people we recognised as Yes voters

  4. Bob Nugent


  5. Bob Nugent

    On another note we need to be very careful on the intake .
    The WM ESTABLISHMENT are known for deception and underhand dealings to thwart
    An opponent,

  6. George Gemmell

    For goodness sake get real,of course the britnat press will use lies and deceit to deceive people, ts protecting the establishment,we need to inform people of the truth using all means at our disposal from town hall talks community halls Facebook twitter talking to people face to face

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