A dissenting voice

I’ll be there. I’ve already booked my ticket for the Scottish Independence Convention conference on 14 January. I won’t be among the speakers. Which is maybe just as well as what I would have to say would probably not go down well with most of those attending.

They probably would not want to hear that, going into indyref2, the independence campaign should learn lessons from Better Together/Project Fear.

They probably would not want to hear that the vaunted diversity of the Yes movement can be a fatal weakness.

They would probably react rather negatively to being told that the entire Yes movement should acknowledge the SNP as the de facto political arm of the independence movement.

They almost certainly wouldn’t like being told that they must recognise how crucial the SNP is to reaching our goal; or the extent to which the entire Yes movement must commit itself to the SNP as the agency by which independence will be achieved.

They certainly wouldn’t want to be told harsh truths such the fact that, at any given time during the first independence referendum campaign, as much as a third of the Yes side was taking its cues from the unionist media and doing Project Fear’s work for it.

I’ll be there. I’m just not sure I’ll be entirely welcome.

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9 thoughts on “A dissenting voice

  1. Willie John

    In the past I have likened the SNP as a bus taking us to our destination, Independence. Once we arrive we can then, and only then, make our way to Labour Road, Tory Lane, Green Fields or RIC Avenue.

    But we need that bus to get us there!

  2. Robert

    Another “dissenting voice” would be mine.

    The number of “SNP” voters I have met, who thought that their second vote would “be good to give to the Greens”, and this then resulted in the SNP losing some seats to these crazies.

    What do the Greens “stand for”? Does anyone actually know, from day to day, and vote to vote in the Scottish Parliament?

    And, Willie, good analogy, I just hope we haven’t all missed the bus!

    1. Clydebuilt

      The two newspapers read by Yessers …..the Sunday Herald and the National worked hard at splitting the Indy vote……. In Thursday’s Anniversary edn. of the National Lesley Riddoch congratulated this.

      Loosing the majority is used as a rod to beat the SNP with

      We were continually told that 2nd vote to the Greens would ensure the maximum number of Independence supporting MSP’s …. That didn’t happen…..

      A green candidate stood for the constituency seat in Edinburgh which Cole Hamilton won…… If the Green hadn’t stood the SNP would have won …..

  3. Andy McKirdy

    Spot on!! Because the SNP’s agenda is Scottish independence first and foremost, the same can’t be said, as we’ve seen with the Greens and the “radical” left and others, on many occasions since 2014.
    Too many people considering too many sideshows before we get to the main event.
    Eyes on the prize at all times please!!!!!

  4. Geejay

    @Mel Have a look at ThoughtControlScotland where John Robertson (rtf prof) puts Scotrail performance into context. Better than UK average.

  5. Sam

    Geejay yeah read. Prof J. Robertson does a lot of good research exposing Unionist propaganda.

    Todays Sunday Herald front cover. Another attack on Dugdale All they are doing is helping labour to get rid of an ineffectual leader, plus keep Labour in the public eye. Just what you’d expect from an independence supporting paper, NOT.

    The longer Dugdale is in post the better

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