A BBC Scotland complaint – Ruth Davidson’s ‘No Deal’ stance

Below is the full text of a complaint submitted to the BBC following an item broadcast on Reporting Scotland on February 21st, 2018.  The complaint relates to comments by BBC Scotland reporter Glenn Campbell who made a claim relating to Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson’s historic stance on a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.


Complaint submitted on February 21st, 2018

On an item broadcast on the 18:30 edition of Reporting Scotland on February 21st, reporter Glenn Campbell made the following statement.

“As a leading remain campaigner, Ruth Davidson stood against Brexit, and since the leave vote has cautioned against a no deal departure from the EU, where the UK would do business on World Trade Organisation, or WTO, rules.”

The statement from Glenn Campbell on Ruth Davidson’s ‘no deal’ stance since the leave vote was inaccurate.  Speaking during the 2017 General Election campaign, Ruth Davidson stated clearly in a TV interview that she supported the PM’s threat to walk away from EU talks with no deal.  Davidson didn’t just back the PM, she stated that a negotiator *had* to “absolutely be prepared to say that you will walk away” from EU talks with no deal.  Asked what such a scenario meant, Ruth Davidson said it meant WTO accords.

The interview, conducted by Bernard Ponsonby can be viewed here.

Ruth Davidson did indeed caution against a no deal Brexit when speaking to ITV’s Robert Peston on Sunday February 18th.  However this was a backtrack on her 2017 stance.  The implication of Glenn Campbell’s statement is that Ruth Davidson’s ‘no deal’ stance has been consistent, when it has been anything but.


Response from the Editor of Reporting Scotland, received March 13th

You include two website clips about whose time, duration and context there is insufficient information to enable me to comment.

You did, however, correctly report Glenn Campbell’s words from the programme. He said that since the Leave vote she “has cautioned against a ‘no deal’ departure from the EU” and the BBC stands by the accuracy of that report.

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6 thoughts on “A BBC Scotland complaint – Ruth Davidson’s ‘No Deal’ stance

  1. Bibbit

    My most vivid memory of Campbell was during the BBC 2007 Holyrood Election Results Show. The SNP grasped power from Labour by 47 MSP seats to Labour’s 46. The camera went from an out of studio take back to Campbell in the studio, where he was ignominiously caught with his head and his hands flat out on his desk, in a paroxysm of despair at the SNP’s victory.

    His world was destroyed that night and, ever since, the BBC Scottish coterie of like minded reporters can never forgive the SNP or more accurately, the Scottish voters, for what they see as our ‘betrayal’ of their cosy world order. Hence their glee and unrelenting pursuit in ‘rubbishing’ the new Scottish political order.

    Campbell et al at the BC have simply been taking their petty and very personal revenge out on Scotland ever since 2007.

  2. Clydebuilt

    Those who are paid to keep the UK together are working to pile pressure on the Westmonster Tory government to pull back from a hard Brexit even to stay in the Single market.
    Since the EU referendum the Herald has had pro Remain editorials. This week MacWhirter demonstrated how damaging any form of Brexit would would be to Scottish Fishing and Farming.
    This morning at 8.10am Gary Robertson had on Kenny Farquharson + journalist from Press & Journal. KF didn’t mince his words, supporting the SNP’s version of events agreeing Westminster are trying for a “Power Grab” . . . “Not respecting the Devolution Settlement” , KF did say that Ruthless Davidson wants Scotland to remain in the Single Market

  3. Harry Molloy

    As far as the Anglophile Bbc Scotland reporting team are concerned. I just don’t really care as I gave up watching Bbc news and listening to Bbc radio Scotland news years ago. They both Judy gave me high blood pressure so to live longer I do not involve them in my life. Like recently published daily record readership stats, the Bbc news stats are dwindling like sna af a dyke. I ask all to join me. Listen to smooth radio scotlad, much more relaxing, better road reports and better news casts.

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