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A corrosive campaign – Towards Indyref2…

A corrosive campaign

If NHS Scotland staff don’t feel “valued and wanted” then those most to blame for this are the British political parties n Scotland and their accomplices in the media who are all too evidently prepared to throw our health service under the bus in the hope of dislodging the SNP from the driving seat. Like every other institution that is perceived as exemplifying Scotland’s distinctive political culture, the NHS has come under incessant attack from politicians and the media.

The No vote a in the first independence referendum signalled a ramping-up of a campaign of grinding denigration as unionist politicians scoured every report for statistics which could be taken out of context to feed the British nationalist propaganda machine. Meanwhile, mercenary hacks artlessly cut and paste comments from ‘experts’, reordering the fragments and burying them in pejorative commentary to distort their meaning.

The aim is to portray our NHS as failing and those who work in it as incompetent. For the British Tories, this effort to undermine public confidence in the health service has been standard practice for decades as they seek to rationalise handing over chunks of it to their clients in the private sector. We need only look across the border to see the tragic impact of this corrosive process. In England, British Labour has been at best ineffectual in opposing the Tory project to turn healthcare into a business to benefit the few rather than a public service for the many. At worst, they have been complicit in this project.

In Scotland, British Labour has found it politically expedient to openly cooperate with the Tories in running down the NHS and belittling those who work in it. They care nothing for any damage done to the services on which people depend or to the moral of those who strive to provide those services. For British Labour in Scotland it is entirely and exclusively about attacking the SNP administration. Not holding that administration to account, as they will claim. Certainly not offering constructive criticism in the hope of improving the service.

The harsh truth is that the British parties in Scotland want our NHS to fail. They want Police Scotland to fail. They want our education system to fail. And if they can’t make them fail, they will do everything they can to convey the impression that they are failing.

Aside from the usual motives of a craving for political power and lust for private profit, Scotland’s increasingly distinctive political culture is anathema to British nationalists who are determined to forge a ‘One Nation Britain’, and prepared to hammer Scotland with whatever comes to hand until it conforms to their idea of what that entity should look like.

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2 thoughts on “A corrosive campaign

  1. Iain Barker

    It is not just what you listed above that they want to fail, they want everything in Scotland and everything and anything Scottish to fail. When they cant do that they look for a Scottish connection to every bad news story globally that there is.

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